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  • Her Female Cousins Misunderstood Her Act of Goodness and Accused Her of Backbiting Date: 4-10-2020

    A few months ago I asked one of my older cousins to relate to my younger female cousins to maintain distance from our male cousins as they touch each other too much and think "they are like our brothers". After my older cousin did, the younger cousins have been accusing me of backbiting and have been treating me in an estranged manner. It feels like.. More

  • Request for Water or Food Is Not Blameworthy Begging Date: 23-9-2020

    Assalaamu AlaikumI am 16 and have seen the fatwa on begging. Is asking someone for something or requesting something such as asking your mother for water or drink or if you can eat some of the food or asking your sister if you can eat some of her chips and your uncle for a charger or requesting that your sister buy you something begging? .. More

  • Selling Products on Amazon by Cheating and Deceiving Date: 16-7-2020

    Isitharam 1) One method to earn is that sellers on amazon hire me to approach people and give their products to the people for free but in return they must give 5 stars to the product (fake reviews). This way I get a commission and the seller gets good rating which makes his product look good and attractive to other genuine buyers on amazon. Someone.. More

  • Calling an Ambulance While It Is Not an Emergency Is Cheating and Deceit Date: 12-7-2020

    If I call an ambulance although I know it is not an emergency but I want to ensure I get seen quickly, what are the moral implications of this? .. More

  • Was Paid for Helping others to Pass their Driving Theory Test: Is the Money Lawful Date: 16-6-2020

    Salam allykum, I did Driving theory test For some people who couldn’t understand English nor read it much and kept failing their test. So I did it for them I got paid for it. I know it’s cheating I know it’s not good either and I feel bad. But I’ve been able to help out my mother and father with it I wanna ask Is it Har?m money? If so what.. More

  • Wants to Masturbate As His Wife Is Weak and Cannot Have Intercourse Date: 3-6-2020

    I have been married 8 years. Now my age is 32 and my wife is nearly 30 years old. She is sufferring from weekness and inemia for nearly 3 years. I want to have sex with her but she refuses. We can only have sex one time in a Month. And also i cant afford to marry again. Can i do masterbation to satisfy my sex deaire/need? If it is done in battles to.. More

  • Charity Does Not Expiate Major Sins Date: 1-6-2020

    Can Charity Erase Major sins by the permission of Allah like in the case of the prostitute who gave water to a dog and was forgiven. .. More

  • Cheating and Lying to Get Residence Visa and Government Housing Date: 20-4-2020

    Assalamualaikum. Please advise: a close family member is trying to use deception to gain a residence visa and government housing in the UK. There is some truth in the application mixed with falsehood in order to try to obtain the visa. Do I have to inform the authorities about the deception even indirectly? Bearing in mind this would reveal the person’s.. More

  • Lying to One’s Mother Date: 16-3-2020

    My father is married to a second woman. My mother is angry at this. The second woman came and lived with my father and I. Is it Haram to lie on my mother about this to avoid conflicts? .. More

  • Narrations about Masturbating in Battles Date: 3-3-2020

    I have a question regarding a narration found in Ibn Hazm's Al-Muhalla. Qataadah said: “al-Hasan said about the man who masturbates until he comes, he said: ‘They used to do that in the battles’”. From where did he retrieve this narration and is it authentic? JazakAllah .. More

  • Ex-Husband Accuses Her and Her New Husband of Adultery Date: 25-2-2020

    When I found myself in difficulty only some week after khula (with no help and no money), I reached out to a brother, to ask for help to find a job. My ex-husband read those messages and accused me of adultery. With my ex threatening this brother of death without any proof and destroying his reputation, I decided to warn this person, a couple of months.. More

  • Downloading And Using Pirated Materials Date: 23-2-2020

    He used to download and use pirated things. Some of them were halal (e.g. Microsoft office, photoshop etc.) and some were haram(e.g. movies .. More

  • Lying Amongst Spouses to Foster Love Date: 20-2-2020

    Assalam aleykom, regarding the allowed form of lying to ones spouse. Does it include saying kind words to ones wife like calling her "my heart, my princess, my soul" etc. - Are words like these allowed and come under the ruling of allowed lying if ones says them inteding to achieve a happy home/relationship with ones spouse? Since they obviously are.. More

  • Evil Inner Thoughts of Others Isn't Backbiting Date: 9-2-2020

    Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Is there any scholar that allowed backbiting inside heart (the backbiting here is based with data and facts, not only baseless bad thought). I am someone who studied social science professionally, and of course we need to examine why people are like this and that. Of course we thought a lot about their bads, not for entertainme.. More

  • Persisting on Minor Sins Makes Them Major Date: 11-12-2019

    Assalamualikum, According to fatwa no 116246 there is a difference of opinion on whether a minor sin becomes a major or minor sin when done persistently. If a person does wudhu(abulution) would this minor sin which he does persistently be forgiven. Also will the fasting on the day of Arafah lead to forgivness from Allah(swt) of such minor sins which.. More