135 fatwas

  • The automatic washing machine purifies clothes if the effect of impurity is removed Date: 21-3-2006

    Do the clothes touched by an impurity if washed in an automatic washing machine become pure? .. More

  • Removing impurities by dry cleaning Date: 10-8-2005

    If some sort of Najas (i.e. semen and dog excrement, etc.) came onto a cloth that could only be dry-cleaned, would dry-cleaning be sufficient for the removal of this impurity?.. More

  • Owning a bag made of 100% crocodile hide Date: 28-6-2005

    Is it permissible to own a bag made 100% of crocodile skin?.. More

  • Performing Hajj with a tattoo Date: 30-3-2005

    Can a person go to Hajj if they have a tattoo? I know a person who had one when he was young - which he now regrets. However as the dye is injected between the skin - water still cleans the skin surface thus ablution is still valid as surface layer is washed when Wudu/Ghusl is carried out (I got this from a Mufti) - however I need clarification.. More

  • Cleansing a dog's impurities Date: 9-2-2005

    My question is on removing dog's excrement (urine and feces). Is it to be in the same manner as in removing dog's saliva (seven washings including once with earth) or is it to be treated like other impurity (to be washed until the impurity is removed)? .. More

  • Clothes made from pig skin Date: 13-6-2004

    Are some clothes made from pigskin? Please let me know... More

  • Doubts about impurities Date: 23-2-2004

    I have many doubts when I touch something, e.g. toilet door handle or other things I think it is unclean and my hand becomes unclean when they are wet. I wash my hands many times over and over again. Shall I carry on like this? .. More

  • Removing Najassah Date: 27-11-2002

    Once again I thank you for your help and for the effort that you do through this website. My questions are regarding Najas.1) If a Najas (e.g. a towel with urine on it) falls on a book, how can I clean that book? And is letting it dry sufficient? And I do not have it on me during Salat.2) If a dog or animal urinates on a suitcase that was left in a.. More

  • Tanning pig skin Date: 5-5-2002

    I know that consumption of pork, and clothing oneself with dresses made by pigskin is forbidden. However, is there any harm in using purses, pockets, briefcases, shoes, and cushions, etc. made from pigskin? Specially when I take care not to carry such items to any Masjid and not to touch them with wet hands. Does "tanning" not purify the pigskin while.. More

  • Removing impurities from clothing, furnishings, etc. Date: 4-2-2002

    I cannot thank you enough for your previous help to me and for your care. My question is:When I move a piece of clothes with some Najas (impurity) on it (that Najas is hardly noticeable, if I did not know that there was Najas on it, I would believe that it is clean), when I move or touch a piece of clothing with this minute amount of Najas on it, it.. More

  • Washing Clothes to Remove Sexual Impurity Date: 11-1-2002

    I have a couple of questions on how to remove Najas from a person's clothes or body: When there is Najas on my clothes, it is usually not a lot, I put the clothes that have the Najas on them with those that are dirty (but do not have a Najas on them) in the washing machine to wash them together. I put half a cup of soap (150-200 ml) on the clothes and.. More

  • Purification after Contact with Dogs Date: 26-2-2001

    My question is regarding tahara after contact with dogs. I have 2 dogs to protect my business. One is young and still requires training. During training I come into frequent contact with the dog.1. I understand that if contact is made with its saliva I must wash 7 times. Is sand acceptable?2. If contact is made with the dog when its fur is wet or my.. More

  • Purifying a knife from pork by fire Date: 19-5-2000

    I require your assistance for quoting any reference from Quran, Hadith, Fiqah and Fatwa about sterilizing and ”Pak” a metallic piece by heating which was used for cutting pork meat (declared haram in Islam). Kindly provide fatwa in light of Quran, Hadith and Fiqh, irrespective of any school of thought... More

  • No Impurity Between Two Dry Things Date: 22-10-1999

    What is the meaning of ( jaf 'ala jaf, taher bila khilaf)? Thank you in advance. .. More

  • Dried urine on clothes Date: 22-10-1999

    If some urine is spilled on clothes and dried, will the clothes be suitable to pray in, especially if there is no chance to wash, ex: at work?.. More