152 fatwas

  • Zakah not given to one's young children Date: 7-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband's salary can only cover the rent. He has a piece of land that his mother gave him and some money in the bank which he plans to invest along with that land in order to build a house for us and maybe, if it is enough, to make a business that may give him a somehow secure future as he is not entlited to a pension at an old.. More

  • Covering mother's medical expenses with zakah money Date: 16-5-2016

    I am a 70-year-old person who is retired and has no means of income besides some investments in Islamic bonds. I pay zakah to deserving persons every year, praise be to Allaah. My 100-year-old mother fell seriously sick and had a paralysis stroke and is presently in a coma. She is attended to by two female nurses [12 hour duty each] and one physiotherapist.. More

  • Many questions about giving zakah money to relatives Date: 2-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum.First of all, I pray to Allaah to give more power and good health to the one who made this usefull website in order to keep helping people like this. 1. I am the elder son in my family; I am married and have a family of my own. I calculate zakah every year and then slowly pay it when people need it. I try my best to pay it off.. More

  • Taking fee for distributing zakah of relative Date: 27-3-2016

    Respectful scholar, assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I request you to answer my question regarding zakah. I have been receiving zakah money from my relative who lives abroad in order to distribute it. This has been going on for more than a year, so my responsibility regarding it has also increased. My question is whether I can take.. More

  • Giving Zakah to poor unmarried sister who owns a piece of land Date: 27-2-2016

    We are four brother and one sister who is unmarried (aged 36). As a human being, every brother is responsible to bear the cost of living as well as the medical costs of their mother and sister since their father is dead. No one is supporting her (the sister), but I have been supporting her for the last seven years. Now, my question is whether I can.. More

  • Giving Zakah collectors percentage of Zakah funds as commission Date: 22-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I would like to know whether the practice of collecting funds that is outlined below is allowed in Islam; or up to what extend it is not forbidden. The practice is: There is a regular practice in India, especially in the month of Ramadan, that is followed by most of the Islamic institutions. The institution.. More

  • Zakah collection organizations are not entitled to Zakah funds Date: 6-10-2015

    We are running an office on a rented building to collect & distribute Zakath. Whether Zakath fund can be utilised to pay rent to this office? .. More

  • Giving Zakah in the form of specific items, not cash Date: 25-8-2015

    Assalammu Allaikum, There is a zakaat collecting organisation in our area (a big village) by way money and they are distributing the zakaat as follows (a) feeding student (not religious studies) with breakfast for poor or needy (b) scholarship expences for students other than religious knowledge (c) monthly subsidy to under priviledged families to procure.. More

  • The poor person is not asked how he spends Zakah Date: 16-8-2015

    I gave a sum of money from the Zakaah of my property to my maternal cousin. He is a low-level employee who is always in need of money. A short time ago, he inherited a small amount of money from his father. I was later informed that he used the money I had given him to buy tiles for the floor in his apartment as it was not covered with tiles. Has this.. More

  • Ruling on giving Zakah of inherited estate to one of the heirs Date: 16-8-2015

    Is it permissible to give the Zakaah of the (inherited) crop to one of the heirs, given that he is unemployed and the estate has not yet been distributed among the heirs, nor is it known when they would do so? .. More

  • Does the “in the Cause of Allaah” category include paying Zakah for the purpose of Da‘wah? Date: 16-8-2015

    Is it permissible to give Zakaah of gold for Da‘wah (proselytization) activities like purchasing and distributing cassette tapes and booklets? .. More

  • Foundlings are among Zakah recipients Date: 16-8-2015

    Is it permissible to pay Zakaah to a shelter of orphans or foundlings? What should I do? .. More

  • Receiving Zakah for sponsoring orphans in one's house Date: 18-2-2015

    Assalaamu alaikum, dear shaykh I am intending to keep orphan children in my house so I have some questions regarding it. 1. If the orphan child reaches the age of puberty, can I arrange his nikah with my daughter and if the orphan is female, can I arrange nikah of my son with her? 2. Can I collect money from Muslim people to feed orphan children at.. More

  • Ruling on giving charity to someone who sells alcohol Date: 23-8-2014

    Assalamu'alaykum,My neighbour is an owner of a liqour store. His liqour store was burned in a fire and he is unable to do his business. It is permissible for me to donate some money to him to ease his burden? .. More

  • Ruling on giving zakah to workers Date: 15-6-2014

    What is the ruling on giving zakah to workers who work for me? Please, could you answer me even if its time has passed? .. More