Railing against Islam
Fatwa No: 87044


All you people talk about is uniting and rising up...to do what…more violence. Muslims are not interested in working together, they want to isolate and kill everyone that is not a Muslim. You talk about being repressed, when you are most repressed by your own ideologies, and fanatical beliefs. Your actions and beliefs are what repress you the most, not allowing any kind of rational thought and blindly following clerics that are usually the Devil incarnate. It is clear that Muslims want a holy war and to impose the ridiculous tenets and laws of the Shariah that are as stupid as having to pray 5 times a day. What kind of God demands so much egotistical worship? No real God.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.


You are going to extremes and too far in your accusations against the Muslims and their religion.   You have even exceeded the limits by insulting Allah, the Lord of human being, Jinns and all that exists.

In the creed of Muslims, Allah is not only the Lord of Muslims, but He is the Lord of human beings, Jinns (spirits) and all that exists.  He must be worshipped and not disbelieved in, and He must be thanked and not faced with arrogance, and He must be remembered and not forgotten.

The acts of worship are a right exclusively directed to Allah, for His Lordship. Is it not that the One Who creates and blesses, deserves to be worshipped?

Is it not fair that Allah, the Almighty, the Graceful, Who is kind to His servants deserves to be praised and thanked?

If a person is kind to us and does good to us, we will feel an obligation to praise him and thank him for that.

What about Allah who blessed us with his uncountable blessings, apparent blessings, and hidden blessings?

What an injustice and disbelief not to worship Him and submit ourselves to Him.  We do not know whether the questioner has any religion, or is an atheist and does not believe in any religion.

If he is an atheist, then we do not discuss with him the details concerning the actions of worship.  We have to discuss with him, in this case, the reality of the existence of the Creator and what should be done towards Him. 

If the questioner is of the People of the Book, Jewish or Christian, then his objection to the five prayers obligatory on Muslims is invalid, because the actions of worship, in every religion, are unquestionable and cannot be changed, they must be taken as they are, in their forms and terms.

If there are any objections to the prevailing situation, other objections could be made to the suggestions made as well, and so on.

Sound thinking and sound reasoning compel us not to make suggestions to improve matters of worship ordained by Allah.

We have to use our mind to ponder about the purpose of such actions of worship and their benefits.  These benefits return to the creation because Allah is the Rich and Self-Sufficient and does not need the help of His servants, but He Ordered His slaves to worship Him for their own benefit.

You must know that the most important objectives of worship is to draw the attention of a person to two realities if she/he forgot them, then she/he descends from the status of a human being to the status of an animal.

The first reality, as Al-Aqqad (May Allah bless him) stated: ‘….. One of the two realities which is aimed by the ideal worship to which the attention of human consciousness should be drawn is his spiritual being which should preoccupy him at all time to fulfill requirements other than bodily needs and animal desires.

The second reality which is aimed by the ideal worship to which the attention of human consciousness should be drawn is the eternal and everlasting existence in comparison to a limited temporal existence in his individual life.  It is inevitable not to remind the individual about this eternal and everlasting existence if he wants to live a life which extends with its impact to what is beyond his daily life ….’.

The actions of worship of a Muslim, in every single act of worship, remind him of these two realities.

It is with prayer that a Muslim starts his day, and he performs two prayers in the middle of the day.  At the end of the day and when the night falls, the Muslim stands in prayer in front of Allah; it is as if he asks the guidance of Allah in his work and presents the accounts of this work since the hour he arises in the morning until the hour he retires to sleep in the depths of the night.

Allah knows best.

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