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Wife Not Permitted to Refuse Sex with Husband for Mere Fear about Fetus


My questions are related to pregnancy 1) Can wife rub husband penis to make him discharge if she is 4 week pregnant and doesn't want intercourse to avoid any complications later 2) During nine months of pregnancy during which time safe for baby if husband and wife have ntercourse? 3) Does touching husband penis on his desire allowed in islam ?


All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

The wife is obliged to obey her husband if he calls her to bed, whether she is pregnant or not, unless she has an excuse such as menstruation, obligatory fasting, illness, or that intercourse harms her or her fetus. As for mere fear or worry about the fetus without justification, then this is not an excuse.

Mar'ee Al-Karmi  may  Allaah  have  mercy  upon  him said in Daleel At-Talib: “The husband may enjoy his wife at all times, in any manner as long as it does not harm her or obstruct her from religious obligations.” [End of quote]

Each spouse has the right to enjoy the other spouse’s body as he likes, except for that which the Sharee'ah forbade, such as intercourse in the vagina during menstruation and anal sex; Allah Says (what means): {They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them.} [Quran 2:187]

There is nothing wrong with a husband being masturbated by his wife's hand.

Al-Hijjawi  may  Allaah  have  mercy  upon  him said in Al-Iqnaa’: “He [the husband] is permitted to masturbate with his wife’s hand.” [End of quote]

As for knowing the safe times for intercourse during pregnancy, then this is not our specialty; you may refer to the doctors in this regard.

Allah Knows best.

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