101 fatwas

  • Al-Ahbaash (the Habashis) - a deviant sect Date: 23-1-2011

    Who are Al-Ahbaash? Is it a deviant sect?.. More

  • Donating money to a school run by Sufis Date: 11-1-2011

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum; Recently the Deputy Imam in our mosque who is from India introduced me to a gentleman whose father founded an Islamic Madrasa in India. Many issues were discussed that the Madrasa does and how they need financial assistance. I showed interest in providing finance for construction of an additional mosque that is required for the.. More

  • The Teejaaniyyah: their beliefs and the Islamic ruling upon them Date: 2-11-2010

    An Imaam in Morocco and his followers, who follow the Teejaaniyyah order, recite some Athkaar (remembrances and mentionings of Allaah) after the ‘Asr prayer, especially on Fridays, accompanied by strange movements after which they spread a long white garment around them. Are these acts considered religious innovations? Is it permissible to pray.. More

  • The Shaathiliyyah Date: 12-10-2010

    Who are the Shaathilis? .. More

  • The Burhaaniyyah Sufi Tareeqah (Path) Date: 7-10-2010

    I have read on your site that there is a Fatwa issued by Al-Azhar and a decree issued by the Sufi Council of Egypt warning about the Burhaaniyyah Sufi Tareeqah. Would you please provide me with the text of the Fatwa and the decree, because in the country where I live there are some followers of this Tareeqah who doubt the existence of this Fatwa... More

  • The Ashaa‘irah and Maatureediyyah were refuted by others as well as by Ibn Taymiyyah Date: 5-10-2010

    You claim that you follow the Manhaj Al-Wasatiyyah (Methodology of Moderation); however, I notice that you speak improperly about the Ashaa‘irah. No one did so except Ibn Taymiyyah and his followers. All followers of scholastic theology, including the Maaturidyyah and the Ashaa‘irah, are followers of the Sunnah. Therefore, beware of your statements.. More

  • The Ashaa‘irah do not belong to the Hanafi, Shaafi‘i or Maaliki Schools Date: 4-10-2010

    What is your opinion about those who support the creed of the Ashaa‘irah in ‘Aqeedah (Islamic creed) and claim that it is the creed of the Hanafi, Shaafi‘i and Maaliki scholars? .. More

  • Incarnation and pantheism Date: 4-10-2010

    What are incarnation and pantheism? .. More

  • Beliefs of Az-Zaydiyyah (Zaidis) Date: 30-9-2010

    What are the authoritative sources of Az-Zaydiyyah? Do they approve of the Quran of the Sunnis or that of the Shee‘ah which includes, what they call, Soorat Al-Wilaayah?.. More

  • Sufism is a religious innovation Date: 30-9-2010

    Could you please provide me with evidence from Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation) proving that Sufism is a religious innovation? .. More

  • Al-Qadariyyah (Anti-fatalists) Date: 30-8-2010

    What is the creed of [the sect] Al-Qadariyyah and how can we refute it? Moreover, how do we respond to those who claim that only Man’s will and power of spirit, concentration or determination, affect his actions? Such people take, as evidence to back their beliefs, the Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, ordered us to supplicate.. More

  • Brelwi claim that Shaykhs have more rights than parents Date: 4-7-2010

    Salaam Alaykum, Are teachers equable compared to parents in respect and are peers more worthy of respect than parents? Once on Madani channel we saw a man telling that peer is more entitled for respect than even compared to one's parent? Are these Madani people (i.e. those who often wear dark green turben as customary) correct? What is the meaning.. More

  • The Shaathili Tareeqah Date: 8-2-2010

    What does the Chadilite doctrine mean ? (abdessalam ben Mchich in morocco) and what is the ruling about it ? .. More

  • Refuting the allegations of Al-Ahbaash Date: 15-1-2008

    My brother's wife belongs to the sect of the Ahbaash. How can I convince her to leave the sect? She has accused me of being a follower of the Takfiri Salafi school... More

  • Fanaticism precludes convergence Date: 4-12-2007

    What do you think about the convergence of sects?.. More