152 fatwas

  • How do Muslim organizations use Zakah to help Muslims? Date: 27-12-2009

    Small Muslim Organisation in UK provide different services to the Muslim Community (Which is very poor community), and they do not have enought income to carry on these activities. To what extend Small Muslim Organisations can benefit from Zakat Fund?.. More

  • Receiving Zakah as education fees for a child Date: 20-5-2009

    Ass salaam alykum,I want to put my child in an islamic school which gives both modern & islamic education including q'uran hafeza but the problem is this school is charging a very high fees approx 300 us$ per month,some how when we ask for concession they say you pay according to your ablity rest we will fulfill by zakah which they are getting from.. More

  • One may receive Zakah if he cannot fulfil his basic needs Date: 22-4-2009

    Salam 3alaykom, My friend has a married sister and her husband is not in a good financial status, she said she wanna give herf rom the zakah money, I told her, he has a shop and a car and he owns a house, she said but at the end of the month it really narrows down on money and he has 2 kids. How can we tell if someone is in need of zakah? because the.. More

  • Making a trick to pay Zakah to parents who are not poor Date: 19-3-2009

    Salam 3alaykom 3eebad ALLAH, My friend wants to give zakah to her mother and father, i told her its not allowed in islam because its a duty on you to help them, she said what if i give my aunt and indirectly she will give my parents (her aunt is poor and in need), i told her dont be like the jews who try to out smart RUBB al 3alameen, whom are u being.. More

  • Wants to pay Zakah to his cousin to help him with his wedding expenses Date: 10-3-2009

    Assalam-o-alakam, I have question related to zakah,i have paternal aunty who is widow,she has her own house ALHAMDOLILLAH,her elder sone is now earning 30000 rupees monthly and he is getting married soon.I want to inquire can i give them zakat money as though he is earning 30000 rs./monthly yet he hasnt any savings for wedding because all his salary.. More

  • Wants to pay his due Zakah to people who lost money because of him Date: 5-12-2007

    Salam I am in debt because the loan I took, and also I feel Im I must pay some people, because of my recommendations they lost money with my frriend who cheated them and me also. I also have saving money on which I am paying zakat. I am very confused whether I am doing the right thing by paying zakat or should I settle my loan and compensate those.. More

  • Using Zakat money for Da’wah activities Date: 15-11-2007

    Is it permissible to use zakat money for dawah activities in Australia where most of the zakat money goes overseas and there is a desperate need for funds for dawah activities which is not being adequately funded through donations?.. More

  • Giving Zakat to somebody to buy a house Date: 11-11-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum ! I am Kaleelurrahman From Tirupur, I pleased to clear my question about ZAKATH. My cusin brother is working in a company and get Rs.5000/- per month, but he should pay atleast 3000/- for his house rent.and balance 2000/- is not enough for run his family. Now he got 3 lacs from his family property,If Igive him 125000 more he can get.. More

  • Investing the Zakat money for the benefit of an Islamic institution Date: 21-10-2007

    assalamualykum: my ? is about zakaat.?recently an islamic institution collecting zakaat published the accounts on expenses made during the year.Among the expenses their were the purchase of spoons,forks,glasses,etc(saman) which the institution rent to members for wedding and other functions. my ? is whether it is permissible to purchase these items.. More

  • Giving Zakat to the poor on condition that they donate some of it to build schools etc Date: 25-6-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum Dear Sir, Sub: Conversion of Zakat Money to Regular Wealth and then use the same for Masjids, Madrasas and Dawah Work We are living in a country of people with mixed fortunes, some are quite rich, and the majority of the people are in the middle class. We have a lower class which is dependent on Zakat for most of their needs and sometimes.. More

  • Wants to pay Zakat to a hospital in Canada Date: 6-5-2007

    My saalams. I am interested to know about payment of Zakht outside our country or in a non Muslim state. As I live in Canada now and I feel I should show allegiance to the nation that supports me, may I be able to pay part of my Zakth here or do I have to pay to a muslim/nation only? For example there are many hospitals here which help to treat any.. More

  • Delaying the due Zakat to give it to a poor relative in another country Date: 27-3-2007

    salam alaykom,we r in a foreign country and there is a woman who is in need of money knowing that also our families in the middle east r also in need of that money,should we give that woman a part of zakat or better for us to wait until we visit the middle east and give the ones who can have a part of our zakat but who r from our families thank u,salam.. More

  • Giving Zakat to a divorced sister whose ex-husband does not spend on her children Date: 27-3-2007

    my sister is divorced, she has 5 kids and the kids father does not support any of her kids or her. my question is can I give her zakat? She does get the government basic benefits which equate to £300 a week. She lives in a house which was bought by her husband and english law stipulates that upon selling, she will probably get half of the house which.. More

  • Giving Zakah to a new Muslim maid who is saving money Date: 13-12-2006

    Salam alaikum, I would like to know if my Fillapino housemaid who embraced islam in Ramadan 2006 can accept Zaka from me, She has left my home now & she is trying to save money to work in another country where she will be better paid, she has a little savings already towards this, so i would like to know can i give her my zaka, the amount of savings.. More

  • Giving Zakah to indebted maternal uncle Date: 6-12-2006

    Assalam-o-Alaikam, I am ordinary muslim and not so updated on several islamic rulings but ALHAMDOLILLAH i try to learn and improve upon myself.hope u will help me in that endeavour. QUESTION.I ve my one elderly maternal uncle who is in financial crisis and he is in so much critical condition that he borrows money for his modest expenses and he told.. More