439 fatwas

  • Wants to invite an atheist to Islam Date: 30-12-2004

    I have a Korean friend who is atheist, he doesn't believe in God. And he told me that the only way he would believe is to see Allaah because they believe in science. And he said that the most developed countries in the world are Japan, Korea and China because they don't have any religion. I would like you to help me in responding to him and.. More

  • Concerned about his stray brother from Islam Date: 30-12-2004

    How do I convince my brother to stop straying from Islam, and I mean severely straying. I have hidden all of the things he does from my parents, for sure for the best, but he's going out of control. He's picked up drinking, I don't know since when, he's extremely violent, towards my sisters, and even raises his hand to my father. My father threatens.. More

  • Conflict in the community Date: 23-12-2004

    There is a very big Fitnah in the community I live in and I will need your advice as to what to do. The acting Imaam (Mr. A) and the Ameer (Mr. B) are currently involved in a dispute, Mr. B said that when Mr. A was giving a Khutba, he attacked him and that it was not right. Mr. A denied it and said he was reading from the book, Mr. B said he.. More

  • Her father is a drunkard Date: 7-12-2004

    My father is a drunkard. He drinks for past 11 years. If we tell him to stop this habit, he gives 2 reasons for not stopping that. 1) Since he is drinking continuously for 4 years he can’t stop it. 2) Due to family problems he is getting tension frequently. When he drinks he feels relaxed. Please help my father to get out of this habit by good.. More

  • Boy giving Da'wa to a girl Date: 7-12-2004

    I am a 16-years-old boy. I talked to a Christian girl of 14-years-old from America and I convinced her that Islaam is the right religion but she is not ready to embrace it because her school is very strict in religious teachings and she also fears what the whole community will say. She says if she did not have these problems she would.. More

  • Has Muslim housemate who does not practice Islam, drinks alcohol, etc. Date: 18-11-2004

    I have a question. Currently I am living in overseas I have a housemate he is Muslim but he never pray and he drinks alcohol some more he has a girl friend and some times he brings her at home and she sleep over. Now he is doing some Haraam things at home, I told him so many times do not do those things but he doesn't. My question.. More

  • Activities on behalf of non-Muslims Date: 18-11-2004

    I have a non-Muslim friend who had a dream of an old Shaykh came to him and asks him to asks someone to perform Tahlil, Du'a' and feast at a mosque so as to pray for his health, peace, prosperity and well being. Are we allowed to do that? .. More

  • Concerned about her mother's failure to pray or fast Date: 18-11-2004

    I'm a 45-years-old female. My mother neither fasts nor prays and this has been upsetting me for the past years. My daughter and I have tried to get her to do at least some minimal acts but to no avail. I don't dare to ask her if she believes in the afterlife and Day of Judgement because I'm afraid of her answer, even though I assume she.. More

  • Advising Muslim men and women not to mix in public Date: 24-10-2004

    I live in a Muslim country where most people have lost the Islaamic morals. It happens to me all the time to see a young man and a woman, who are not married, walking together with their arms around each other exactly like the Kuffars do. When no one is around I try to speak to them and advise them to show a some respect to those.. More

  • Wants his brother to improve his behavior Date: 21-10-2004

    MY brother is a bit weak in Eemaan. He prays regularly but isn't interested in other things. He sometimes misbehaves with mom and I don't like this. I've also seen him do certain silly things that a Muslim shouldn't. Advise me please... More

  • Administration of the Masaajid Date: 27-9-2004

    I want to know: 1) Whether appointment of trustees for a non - profit corporation supervising Masaajid and other religious activities, for life, is acceptable from Islaamic pointy of view. 2) Is it Islaamicly correct to have trustees of such a corporation to restrict the running of the affairs among themselves only without Surah of Musalleen. .. More

  • Monitors his younger brother's e-mail without his knowledge Date: 7-9-2004

    I want to ask about reading emails. What does Islaam says about this. Actually I read emails of my brother without his knowledge. As he is my younger brother and involved in friendship with girls. Parents asked him also, not to indulge in this but he is unable to leave this habit. He is safe I know no Zina and things like that, but just friendship... More

  • Giving Da'wa in India Date: 5-9-2004

    I have been doing Da'wa to non-Muslims in my locality. I talk to them about Islaam and also give them Islaamic articles. They ask me questions and Al-hamdulillaah I am able to answer them, thanks to the huge information that is available especially internet. My question is when should I ask them to say Kalima? Should I wait for them to come and.. More

  • He does not do what he requires of others Date: 29-8-2004

    What is a ruling regarding a person who quotes Hadeeth to get someone to do what he wants and yet when someone tells the person who quotes the Hadeeth in the same way, he acts as if Islaam doesn't apply to him at all. He argues that we shouldn't be so fanatics and that we should be relaxed or we will end up punishing ourselves. I ask this question.. More

  • Confused about ruling of white gold Date: 18-7-2004

    Is it forbidden for a man to wear any gold, including white gold? Please elaborate on this and support your argument with Hadith and other sources. May Allah reward you well for your efforts!.. More