69 fatwas

  • Getting Married in Muharram or Safar Date: 22-1-2002

    Does Islam allow getting married in the month of Muharram or Safar? .. More

  • Signs of the night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) Date: 13-12-2001

    What are some of the signs of the night of Power? .. More

  • Significance of the month of Shaban Date: 7-11-2001

    What is the significance of the month of Shaban, and can we fast on 15th of Sha’baan? Is standing for night prayers legislated? Kindly give evidence with authentic Hadith. .. More

  • No mention of Hussain for Ashoura Date: 21-5-2001

    Why is there no mention about Hzt Imam Hussain's Sacrifice in your answers about 10th and 11th Muharram?.. More

  • Celebrating Islamic new year Date: 4-4-2001

    What is the Islamic rules about celebrate the New Year Hijra' and reciting Du'a (pray) at the end of the year (before Maghrib prayer and reciting Du'a at the New Year (after Maghrib prayer). .. More

  • The Day of ‘Ashoora’ Date: 25-3-2001

    Teach me about ‘Ashoora’ in detail? .. More

  • Day of ‘Arafat Date: 25-3-2001

    What is the ruling concerning the fasting the day of Arafah .. More

  • Supplications on Friday Date: 21-12-2000

    I read a Hadeeth (in Sahih Muslim) about the hour of acceptance of Du'aas. It says that there is a particular time every Friday (very short period of time) in which whatever the supplicant asks for, it is granted. My question is: what does this Hadeeth exactly mean? How literally is this to be taken? I have started devoting the whole day of Friday every.. More

  • The 15th of Shaaban Date: 13-11-2000

    I would like to know the importance of 15 Shaaban, In Pakistan and India it is a practice of Muslims to visit the graves of the relatives. Kindly quote the Hadith or any reference on the above subject... More