101 fatwas

  • One who equates a Sufi book with the Qur'an Date: 27-2-2005

    Please explain the Qur'an's view about seeing an angel, who would call you by your name and identify himself as a slave of God and order you to follow Dalaail Al-Khayraat, and to bring a witness. What does the Qur'an think of this some Imaams thought this is Qur'an and some thought this is the book of the prayer on the Prophet, peace be upon.. More

  • Jalaalud-Deen Roomi Date: 24-10-2004

    Insh'a Allaah, this is the Jalaalud-Deen Roomi I am enquiring about. Can you quote what the scholars have said about him and whether we should read his books as his books are in English? JALAALUD-DEEN ROOMI (1207-1273 A.D) Jalaaluld-Deen Mohammad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Hussein al-Rumi was born in 604 A.H. (1207/8 A.D) at Balkh (now.. More

  • Burhani sect of Sufism Date: 19-7-2004

    I need to get a clear answer and idea about Tareeqa Al Burhaniya. What is the Islamic scholars' opinion about the Thareeqath named Al burhaniyya (also known as Tareeqa shaduliyya, Dasuqiyya Burhaniyya) nowadays this tareegath began to spread in India also. They are mainly following a Burhaniya shaikh named Sheikh Mukhthar from Egypt and also Mohammed.. More

  • Bralwiya group Date: 24-5-2004

    We have some people here who are followers of Ahmed Raza Khan (Bralevis) wearing green turbans. What do you say about them? Do they deserve to be followed? Can we have them to be our leaders? Give me a brief history of the movement and their ills. .. More

  • Claims about Ibn Sina being an atheist or Kafir Date: 20-5-2004

    I heard Sheik Al-Huwayni say, in one of his tapes, that Ibn Sinna (Avicenna) was an atheist or Kafir. Was he really? .. More

  • Imam prostrates before his Sufi Sheikh Date: 4-3-2004

    Today it was Eid ul-Adha in India. As there is scarcity of Sunni mosques in my area, I went to a Sufi mosque and prayed behind the Imam of that mosque. To my utter amazement the mosque contains photographs of the Sufi Sheikh and something inside the mosque and also photographs of various shrines in Baghdad and Ajmer hanging from the 4 walls of the.. More

  • False Claims by Sufi Shaykh Date: 17-2-2004

    I am now studying the Manhaj of Salaf. So recently, I was watching a speech by a Sufi Sheikh. He was saying that most of the previous great Imams such as Imam Abu Hanifa, Shafi’e, Malikie, and Hambali practiced Tassawuf (Sufism). He also said that Imam an-Nawawi, Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani, as-Suyooti, Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, Ibn Katheer, and even.. More

  • Ahmad Ridha Khan Date: 10-12-2003

    What are your views about Maulana Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Brelawi of India? And do you think he followed and preached Islam properly. I would appreciate your reply. .. More

  • False narrations about the appearance of al- Mahdi Date: 21-9-2003

    I'm just wondering "is it true what Imam Ja'far Sadiq wrote in the book Ikmal Ad-Din on page 361, where he said that one of the evidence of the coming of Imam Mahdi is that the moon and sun eclipse happen in one holy month"? Because by this November, NASA had confirmed that the moon eclipse will happen on 9 Nov. 2003 and the sun eclipse will happen.. More

  • Al-Burdah poem is full of excessive eulogy Date: 14-9-2003

    I heard that Qasidah Burdah is Bida'h is that true or not?.. More

  • Al-Khawarej Date: 4-9-2002

    I have, al-Hamdulillah, learned a lot through your web site. I wanted to ask about al-Khawarej, did Ali Ibn Abi say they were Kuffar or not? .. More

  • Al-Ahbaash group Date: 17-6-2002

    I live in California, here there is a group called Ahl ahbaash or Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jamaah. My question is, who are they, and what is their Aqeedha and their belief? Is it Halal to send my children to their Islamic school?.. More

  • Criticism of our position regarding of Ashairah Date: 21-5-2002

    You say we are moderate but when I look at your presentation of creed of 'al-Ashairah' you are talking bad about them. We don't know of any scholars except Ibn Taymiyah and his followers who criticize them. Ahl al-Kalam are from Ahl al-Sunnah whether they are Maturidiya or al-Ashiraha. You should careful what you says, maybe tomorrow Allah ask you.. More

  • Ibn Arabi, the Sufi Date: 9-4-2002

    I have read three of Ibn Arabi 's books and I found them very interesting. I would like to know what is your opinion about Ibn Arabi 's mysticism... More

  • Attending Nakshbandi lectures on your site Date: 27-2-2002

    I read the article about the Nakshbandiah. I am a university student and the only Islamic lecture that is being held near my university is the Nakshbandi one. I have attended a few of them and I have realized that what you have mentioned in your article is right. However, my question is it better for me not to attend their lectures and instead study.. More