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Fatwa No: 81856

  • Fatwa Date:22-3-2000 - Thul-Hijjah 17, 1420
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Is this site http:// reliable to introduce Islam to non-Muslims?


Dear Brother, We are thankful for your interest in searching good sites of Islam and confirming the authenticity of these sites. May Allah bless you for your good efforts. The site, which is mentioned in your e-mail, is a good one. It seems that the material, which is available in this site, is generally trustworthy. So, you may derive benefits from this site. At the same time, we would like to draw your attention that nothing is perfect other than Allah's Book and His Messengers' teachings. As a rule, you should look into material of any site and follow what is based on right evidence, otherwise we advise you to ask some reliable scholars. May Allah bless all of us.

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