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  • Dowry of a wife who remarried after her husband’s death

    Assalaamu Alaykum, I want to ask a question on behalf of someone related to a womens mehr. A women received mehr in form of property upon marriage from her deceased husband, and has chosen to marry a new person. Must the family of the deceased husband give her share in the husbands families property after she remarried another person? .. More

  • A wife can advise her husband on how to behave with her

    Salam alaikum, I am curious if it is ok for a wife to advise her husband on how to behave with her? For example, the other day my husband got upset with me for not taking the recycle out of the apartment for two days, and interrupted me when I was trying to explain why telling me I hadn’t done anything that day. I had spent the day taking care of.. More

  • The woman is supposed to reside wherever her husband resides

    A sister who has three sons aged 4 to 7, wants to emigrate from a non-Muslim country to a particular Muslim country to raise her children there. However, her husband cannot enter that Muslim country for legal reasons, and it is not clear when he will be able to join her or if he will even be able to follow her at all. The sister has no relatives in.. More

  • Financial responsibility of the working wife towards household expenses

    Assalamoalaikum, What is the financial responsibility of the working wife towards household and kids expenses, especially if the husband's salary is insufficient to meet the ends in this expensive modern world? can a husband ask her to contribute a little towards expenses? .. More

  • Affection and Compassion Between Spouses

    Does a wife always have to reconcile with her husband if he's displeased with her no matter how trivial his displeasure is? If they had a little fight and wife has mood swings and she doesn't talk to him, will she be cursed and her prayers won't be accepted? And if a wife does a little mistake she is cursed. And if a husband abuses her, will he not.. More

  • Spouses should not leave room for Shaytan to cause animosity between them

    Is it permissive to leave a wife just after delivery a baby because she doesn't want to take long hour flight with him and with 3 months old baby? Their plan was different and the wife wants to postpone travel more 3 months and stay longer with her mom because baby os premature and she is stressed to travel. Before changing the plan, both of them agreed.. More

  • Anal Intercourse with the Wife Is Prohibited but the One Who Believes in Its Permissibility Does Not Disbelieve

    Is this true? Tahawi said: Asbagh bin Al-Faraj narrated from Abdul Rahman bin Al-Qasim that he said: "I never met someone I deem a role model in religion who doubts that it is Halaal, means entering a woman in her anus." Then he recited, '{your women are a tilth for you},' then he said: "What could be more clear than this?", this is the statement of.. More

  • He Is an Atheist and Wants to Marry a Muslim Woman

    Salam,I am an atheist, who wants to marry a Muslim woman. We are doing everything halal and waiting for marriage. However, she wants me to convert to islam before getting married. I would do that and I would help her to practice her believe. And live my life according the Muslim faith. I am fasting. I don’t drink alcohol, I eat halal und pay Zakat... More

  • His Muslim Family Member Is Married to an Atheist Woman

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmetullahi wa baraktuh, my family member who is a muslim has a "marriage"with an atheist woman. Last time i talked with him i asked how his wife is. Now im afraid that im a kafir because acknowledging something thats haram as halal is kufr. What should i do? .. More

  • Having Children is a Right for Each of the Spouses

    My husband and I have been married for 9 months and he wants to delay pregnancy for 2 years until his youngest of three children from his previous marriage is almost 5 years old. He says it's already a big responsibility and he fears the kids may feel neglected with a new baby around. I am 32 years old and long to have a baby while I am still fairly.. More

  • Seeking the Husband's Permission before Going Out

    ASA,I have been married for 11 years Alhumdullah, I do not go out from my house until my husband takes me out.i am a full time housewive,I had a daughter and a son who are school husband is a good man my only question is that after accepting all my husbands command and doing the house chores (I do not have a maid) ,fulfilling all my duty for.. More

  • Solving Marital Problems to Maintain the Cohesion of the Family

    Aoa,I was married three years ago, an arrange marriage. After marriage i get to know their lifestyle was totally different than ours. MY MIL created different types of problems since day first. But I was trying to tolerate and ignore. Husband never supported me as I never complained him too. But after 10 months of marriage I had a miscarriage. Behavior.. More

  • Etiquette between Husband and Wife

    My husband keeps on mentioning the hadith about Hoor Alyn cursing wife.He says whenever I do anything he does not like I get cursed.I do my best to make him happy but I have really phobia because of this, as I always have to keep on thinking I have to get everything done perfect or else I get cursed. The thing is no one can always be perfect, everyone.. More

  • Unclear Question about Marriage and Bridal Money

    Assalamu alaikum,May Allah reward you and wherever my answer would come from. early last year, i found a muslim sister whom i loved to marry due to her practicing of the deen, but i had some financial challenges and i had no home but she insisted that she needs nikkah and the dowry was placed for me, i couldnt afford all at that time, so i paid out.. More

  • Said a Vulgar Word when Referring to Marriage

    AsalamualaykumI want to ask you about something I said long time ago which I just remembered and I’m ashamed ofAbout 10Years ago I joked to a freind we need to get some “halal pussy (vagina) . Pussy is slang for vagina. Is this kufr and do I need to renew my nikkah. Please could you answer with direct reply rather than past example. I would never.. More