152 fatwas

  • Paying Zakah to build a cancer hospital Date: 23-12-2012

    My mother and sisters paid Zakaah due on their property to the foundation of a Children’s Cancer Hospital; and later on some people made us doubt the validity, under Sharee‘ah, of paying Zakaah for such projects. What should we do now, especially with the difficulty to pay Zakaah once again?.. More

  • Ruling on giving Zakah to an independent son Date: 20-12-2012

    I have a son who works as a teacher and lives independently from me. He supports a small child and his income does not suffice him. He possesses an apartment which has accumulated unpaid installments, and, thus, is threatened to be evicted. Is it permissible for me to pay them on his behalf from the money of Zakaah that is due on me?.. More

  • Should Zakah be given to one person or more? Date: 20-12-2012

    Is it preferred to give Zakaah to one person only all at once, or to many persons? Please advise me. May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Employees to administer Zakah have a share in it Date: 20-12-2012

    A man distributes the Zakaah money; is it permissible for him to take from it if he needs basic necessities such as food, medicine and clothes, given that his salary does not cover all his needs and he has to borrow money to complete his expenses for the rest of the month?.. More

  • Ruling on paying the deceased’s debt from Zakah Date: 20-12-2012

    Is it permissible to give Zakaah to pay the debt of a deceased person?.. More

  • When should a child be given from Zakah? Date: 19-12-2012

    I am a mother of three sons, two of whom are married, and the youngest has not married yet. I want to give Zakaah this year, and I would like to know whether or not I could give it to my second married son. He is in straightened circumstances, and he has four children; and the other married son is well-off, praise be to Allaah. May Allaah Bless.. More

  • Limit of wealth that makes one ineligible for Zakah Date: 19-12-2012

    As-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah What is the limit of wealth which makes one ineligible to receive Zakaah? Kindly provide the details of this issue, and mention the different opinions of the scholars, their proofs, and why they differ in this respect, and the preponderant opinion... More

  • Zakah on donated money and where Zakah is to be spent Date: 1-12-2011

    If there is an organization that is applicable to receive zakah, does the organization also have to pay zakah? If yes, can it pay to itself? For example if an organization is saving money to build a shelter for the homeless (or any other activity that the zakah can be spent on) and is receiving the zakah from people. Does this organization have to pay.. More

  • A wife giving her Zakah on Jewelry to her needy husband Date: 23-8-2011

    Assalamu alaikum... My question is regarding zakat... I have taken home loan which is a mistake but now i don't have option. my question is... 1. I have to pay home loan EMI of 7500..rs monthly. what i think is home loan is debt on me.. and my wife has nearly 160 gram of gold and with calculation of 2.5 interest with 24000/10 i have to pay 9000 rs.. More

  • Paying Zakah to poor relatives who pay Zakah themselves Date: 10-5-2011

    Assalamualikum. my question is i have poor relatives who pay zakah themselves for the little gold they have,but i want to know if i pay them sadaqah money without telling them is it allowed as they are poor. jazakallah.. More

  • Giving Zakah to a maid to perform 'Umrah Date: 27-4-2011

    There is a female (housemaid) who deserves zakat and is desirous to perform Umrah. Can she be given zakat if she intends to arrange a trip of Umrah for herself from the ZAKAT money. Jazak Allah.. More

  • Giving Zakah to rich seeker of knowledge Date: 11-4-2011

    A person is a man of resources. His daughter is studying abroad. He requested for financial assistance for the education of his daughter even from the Zakat fund. His opinion is that a student (whereever he/she is studying) is entitled for Zakat even his/her father is finacially capable of meeting the expneses and is "Ghani"... More

  • Spending Zakah money for educational and cultural purposes Date: 21-2-2011

    Alsalm alykom,I know that zaka should go precisely to eight catagories as stated in Quran, the most catagory is poor people, it is not easy in our country to identify poor people who hide their poverty and do not ask charities,they really deserve zaka. Other catagory is poor people who can work or can learn some skills to work but they do not have.. More

  • Giving the servant his salary from Zakah Date: 24-1-2011

    assalamoalaikum, my que is that can we gv zakat as salary to servernt ? or i shd gve extra money as zakat bcz my mum gve them pay n cn she do neeyat of zakat pls ans sm one has told me u cn gv them zakat guide me .. More

  • Paying Zakah to one's poor parents-in-law Date: 26-12-2010

    is it permissible to give zakat money to poor father in law and poor mother in law?.. More