2291 fatwas

  • Praying in a mosque containing a grave in its Qiblah Date: 24-2-2000

    We live in a village that has only one mosque and this mosque contains a grave in its "Qiblah." What is the "hukum sharei" for praying in this mosque? .. More

  • Feast prayer occuring on day of Jumu'ah Date: 22-2-2000

    If the Eed prayer and the Friday prayer come on the same day, is the Friday prayer still obligatory?.. More

  • Muslim Resumed Prayer after Long Neglect Date: 14-2-2000

    If someone who used to pray the five daily prayers, stopped and after a long time, he began praying, what can happen to him on this life and the day of judgement? .. More

  • Du'a Qunut Date: 23-1-2000

    Please translate the meaning of Dua' Qunut in English? Is this Dua' in the Qur'an?.. More

  • Men praying Jamaah in female section of mosque Date: 21-1-2000

    Is it right for a man to pray Jammaa in a female section that is detached from the main mosque where Imam is conducting the prayer ? I am a Sunni Muslim... More

  • Distracted by Praying Near School Lockers Date: 21-1-2000

    I am a high school student. When salah al zohr comes, I pray next to the lockers. Sometimes it can be a little bit noisy and it distracts me. My Muslim friends say that it's better to perform prayer at home with salah al asr; is it true? .. More

  • Duaa' Alqunoot and Duaa' Khatm al-Qur'an Date: 19-1-2000

    Dear brothers or Sheikh, I would like to ask if it is a sunnah of prophet Muhammad(Salla Allaho Alaihi Wa Salam) to say Duaa' Alqunoot with the same rhythm and tajweed as he used to recite the Qur'an? And if it is Sunnah, please provide me with the authentic Hadith that states so. And if it is not, why do some Imams do that especially in Ramadan?.. More

  • Praying in language other than Arabic Date: 19-1-2000

    Is it ok to ask many things, not using real Arabic language " al-fusha" (Classical Arabic) when you pray? Usually, I like to ask Allah for many things when I am doing my sujood? So is it ok asking in another language?.. More

  • Kissing thumb nails and rubbing eyelids Date: 2-1-2000

    You may have noticed that some Muslims kiss the nails of their thumbs and rub them on their eyelids while hearing the Prophet's name during the Adhan. The question is whether this is permissible or not and who are the people practising such a thing?.. More

  • Prayer with trousers, jeans Date: 28-12-1999

    Can we pray in trousers and jeans, considering the 'awra covered or do we have to cover it with a pullover, for example, because it's not enough? What is the status of the salah because in kouffar countries we work in trousers and many people don't pray with qamis and in soujoud we can distinguish 'awra, unless wearing very large trousers? .. More

  • Daily university commuter offers traveler's prayer Date: 25-12-1999

    I am a university student and I travel 1 hour each day to reach my school. I pray the traveler's prayer and I want to know if it is permissible for me to continue shortening my prayers in this situation, even though I make this commute everyday? It is many miles and if I didn't shorten my prayers I am afraid that I may miss them. .. More

  • Only Praying on Friday Date: 25-11-1999

    I pray only on Fridays, but I love God and believe in Him; am I not a Muslim? What should I do for being so? .. More

  • Praying in the wrong direction Date: 18-11-1999

    I was praying for 1 month in the wrong direction (not toward the Qiblah). I used a compass, but it gave me the wrong direction. Do I have to repeat the prayers of that month or anything else? .. More

  • Using non-Arabic language in Sajdah Date: 3-11-1999


  • Non-Muslim tourists visiting mosques Date: 17-10-1999

    I'm working in a travel agency. Sometimes we have some non-Muslim tourists who want to visit mosques. Are they allowed to enter mosques or not?.. More