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  • Changing Copyrighted Bookmark Designs and Reselling Them Date: 8-10-2018

    Assalamu alaikom, I bought some designs for uncolored bookmarks that I am free to print any number of copies of and use personally, as long as i dont resell those printed copies for profit. However, if i color and decorate those copies, meaning that i would change those designs with my own effort and ideas, can I sell them and charge money for the effort.. More

  • Sinful for Forging Certificates but Your Work with Them Is Permissible Date: 7-10-2018

    Sir, my graduate admission requirements were to have DTE certified with experience. It was also said that the previous result and experience will be considered for selecting the students. I had good results but had no experience. So, I made a false experience certificate and got the admission. After that, I successfully completed my BscTE degree from.. More

  • Used Many E-Mail Addresses to Ask Questions Date: 7-10-2018

    1)while fasting in Ramadan, 2018 I sent several questionss using several email accounts in a fatwa websites though it was told in the website not to do. cause I need to know the answers of my increasing questions so I had to do that. does it affect my fast as I broke rule? 2)I even sent questions from my brother's account & mention his name as account.. More

  • Committing Sins Openly Does Not Render a Person a Disbeliever Date: 9-9-2018

    Scholars, I had a question on sins:1. Does boasting of ones sins make them a kafir? I read that ibn uthaymeen said one who does so should be killed? Is this valid?2. I was wondering, does envy or having ill thoughs about a fellow muslim make one a kafir3. Lastly, what if someone loves a sin/commiting a sin, does that make them a kafir? I mean, they.. More

  • Hardships Caused by His Brother Cause Him to Lie Date: 9-9-2018

    Scholars, I have an issue with lying. To my brother, I find myself lying to him over little things such as whether or not I have ironed my clothes or combed my hair. I do this as he has tendency to tease and berate me in an aggressive manner. Recently, i lied about finishing my quran reading for a day and I am feeling immense guilt over it and about.. More

  • Lying on the Job Application Date: 19-7-2018

    Hello sheik, if someone lied on their job application about drug use , would your income be haram? .. More

  • Masturbating With the Wife's Hand Date: 26-6-2018

    During Azl, (Coitus interruptus) when I'm about to release my sperm, can I use my hand? Will it be considered as masterbation? Or should my wife use her hand to ejaculate me? Which one is right? .. More

  • Hating the Sin not the Sinner Date: 6-6-2018

    Assalamaulikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuhPeople claim that Allah said, "Hate the sinner and not the sin"Is this true? If so, could kindly quote the reference. .. More

  • Masturbated, Watched Pornographic Films, and Had Very Evil Thoughts Date: 5-6-2018

    Assalam o Alaikum,I used to masturbate and watch porn but I hate that - I repented so many times from these sins but I am falling it on again and again. I used to get too bad and filthy thoughts about Hazrat Aisha( raziAllahuanhuma). When I see a forbidden thing Somehow satan connected it to Prophet's wife. Due to these thoughts I did bad in my exams.. More

  • Obscene Words do not Necessarily Lead to Apostasy Date: 10-5-2018

    As salamu alaikum. My question is, if someone says a obscene language while talking to Allah (SWT) will it be considered as apostasy?My husband and I was having a fight and he was very rude and inconsiderate to me. I was very hurt and remembered all the bad things he said or done to me. I felt like I could not live with him anymore. In frustration,.. More

  • Using Inappropriate Words Date: 10-5-2018

    Salam. 1. Is it permissible to say "What the heck"?2. Is it permissible to say "Dang" and "Dang it"?3. Is it permissible to say "Darn" and "Darn it"? .. More

  • Evidence that Masturbation Is Forbidden Date: 9-5-2018

    salam. i know the opinion adopted in this site is that masturbation is haram. however, there are scholars who considered this act allowed or at best disliked. what is the proof behind their position? .. More

  • Lying to Avoid Military Service Date: 19-3-2018

    aslamualeykum,as the case mentioned in fatwa number 326500 mandatory military service for women in non-muslim country what is the ruling in making fake marriage contract(making marriage contract with the intention of divorcing and not leaving as wife and husband)so as to get rid of mandatory military service or national service which has a lot of ruling.. More

  • Watched a Lady's Picture and Masturbated Date: 4-3-2018

    In Islam if a man watches a lady's picture and masturbates himself then who will be the sinner the man or the lady? .. More

  • Issues Related to Backbiting Date: 22-2-2018

    I live in a non Muslim country. Is the following considered backbiting?1. My driving instructor backbites people in another car. I don't know the people in that car but I can see them2. My mother backbites a teacher at the school she works at. I do not personally know that teacher. 3. My mother backbites a teacher at the school she works at. This time.. More