135 fatwas

  • How to purify a house where a dog lived Date: 24-11-2013

    Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. If a non-muslim who has kept a dog for a long time inside his house and the dog has licked, urinated and defecated at many places inside the house over the time, decides to convert to Islam, what he should do with the house? Should he wash the whole house with sand and water? Can he live in the house anymore?.. More

  • When teeth bleeding necessitates washing mouth Date: 10-9-2013

    salaam aleikoum dear shaykh, Many times when I use a stick to clean my teeth in the car they bleed, then i get veru distressed because blood is najis. Can I get rid of this blood by spitting it out and then it's taahir/clean or it it required that I first go to a bathroom and clean it with water to not extend the najasah with is in my mouth? jazaka.. More

  • She has whispers about the purity of a pair of shoes Date: 9-9-2013

    asslam u alikum i wore my husband shoes a long time ago and i think my feet were not pure at that time.after that i put those shoes out inthe rain to get washed and put them back.i thought to myself that i would wash them later.yesterday i saw my husband wearing those shoes out in the rain.the problem is i dont remeber if those shoes were really dirty.. More

  • It is safer to clean urine drops with water than with a dry tissue Date: 16-8-2013

    asslam u alikum sometimes while using bathroom ,small urine drops get on the edge of the commode which i clean with dry tissue.after istinja my wet thigh touches the same spot which i have cleaned with dry tissue. plz tell me if my thigh is pure.this thing is causing me to worry.thanks .. More

  • Certainty of Tahaarah is not removed by doubt Date: 22-5-2013

    asslam u alykum. blood from nose bleed is najas.while rinsing my nose during wudu sometimes it bleeds and drops of water come on my shirt too. sometimes the color of the shirt is dark and i cannot tell whether blood is on the shirt or not.plz advice me .. More

  • Purifying a garment smeared with pre-ejaculatory fluid Date: 15-5-2013

    Assalaamu Alaykum, I know that the person who discharges pre-ejaculatory fluid is required to perform only ablution, not Ghusl. The question is: what is the Sharee‘ah ruling on clothes that were smeared with pre-ejaculatory fluid? Are they pure or not? Noting that I frequently discharge this fluid and it is difficult for me to determine the impure.. More

  • Washing a Muslim's clothes with those of a non-Muslim Date: 8-4-2013

    Our Christian maid washes her clothes in the same washing machine in which our clothes are washed, but not at the same time. The machine is cleansed first with water before our clothes are washed there. Are our clothes pure in this way? Thank you... More

  • Are impurities on clothes of sewage workers pardoned? Date: 23-1-2013

    assalam alaykum.please is it true that people whose work involve sewages are pardoned concerning impurities in their cloth?dear sheikh,i want you to enumerate those that shari'ah has pardoned in regard to impurities.may Allah reward you. .. More

  • Does the lingering smell of an impurity affect the validity of ablution and prayer? Date: 24-12-2012

    My mother is rather suspicious concerning removing impurities after she relieves herself. When she cleans her private parts with her hands during Istinjaa' and then performs ablution and prays, she may still smell the scent of impurities on her hand; does this invalidate the prayer and ablution?.. More

  • The carpets of the mosque got contaminated with his urine Date: 15-10-2010

    Asalamalakum, I am very please to know that your website is providing Q & A Service regarding Islam. I have a question, which is very disturbing me. Two year back I went to a Mosque out side my town there unfortunately my urine was released during prayer and the upper sheet and the floor carpet was become wet with my urine. I told this to the.. More

  • The urine of the formula-fed baby boy Date: 21-3-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, I know that if a baby boy is completely breastfed without solid foods, his urine is pure, but what if he is formula fed instead of breastfed? would his urine be pure or is formula considered to be food? Jazak Allah khair.. More

  • Purifying the water or dust used to clean dog saliva off clothes Date: 22-11-2009

    Is the dirt and the water used to clean dog saliva off clothes also najis? and if it is..does it need to be washed with dirt and water also? .. More

  • Purification of an old ill person with broken legs Date: 10-9-2009

    assalamu aleykum! there is old ill person with broken legs..and this person is wearing pampers so that going to toilet is not available...because most of the time this person is lying in the bed...how can he pray? can he pray in pampers?.. More

  • Washing clothes stained with dog saliva in a washing machine Date: 3-9-2009

    Salamualaikum wr wb, I had some clothes that has dog saliva on it. First i put one clothe in the washing machine, and when that finished, i put the other one in the washing machine. Now I have doubts. Do I need to clean the washing machine with dirt? and should i also clean the drier machine?.. More

  • Has doubts about the purity of the seats in a public swimming pool complex Date: 17-8-2009

    Assalamu'alaikum. I am going for Swimming at a public place where people of all religions also come. After doing swimming, and after taking bath as well as Gusl, I go to dress myself. But the path in between is such that people walk with sleepers (or shoes). So, it's the case of Paaki-Naapaaki. Also there are seats to sit and wear the pyjamahs but.. More