Breaking an Oath is not Disbelief
Fatwa No: 379189


Assalamu alaikkum I made an oath saying that I won’t even try talk to a friend ( non mohram) .Then some thoughts starting to come I have made oath as I won’t talk to my friend if I do I will become kaafir. But I have some doubts regarding this matter . So I thought of clearing this doubt after that I can know that breaking this oath is kufr or not. So if it is kufr I won’t talk to her if if is not I will break the oath oath talk to her . This is my intention. My frst question is will clearing this doubts with this intention considered as trying to talk to her .bcz I am trying to clear this doubt With the intention that if it is not shirk so I can talk to her . With the intention of talking to her if it is not shirk .. so will it be considered as trying to talk to her ? Bcz my intention here is to talk to her if it is not shirk ? Did I broke the oath ? My 2nd question is . Is asking this question from u is trying to talk to her or breaking the oath. Bcz I am asking this question from u Bcz that if it doesn’t considered as trying to talk her then I can clear the doubt and talk to her if if is not shirk ? So here also my intention is to talk to her by clearing the doubt if clearing the doubt doesn’t considered as trying to talk to her ? Did I broke the promise


All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

Leaving Islam and becoming a disbeliever is not an easy matter. A Muslim does not become a disbeliever for a simple reason like the one you mentioned in your question (i.e., breaking your oath).

The principle rule stated by the scholars is that the one who is confirmed with certainty to be a Muslim cannot be ruled to be a disbeliever except with a certainty equal to the certainty that confirmed his belief.

We warn you against falling prey to the whispers of disbelief because many evil consequences can result from falling into this trap.

By going back and checking your previous questions, we noticed that you afflicted with whispers regarding oaths, and this is why you repeatedly ask the same questions. What you mentioned in this question confirms this fact. Therefore, we advise you repel these whispers and shun them, because the person who is overcome by whispers is not held accountable and therefore, there is no consequence to the oath you made.

Regardless of this oath, you should beware of talking to this non-Mahram (marriageable) woman, because talking to non-Mahram women is prohibited unless there is a need for that, provided that Islamic regulations are adhered to; please refer to the following Fataawa: 10463 and 133626.

Finally, you must know that it is also prohibited to have a friendship with this girl since she is a non-Mahram.

Allah knows best.

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