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  • Greeting by Saying 'Ciao' Date: 24-10-2021

    I was wondering what the ruling on using the word “ciao” is. The word ciao originally came from another language, where it was used as “s-ciao su”. The meaning of it originally was “I am your slave” but it has gone through a great change and is used to say goodbye in numerous languages. I speak one of these languages with my family, and.. More

  • The Statement in the Question Is Not a Vow Date: 19-10-2021

    If one says (with no intention to make a vow), "I shall fast for one day with the purpose of making Allah happy", would his saying be considered a vow? .. More

  • Made Too Many Vows and Did Not Fulfil Them Date: 17-10-2021

    Sheikh,I had ask this question earlier in question no.2800467,but to my suprise you referred me to a fatwa that does not even correlate with that.Here is the question again: I had made too many vows to Allaah,some of them, which I know the rulings on vows and other i am ignorant of those rulings.Most of it were unfufilled and i have decided to repent.What.. More

  • Interpretation of the Dream in Verse 8:43 Date: 16-10-2021

    As-salaamu 'alaykum.I have read that the dreams of Prophet peace be upon him are all truth.In surah 8:43 Prophet peace be upon him saw the army of Abu Jahl few in number, but there where much bigger. Can you please explain it, beacuse seems like contradiction?Jazakallah .. More

  • Vowed to Fast 30 Days If She Breaks Her Oath Date: 5-9-2021

    Asalamu aleikum may Allah accept your deeds I had a question plz help me I took an oath that I will fast for 30 days if I watch dirty things but don't remember if I send conservatively. I broke my oath by watching it. I always took an oath of fasting 30 days for doing another bad deed. And I did it and that is 60 days of fasting, what should I do I.. More

  • Making an Unspecified Vow and Supplicating in a Language other than Arabic Date: 24-8-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum Kindly apologise for my bad English language 1) iam a non arab. Iam from india. I read your fatwa about dua in salah with own language is permissible. So my question is can i make dua in salah in english? (My mother tounge is not english) 2) i read your fatwa about vow that if a person say " i vowed ", it is a unspecified vow and.. More

  • Jokingly Slandering Friends Date: 3-8-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum 1) If i slander my friends, they have no sad or enmity towards me. They just take as a fun . Is these type of slandering haram? 2) can i give money to orphanage care taker for buying food or cloth for the orphans as an expiation for breaking oath? Jazakkallahu Khairan.. More

  • How to Give Up Bowing Down to People When It Is Their Mode of Greeting Date: 2-8-2021

    Assalamu alaykum.How can i give up bowing in a country where it is their mode of greeting and the person in question interacts with professors,lectures,the rich,family members etc? .. More

  • Expiation for Breaking a Promise Three Times Date: 10-6-2021

    My question is that I broke a promise to Allah 3 times and now do I expiate 3 times by feeding 30 people? And secondly during Ramadan I can feed people by providing them iftaar? And please tell the exact ruling on what to feed and how many times .. More

  • Not Permissible for Two Men or Two Women to Sleep Naked Under One Cover Date: 1-6-2021

    Why is it not permissible for two women or men to sleep under one blanket ? .. More

  • Has a Small Miniature of Al-Masjid Al-Haram Date: 23-5-2021

    Assalamu ‘alaykum dear scholars. I have a small miniature of Al-Masjid Al-Haram, and I was wondering wether it carries any sanctity or sacredness. .. More

  • Held the Quran and Promised Not to Do a Certain Thing Date: 30-3-2021

    Please I want to know If I made an oath in the following situation: I held the quran and promised nobody in particular, I just said "I promise not to do a certain thing" without mentioning Allah or even the quran I was holding. Is it still an oath? .. More

  • For an Oath to Be Valid It Must Be Verbalized Loud Date: 2-12-2020

    Assamuliyum, I was wondering if an oath would count if my lips are sealed but you can hear the mumbling of my mouth but the lips aren't moving.Thanky you. .. More

  • Mother Took Oath Not to Take Medicine but They Forced Her to Do So Date: 28-11-2020

    Assalamualaikum Sheikh My mother has a sleeping disorder problem. For this doctor has precribe her medicine. She didn't want to take medicine because of side-effects of the medicine like depression, sedation, agitation, drowsiness. One day she has taken an oath by Allah that she Won't take medicine anymore. But as it is important for her to take medicine.. More

  • Made a Vow to Give 5 Percent of His Salary If He Receives an Increase Date: 23-11-2020

    Asalumu alaiykum warahmatuallahi wabarakatuI made a vow that l would give 2.5 percent of my salary in charity and then vowed to give another 2,5 ,so 5percent ,if l got an increase. I received both salary increases and fulfilled the vow. At the time I did not know that conditional vows are makrooh in the Deen however, l fulfilled the vow. I was unemployed.. More