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  • Memorized the Quran and fears envy

    asalamu alaykumi live in egypt but now i am in a holiday in germany & holland visiting my uncles & my aunts. and me al hamdulilah finished quraan and they told me everytime hafidh ul quraan and i afraid it would be hasad, is it hasad?.. More

  • The ruling on slaughtering in order to repel evil eye

    I bought large fishing boats with great amounts if money but I could not benefit from them. I had many problems with them and I started spending on these boats instead of spending on me and I wasted my wealth. It should be noted that normally these boats would bring a great income. I doubt that I am envied or that evil eye affected them. Signs if.. More

  • Evil eye and its cure

    I heard a Hadeeth that the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said that "A person can escape from stones but not from evil eyes." Is this true? I have this because I have been often ruined by it. My neighbor lady who has an afflicted child looks at my children and very often my children and wife fall sick. Is there any remedy? In my home place.. More

  • Believes she has supernatural powers

    I know that "hasad" is a big, and sometimes fatal mistake that could be done against human being. I never wish bad to anyone, but I do have this power of "hasad" and it has harmed people. And I cannot help stopping it. It can even happen to my own self. I will go crazy and don't know what to do. I have prayed God and read "Surah Ya-Seen".. More

  • Seeking protection from evil eye and jealousy

    Can you tell me how to protect myself from evil eye and to avoid being jealous of others (Hasad)? I want to get rid of this habit. What Du'a can I use to refrain from this habit?.. More

  • Evil Eye and Belief in Zodiac Signs

    One of my very good friends told me that I have cast a bad eye on her daughter and that means that I am jealous of her. She thinks this because I called to inquire about her daughter's health and some time after my call the baby had some breathing problems. Please note that this problem is hereditary in the baby since birth and has happened many times.. More

  • Treatment for evil eye

    Islam agrees with the existence of evil eye. What is the treatment when one is affected by evil eye? .. More

  • Al-Ruqiya from evil eye Ain

    Some cure evil eye or other illness through use of many things: like burning incense or writing verses of Qur'an on paper, putting it in water and drinking it. Sometimes, they make cures to allow a couple to have children by using rice, dates or coconuts and have certain rituals of writing Qur'an in Saffron....If this allowed in Islam? How about blowing.. More

  • Using Pepper or Chilies for Protection from Evil Eye

    Is the use of pepper and chillies proven from Holy Prophet (p .b .u. h.) from the removal of or protection from the evil eye? .. More