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Wanting to embrace Islam but concerned with Hindu parents


Salam. I am a Vidhya and Hindu girl. I got into a friendship online. He is a Muslim. Gradually, I have fallen for him. He spoke to me about the message of Islam, and I got to have the chance to know about Islam. I believe in One God, Allah, and I simply dislike idol worshiping. I told my parents about my belief in Allah, and then I received many taunts and abuse. But after 10-15 days, they stopped taunting and started to look for a guy to marry me. I told this to that Muslim guy. He prayed Ishtikaarah (guidance-seeking prayer), but his parents were not ready to accept me because I am not beautiful. Then, slowly, Allah shaped their heart, and they agreed to our marriage. I have to leave my home and marry the Muslim guy after I revert. But I feel guilty about doing that. I am afraid about society, and that people will taunt my parents. I am sad when I think about this, but I really want to practice Islam. If I marry the Hindu guy, I will not be able to practice it, but if I leave my home, my parents will suffer. What can I do? Please give your suggestion. May Allah guide us. Thank you in advance.


All perfect praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

We felt from your question that you have a sound mind that we hope would guide you to goodness. So we ask Allah to facilitate your embracing Islam and to make you happy in this worldly life and in the Hereafter. So hasten to embrace Islam, as Allah does not accept from the people any religion other than Islam, and whoever turns away from it, he will be the loser on the Day of Resurrection. Allah says (what means): {And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.} [Quran 3:85]

For more benefit, please refer to fatwa 88906.

If it is possible for you to marry this Muslim young man or any other Muslim, then it is hoped that this would help you to remain steadfast on the truth.

On the other hand, do not pay attention to those bad thoughts about your fear that the society will taunt your parents if you embrace Islam, and do not let that be a reason to prevent you from following the truth. How do you know, perhaps the society would not taunt your parents because of your marriage to that Muslim young man. Even if they taunt or mock them because of this, then your parents might face these sad moments in the same manner that they experience other moments of sadness, and then they will forget about that in the future; life is seldom free of difficulties and hardship for any reason.

With regard to your sad feeling, it is one of the norms of life that a person bears much hardship but consoles himself with his higher purpose. Your purpose here is to please Allah and enter His Paradise. To achieve this great objective, a person may be afflicted and tried, and it is for this reason that even the prophets and the pious people were not spared from this.

Allah says (what means): {And certainly were messengers denied before you, but they were patient over [the effects of] denial, and they were harmed until Our victory came to them. And none can alter the words of Allah. And there has certainly come to you some information about the [previous] messengers.} [Quran 6:34]

Allah also says (what means): {Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.} [Quran 29:2-3]

After embracing Islam, we advise you to seek beneficial knowledge, perform good deeds as much as possible, attend lessons of knowledge, befriend righteous and pious women, and cooperate with them in calling people to the truth. You should especially be keen on inviting your parents to Islam, as Allah may make you a reason for guiding them. The person who calls others to do good will get the same reward like them for doing that act of goodness.

May Allah facilitate your affairs and help you in all your matters, and we hope to hear good news about you.

Allah knows best.

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