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  • Man Braiding His Hair and Piercing His Ear Date: 4-8-2021

    Can a man braid his hair and also pierce his ears?.. More

  • Charity Does Not Expiate Major Sins Date: 1-6-2020

    Can Charity Erase Major sins by the permission of Allah like in the case of the prostitute who gave water to a dog and was forgiven. .. More

  • Depressed, Losing Faith and Tried To Suicide Date: 18-11-2019

    It may be better if this isn't posted publicly. I am 30 and have always loved Islam and enjoyed Da'wah work. Around 10 months ago some doubts creeped in (too complicated to explain) plus a fear of responsibility and the future; now I feel I have totally lost my faith and my humanity. Because these doubts creeped in when I was listening to Islamic material,.. More

  • Hating the Sin not the Sinner Date: 6-6-2018

    Assalamaulikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakaatuhPeople claim that Allah said, "Hate the sinner and not the sin"Is this true? If so, could kindly quote the reference. .. More

  • Difference between Thunoob and Sayyi'aat Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, Shaykhs. Can you please define Zunooband Sayyi’aat. Are they different? If yes, please explain the difference. And does one of them cover the other one? I mean, do Zunoob also include Sayyi’aat and vice versa? May Allah reward you, respected Shaykhs. .. More

  • Definition of evildoing and sinning openly Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Can you explain what evildoing is and when a believer becomes an evildoer? As for the hadith which says that Allah will not forgove a person who sins openly; does this mean that he will surely be thrown into the Fire, or may Allah forgive him if He wills and is that just a warning from the Prophet,.. More

  • Engaging in doubtful matter does not amount to sinning Date: 12-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. A hadith says that it is a sign of piety to avoid doubtful things. My question is, if i do something that is doubtful (not clearly halal/haram) and that has different rulings from different scholars, will I be sinning? To make it simple, is it disliked or haram to do doubtful things? Please clarify. .. More

  • Difference between major and minor sins Date: 17-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. What are the major and minor sins? .. More

  • Indirect unintentional help to commit sin is of no consequence Date: 24-2-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum dear Sir. Is it halal to sell tailoring materials when I am sure that many of those who buy them will use my products for the following: 1. To stitch shirts for men (which I think is halal), 2. To stitch normal garments and abayas for women (which I also think is halal), 3. To stitch churidars (a dress usually worn by non-Muslims.. More

  • Minor sins should not be taken lightly Date: 13-12-2015

    Shaykh, my question is the following: Allaah says in the Quran, in Surah An-Nisa, ayah 31: {If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance [into Paradise].} So is there any value of minor sins in islam? And my second question is about the fact that Imam Ath-Thahabi wrote.. More

  • Spread of sin might be punishment from Allaah for leaving the Quran and Sunnah Date: 14-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I recently read many of your fatwas in regards to certain disturbing subjects, such as incest, and many others, and brothers and sisters admitting to committing these sins. It made me realize as I read that our ummah is in a horrific state, engaging in some acts that are filthy and are not part of our.. More

  • Adult male with pierced ear is deemed a Faasiq until he repents Date: 13-10-2015

    can a man who pierce his ears ca be Imaam after he engaged in serious Tawba and deeply regretted ever doing that and when ahead to further his Islamic studies. What are his chances? .. More

  • Judging dissolute people and dealing with them Date: 18-4-2015

    salama aleikoum brother, A faasiq is one who commits big sins or is consistent in doing smaller sins according to the defintion of your site and many others. But can we still call one faasiq after he does tauwbah?Then another point is, we know the reality of today that many people do big sins like not doing hajj while having money, threating parents.. More

  • Dying drunk or without repenting from drinking Date: 13-4-2015

    Salam Alaykoum, If a muslim dies while intoxicated or he had drunk the day before and the day next he dies while not intoxicated whether he had the intention that day to drink or not and he dies in the week where he prayed the Friday prayer with the intention to be forgiven by Allah (swt) for the case he dies that week while he drinks whether he is.. More

  • Ruling on committing sins openly Date: 22-6-2014

    ASALAM O ALAKUM!!!! I know watching TV is prohibited. But I want yo ask that in the present day almost all people watch TV.Some people watch Indecent programmes while some watch only dramas(containing music, not the words of disbelief not much spread of indecency the dramas made in Islamic countries like Pakistan. People watch them infront of house.. More