439 fatwas

  • His neighbor does not pray and curses the Prophets Date: 15-9-2005

    I have a Muslim neighbor, Al-Hamdulillaah, and for the sake of Allaah I try to be patient with him because he is very ignorant about Islam, argues he doesn't have to pray, doesn't fast, hangs out with corrupt youths, ditched us, his pious friends, no longer goes to the Madrassa, dates and brags about it, insults me, lies, and even cursed the.. More

  • Can one retaliate if harmed when forbidding evil? Date: 8-9-2005

    I would like to ask you according to Sharee'ah what should we do to stop Fitnah? And if we are not able to stop the people spreading Fitnah and people who are going deep and deep into Shirk what should we do? If they start to boycott us for we show them right path what should we do? If they come to harm us or they come to fight with us are we supposed.. More

  • Establishing relation with non-Muslims whilst calling them to Islam Date: 8-9-2005

    I am a woman who corresponds with some European and American women via the Internet. We have been exchanging gifts and discussing sewing ideas for two years. I have tried to talk to them about Islam, but I stopped for fear that I do not know enough to call them to Islam and I might make some mistakes. What do you advise me to do – should I.. More

  • Seeking Da'wah resources for interested persons Date: 1-9-2005

    I work in a construction company. My question is that there is a Pilipino man working here in my company and he wants to convert to Islam. I took him to the mosque for prayers and also I gave him the book about how to do prayer. The book shows how to pray only. So I gave him the book and I also pray that he converts to Islam and accept.. More

  • Reporting theft to the authorities Date: 4-8-2005

    My question is about the permissibility in Islam for a Muslim to report a theft to the authorities or the affected company. The person has witnessed stealing of money from that company. And also the sinner admitted his sin before him but he is not mending his ways. Is this a duty on the Muslim to report this sin if he thinks that the person is.. More

  • Seeks to defend the family's honor Date: 3-7-2005

    I am functioning mostly as a Khateeb in a small town in the United States. The Imaam had to travel overseas and so I have been put in charge by the desire of the local Shura, I have very limited knowledge but nonetheless I base everything on the Quran and authentic Sunnah and the understanding of those scholars who have not fallen victim to Bid'a... More

  • Needs clarification on several issues Date: 15-6-2005

    According to 3:104, the Ayah says-Let there arise out of you a group of people enjoining good and forbidding evil-means a group among Muslims should do this duty. But according to 3:110-You are best people raised for mankind enjoining good and forbidding evil-means the whole Muslim Ummah should do this duty. One of my friends says this is a contradictio.. More

  • Telling the neighbor about his maid's behavior Date: 2-6-2005

    My neighbor has an Indonesian maid who is roaming with boyfriends. Her employer and their children are out for work from 8.00 am till 9.00 pm or so. The maid allowed some strangers (men) into the house which I have seen with my eyes. When one of my neighbors told the employer about this the employer do not believe it and say all are not true. The.. More

  • Claims made by a group in India Date: 26-5-2005

    one group in India by name they are calling them Salaf Jamaa'ah ul-Muslimeen (the group of Muslims) and are saying that Allaah Has mention so don't call our Salaf as Salafy or Ahlus-Sunnah, and any name and they are saying that bait (pledge of allegiance) is compulsory for every Muslim on there Emir and indirectly they are calling them Salaf Muslim.. More

  • Wants to start an Islamic club in high school Date: 3-5-2005

    I am currently a sophomore in a public High School. Since I found there to be many Muslim students in my School, I decided to establish the first Muslim club and called it the friends of Islam. Al-Hamdulillaah, we have had a total of 30 Muslims and non-Muslims attend. We have discussed many aspects of Islam and have had plenty of open.. More

  • Needs correct understanding of Qur'an and Seerah Date: 20-4-2005

    While talking with an scholar about the Da'wa he said that, Ulamah have looked into the life of Rasulullah [sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam] and concluded that Da'wa to Muslims was always a priority over non-Muslims. He has given me the following reference, in the opening verses of Surah Abasa, Allaah Ta'ala emphasized to Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi.. More

  • Sending anonymous letters of protest Date: 7-4-2005

    I have been Islamic activist for last 25 years. By profession I am a lawyer. I am the founder of Centre for Islamic Studies- vision+mission taking Islam to non-Muslim. I am also the founder of Amal International School currently 1000 students are studying. My friends working with me for the last 20 years carried on a campaign to get rid.. More

  • Keeping relations with someone who rejects Islam after reading about it Date: 9-2-2005

    I have tried to introduce a very good friend of mine to Islam, by giving him a copy of the Qur'an translated, and also any support he may need. He himself after finishing reading the Qur'an read the Hadeeth and Sunnah. However, he does not want Islam as his religion because he doesn't believe it to be true, and also says that he actively dislikes.. More

  • Advising someone from Hadeeth without knowing number, text, etc. Date: 11-1-2005

    Is it permissible to advice someone from Hadeeth without known its Hadeeth number, source book, Arabic version, etc.? For example, I know that wearing gold is Haraam for men, but I don't know which Hadeeth saying that it is Haraam. .. More

  • Has difficulty calling others to Islam Date: 3-1-2005

    I have two questions may Allaah bless you all. 1) t's been a year now that Allaah got out of darkness to light and have never felt so happy in my life, and to make up for the lost years I wanted to teach non-Muslim friends about Islam I have good knowledge of the Bible since I used to studied it before and tend to use their Bible to give Du'a.. More