73 fatwas

  • History of the day of ‘Aashooraa' Date: 14-12-2014

    Salam alaikm. I asking about authenticity of these details about day of Ashurah Assalaam alaikum.. the day of Ashura. Our beloved prophet (s.a.w) used to fast on the day before it and also on Ashura itself. The significance of this day runs back to Nabbi Adam. 1-Its the day on which Allah readmitted him to heaven, 2-Allah drowned Pharaoh and saved the.. More

  • Getting married on a Friday because it is one's birthday Date: 24-9-2014

    Is fixing day of marriage on the day of birth is prohibited in Islam ? Ex- If I am born on Friday, Can't I get married on any Friday of the week ? .. More

  • Are there meritorious characteristics specific to Rajab? Date: 15-6-2014

    What is special about the month of Rajab? How authentic are the hadiths stating that actions are raised to Allah in this month? .. More

  • Events that happened in the month of Muharram Date: 12-1-2014

    What are the events that happened in the month of Muharram?.. More

  • 'Aashooraa' fast is according to earlier lunar calendar Date: 17-12-2013

    In your article 'The Sacred Month of Moharrum' you have written that Messenger Musa (PBUH) celebrated his victory over Pharoah on the 10th of Muharrum (Ashoora). Whereas in another article on Hijri calendar u all have clearly stated that the Islamic calendar was started by Caliph Omar(RA). In the times of Messenger Moses (PBUH) there was no Islamic.. More

  • Calling Al-Muharram month 'Muharram Al-Haraam' Date: 13-12-2013

    why is muharram ul haram is called muharram ul haram? what is importance of this mnth? .. More

  • There is no specified prayer for Laylatul Qadr Date: 2-12-2013

    Assalamu alaikum.... In India, Bangladesh and Pakistan people used to pray specially 12 Rakat of Nafal prayer in Lailatul Qadr in congregation or individually which is known as salat of Lailatul Qadr in which they recite surah ikhlaas like 10, 15 or 20 times in each Rakat after surah Faatiha. Is it proven by saheeh hadith ? What the prophet muhammad.. More

  • Night of Qadr cannot be in the daytime Date: 7-9-2013

    Assalamalaikum the quran revealed in the night of qadr.Whereas in usa it was day time. so what was the scholar opinion in this matter. shall we search qadar in day time....... .. More

  • Celebrating a festival on the 8th of Shawwaal Date: 2-10-2011

    May Allah reward well our Islamweb shaikhs.Aameen.Can I touch my word for word translation {arabic & english text}during menses? & Is there any festival for the people how fast shawaal 2-8? (six fast festival) jazakhallah khair..!.. More

  • Using the Gregorian calendar instead of the Hijri calendar Date: 5-9-2011

    Assalamu 'alaikum! My doubt is regarding the Islamic months. As the Prophet (upon him be peace) taught us to use the Islamic months, but, today the Gregorian calendar is in use, among Muslims and non-Muslims. Is it wrong to use the Gregorian Calendar? Is it allowed in Islam? It is mentioned in Quran that the number of months with Allah are twelve and.. More

  • There is no significance of the first Thursday of every lunar month Date: 25-8-2011

    AsalamoAlikum Warahmatullah Dear Brothers/Sisters, In my community there are some people who give special importance to the 'First Thursday' of every 'New Islamic Month'. The locals usually call it 'Nauchandi(new moon) Jumerat(Thursday)'. The people believe that giving charity or doing good deeds on first thursday will bring greater benifits e.g... More

  • The multiplication of the reward of obligatory prayers in Ramadan Date: 4-7-2011

    Please confirm the reward to performing fard swalaat in Makkah in Ramadwaan. i understand the reward for a fard swalaat in Makkah (in al Haram) is 100,000. in Ramadwaan, reward for any swalaat is multipled by 70 times. Does that mean performing a swalaat in al Haram during Ramadwaan equals to 7,000,000 reward per swalaat (i.e, 100,000 * 70)?.. More

  • Signs of the Night of Al-Qadr (Divine Decree) Date: 28-2-2011

    Is it possible that some people can recognize the Night of Al-Qadr? Is it true that whoever sees its signs and supplicates that his supplication will definitely be answered?.. More

  • Duties of the person who intends to offer a sacrifice Date: 28-10-2010

    What are the duties of the person who intends to offer a sacrifice? Is it permissible for him to have sexual intercourse with his wife? If he commits adultery during the month of Thul-Hijjah and before he offers the sacrifice, will his sacrifice will be acceptable?.. More

  • Days When Fasting Is Recommended and Ruling on Fasting First Day of New Hijri Year Date: 16-12-2009

    What are the days that should be fasted (for being a confirmed act of Sunnah)? What is the ruling on fasting the first day of the Hijri year, the fifteenth of Rajab and so on? .. More