71 fatwas

  • Claiming that asking forgiveness during night of Al-Qadr forgives all sins Date: 15-12-2004

    What can we say to the youth who commit sins all year not praying, not fasting, Zina and other big sins, and they say if you repent on the night of power Laylat Al-Qadr all your sins are wiped away and they say its enough once per year to repent on this blessed night then Allaah forgives you all your sins and they say, they can go back to their.. More

  • Light of night of decree before Ramadan Date: 1-12-2004

    Is it possible to watch light of night of decree at 15th of Sha'baan? What is the significance of witnessing such a light? .. More

  • Reward for deeds when not fasting Date: 22-11-2004

    In Ramadhaan every deeds that you get, it's multiplied by 70. Are the deeds still multiplied by 70 if your not fasting? .. More

  • Speeches given on the night of Qadr Date: 21-6-2004

    I have seen in some mosques that they give Khutbas and speeches related to Islam on the night of Qadr. Is it correct or is it a Bid'ah? Please send me the answer of this question as soon as possible... More

  • The night of the middle of Sha'baan Date: 20-6-2004

    Please tell me about the night of the middle of Sha'baan and what prayers should be recited?.. More

  • Historical events and earthquakes Date: 10-4-2004

    1. I would like to know if anything significant happened in the months of Dhul-Qa’dah and Dhul-Hijjah in the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam). 2. What is your opinion regarding the earthquake in Iran? Is it a test or warning from Allah? I look forward to hearing from you. .. More

  • Celebrating 16th of Ramadan Date: 30-11-2003

    The Fatwa about celebrating Ramadan 16th the day of Badr? Taraweeh 8 and 20 Rak'ah. Which is lawful?.. More

  • The month of Safar Date: 7-5-2003

    Is there anything special in the month of Safar, because people are saying that in this month Allah sends many problems for his slaves? Is it true that we are supposed to pray specific prayers to protect ourselves and we are not supposed to marry or have any other happy occasion? .. More

  • Number of times Ramadan is mentioned in Quran Date: 18-2-2003

    How many times has Ramadan been mentioned in the Quran? .. More

  • Ramadan Ranks High in Islam Date: 9-2-2003

    Tell me about the significance of the month of Ramadan. .. More

  • Time when the angels come and go Date: 8-2-2003

    The Lailathul Qadr will be any odd days of last 10 days of Ramadan. As I studied, in this sacred day, Jibreel and other angels will come to the Earth at the time of Magreb and will return at the time of Subhi. As we know, the time is different according to place to place. Then how do they come to one time to the Earth at the time of Magreb. Or it.. More

  • Important events during the month of Ramadan Date: 25-1-2003

    Please provide information about the important Islamic events that occured in the Holy month of Ramadhan, with year if possible, throughout the history of Islam.. More

  • 27th of Rajab and 14th of Sha'ban Date: 28-10-2002

    I have a question concerning the month of Rajab and Sha'ban. Some people say that the 27th of Rajab and the 14th of Sha'ban are nights of worship. Please explain in detail, so I can help my Pakistani community to understand this, because in our country the three scholars said that it is a special night and I don't see any evidence in the Hadith why.. More

  • Choice of Some Months As Sacred Months Over Other Months Date: 3-9-2002

    Why did Allah choose the months of the Dhul-Q'idah, Muharram, Dhul-Hijjah and Rajab as sacred months and not one of the other months? .. More

  • Months of the Islamic Calendar Date: 20-5-2002

    I want to know the months of the Islamic calendar... More