435 fatwas

  • Combining between Da’wah and earning money for his family Date: 20-6-2004

    I learned Islam for 10 years and I have degree in this field. My family is somehow poor , I have good work ,my mother wants me to leave work and work in preaching Islam, I don't refuse ,I want to do that , but I also want to help my family .what should I do?.. More

  • Telling family about their Bid'ah practices Date: 27-5-2004

    I have come to know that celebrating Maulid is Haram and Bid'ah I used to celebrate before with zeal and Allah has shown me the light. I know the severity of doing Bid'ah. Now the problem lies with my family. We usually celebrate Maulid and anniversaries of our ancestors and other Auliya's like Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani and many more. Now how.. More

  • A group called "Madkhaliyyeen" Date: 2-5-2004

    What is the ruling on different groups in Islam? Is there a group called "Madkhaleen"? I have been told that I should not consider them as Salafis, even though that is what they claim to be. They say that this "group" is very harsh and that their Sheikhs are being paid by the Saudi government. Truly I found this very confusing; since they.. More

  • Calling someone back to Islam Date: 2-5-2004

    Please help me in converting someone to Islam after he left Islam... More

  • Wants to encourage family to practice Islam without making them angry Date: 24-4-2004

    All praise be to Allah who took me out of ignorance. Since last Ramadan I completely changed my lifestyle. However, I am the only in my family who is practicing the Deen, and I find it difficult to approach my family especially my parents because Allah has said in the Qur’an to address them in terms of honour. Thus, I do not want to hurt them.. More

  • Family practices Islam to the extent of their desires Date: 10-4-2004

    I belong to a family which practices Islam to the extent that their desires personal lives are not interrupted. My problem is that recently a pious Muslim proposed me but he doesn’t know much about my family. I have some terrible secrets regarding my parents and family which I think if he or any other person would come to know about,.. More

  • Help for a friend who has strayed Date: 13-3-2004

    I have a friend who is a good and kind-hearted person. The problem is he also does lot of Haram things like watching movies, listening to songs, etc. A few years ago he was a very pious person, but now I am seeing lot of changes in him. Even I used to do lot of Haram things but, Al-Hamdu Lillah, now I have stopped doing all those things. When I.. More

  • Traveling to call people to Islam Date: 4-3-2004

    We know that the Bid’a (new things added in Islam) is Haram. Is it true thattravel taken by brothers in Islam to call peopleto Islam is a Bid’a?.. More

  • Neighbor who recently converted to Islam does not behave as a Muslim Date: 17-2-2004

    My neighbour converted to Islam when she married, but she does not behave like a Muslim. Should I tell her this since my concern is the kids?.. More

  • Trying to call co-workers to Islam Date: 17-2-2004

    How far should some one go in trying to convince their friends of Islam? I work with nice people who have a real positive attitude towards their work and fellow-man. I have given them some copies of stories as well as facts. However they seem to take the papers and, Allah knows if they read them, as they don't respond to me on what they think.. More

  • Concerned for brother who with his family neglect Allah and their elderly mother Date: 8-2-2004

    I'm currently living in my mother's home along with my brother and his family. I'm concerned that my brother and his family are neglectful in their duties towards Allah and towards our elderly mother who serves us constantly, but who needs a great deal of help herself. They are good people, very wealthy Ma Shaa' Allah, but are also very worldly.. More

  • Translating Islamic books Date: 28-12-2003

    In my country there are no Islamic books in my mother tongue that let the people understand Islam. Is it lawful to take i.e. a book in German or other language, which I can properly understand, and translate it, saying "Bismillah" before starting to translate it?.. More

  • Non-Muslim Friend Bothered by Jinn Date: 18-12-2003

    I have a friend who gets bothered by Jinns, but he's not Muslim. Who or how can I take care of this problem. Please let me know. .. More

  • Islam can be served in several ways Date: 3-12-2003

    There are so many Muslim organizations here in India like Tableegh Jamaat, Maudoodis Jamaat Islamic and others that it is really confusing which one to join. Each have its plus and minus points. As a Muslim in a non Muslim country is it sufficient that I do Islah to Muslims and Da'wah to non Muslims keeping in view the ascendancy of Islam over all the.. More

  • Prevent your mother and cover her Date: 14-10-2003

    I knew that my mother was cheating on my father but I didn't tell my father to preserve and protect our family now am old and I want to know was it a sin that I didn't tell my father... More