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  • Caller to Allah creating You Tube channel for health and fitness Date: 3-1-2018

    Salam. There is a caller to Allah who is promoting health and fitness. He created a Facebook page dedicated to this topic. I do not see anything wrong from my little knowledge in his Facebook page, but he also has a channel on Youtube which he considers 'non-Islamic'. This channel of his is open to the public, but what stroke me was that he created.. More

  • Sending beneficial messages on WhatsApp Date: 26-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum Shaykh. I had started a broadcast list on WhatsApp to send reminders to some relatives and friends for the Dhuha prayer, the adhkaar (expressions of remembrance of Allaah) to say before sleeping and the white days for fasting, amongst others. I do not send reminders everyday though, just once in a while. When I started it, my intention.. More

  • No harm in copying Fataawa or in mentioning the relevant part of a verse only Date: 7-11-2014

    Salamu alaykum. I have created a page on intagram to remind everyone and post ayahs, hadiths just as a reminder, but I have heard that it is forbidden in islam to issue fatwas without all the necessary learning requirements and it is forbidden to cite a portion of a verse from the Quran? .. More

  • Calling an Islamic website Kalamullah Date: 31-3-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I would like to know whether it is appropriate for a website which contains lectures and material about Islam to be called 'kalamullah'? Jazaakumu Allahu khair .. More

  • Hacking anti-Islam websites Date: 22-5-2012

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu, As I often google islamic pictures for my Blog I often see anti-islamic websites, but yesterday I came to a website ( politically incorrect truth about islam one really messed up religion) and it is by far the worst and most slanderous website about Islam and Rasul Allah,.. More

  • Voting against the insulting cartoons in a website containing forbidden pictures Date: 16-8-2006

    theses days a australien newpaper had published in its web site a vot of publishing some pictures wich are against rassoul allah salla allah alih oua sallam.and it said that if the number of voting no reach 1million it will not published these puctures my question is :i think that theses new papers use this vote to attract reader to it should we the.. More

  • Is spreading Islam through internet permissible? Date: 22-7-2004

    A brother associated with the Tablighi Jamath has presented a question to me. He says that:" The spreading of Deen (religion) through internet is not the right way and this would benefit none. The way of Anbiya (prophets) and Muhammad (SAW) and the Sahabah (RA) was door-to-door, not web-to-web. (I seek refuge in Allah). Give me the proof from Hadith.. More

  • Disturbed by misleading website Date: 30-6-2004

    Recently I read a website which disturbed me much. I am very much worried that our Muslim brothers have not put an answer to the site... More

  • Sends Man Islamic Material Via Internet Date: 10-6-2003

    Thank you very much for this great site, Mashallah. I am 19-year-old girl. I met a guy on the Internet three years ago, and I loved him very much. Later on this year I read many articles and problems related to this relationship and found out its Haram. Since my religion comes before the guy I love, I decided to stop talking to him, first for my religion,.. More

  • Calling Christian Girl to Islam by Chatting on the Internet Date: 30-11-2002

    Can some body chat with Christian girl to invite her to Islam on the Internet? .. More

  • Visiting blasphemous websites Date: 25-11-2002

    You know much about the Islam and I hope that you can visit pal talk and find how Christians speak very, very, very badly about Islam, the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam). I hope you can stop them. It's too much; I could not sleep last night because of the way they speak... More

  • Many websites are distorting Islam Date: 20-7-2002

    I came across sites that pose a challenge to someone with little knowledge on the religion. Just as an example; to quote: number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Qur'an. Bear in mind that these are Jews and/or Christians that are defaming my religion... More

  • Reliable Islamic website Date: 22-3-2000

    Is this site http:// reliable to introduce Islam to non-Muslims?.. More

  • Meeting men on the Internet and calling them to Islam Date: 17-1-2000

    I am a Muslim girl; by chance I met an European man on the Internet and we have been talking for a long time. My concern was to make Dua'a for him to come to Islam. This man has told me he doesn't have problems with Islam in particular, but hasn't thought of it. He also expressed special feelings for me. I explained to him many times that a Muslim woman.. More

  • Wanting to spread Islam by Internet Date: 15-1-2000

    I want do something to spread Islam by Internet... More