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  • Ruling on Bank Accounts and Credit Cards in Western Countries

    As salamu alaikum ustad,In the western country I live and study there have been some changes in the banks because of the inflation and they started giving interest (riba) to people who put their money on the bank. So I would like to know what's the ruling on putting the money in the bank if there is not a bank that doesn't give interest. As a student.. More

  • Ruling on depositing money in a bank account that is involved in Riba

    Alsalam Alaykum Am I sinful if my mother puts my money in a bank account that is involved in riba? When my father died he left money for me and my siblings for our university tuitions and my mom put this money in a joint bank account under her name that gives monthly interest. Should I use the money on the main account for University and give the interest.. More

  • Avoiding Usury and Prohibited Transactions

    Salaam I do work as a accountant for different companies, the main business they do are halaal, but some companies have taken loans or pay minimal interest from a current account sometimes, can I do the books but no record the interest or record it as fines or just take it to a suspense account and tell the people to stay away and pay off loans, also.. More

  • Is doing an internship in a bank permissible?

    Assalamu Alaikum, it's a very urgent question: Is doing internship in a bank permissible? .. More

  • University Grants and Students’ Loans in Western Countries

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته A person is in university and has got in due to taking a riba based tuition fee loan. There’s also free mixing that occurs in the Uni and other Har?m that he tries to avoid. If this person gets bursary/scholarship money from the Uni is this money halal? As he is a student due to paying a riba.. More

  • Company Gives House Building Loan Without Interest but Deducts Amount from Salary

    Aoa, I work in oil company and after period of 10 years my company give me house building loan without any interest. I hv to return back exactly the same amount which company give to me. Problem is that our company cut a minor amount of premium from our salary and insured that house building loan to some insurance company so that in case of employee.. More

  • Ruling on taking money from one whose wealth is a mixture of Halaal and Haraam

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatulLahi wabarakatuhu. I have read your fatawas on this topic, but have more questions. I'm a student and my father and mother pay may education, but their money mixed, haraam with halal. Can i continiue to study? What about extra lessons can i take extra lessons by asking money from parents? Can i ask them for some my needs beyond.. More

  • Ruling on taking a bank loan to avoid renting

    Assalaamualaikum,One of my relative is planning to buy a house and for which he is taking a bank loan. In order to save him from some part of interest I told him that I will be giving him some amount from my side for buying the house, this way the amount of bank loan that he will be taking will be reduced and hence the interest. Is this correct from.. More

  • Ruling on a house bought with a Riba based loan

    Salam Alekum. 2 years a go i bought with my wife a house with a riba based loan. At the time we were tempted because of our housing situation. In that 2 year we renoveded the house and we feel at home but also feel guilt for our sin. Now we regret our sin en hoop Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will forgive our sins. Should we sell the house. If yes what.. More

  • Purchased a House Through a Conventional Loan with a Fixed Monthly Payment

    I purchased a house beginning of 2022 through a conventional loan with a fixed monthly payment for 15 years, I put 20% down payment and the bank 80%. If this is haram, can I pay the full amount left on it now and be done with it? Should I give sadaqah out for thinking that it was permissible? Or would this be considered breaking the fixed monthly installment.. More

  • Giving Zakat to Indebted Siblings

    Assalamu Alaikum. We are seven brothers and one sister.If one of the brother has the financial capability, is it obligatory for him to pay the debt of another brother who is poor and is not capable to pay the debt from own?The debt has interests of the banks,and the victim repents not to repeat taking interests.Thanks .. More

  • Working as an Account Receivable Specialist

    )Is it permissible to work as an account receivable specialist ( have to record sales tax liability to the government)? 2. is it ok to work in audit where you are not auditing any interest related , and the company you are auditing is not engaging in haram activities( gambling , brewery etc) ? is there any other part I have to look out for 3. How about.. More

  • Dealing with Riba-based Banks

    My brother works as a Valuer. Some interest based banks refer to him for valuation of some properties like land or a house. Based on his report of valuation of the said properties the banks decide on giving loans etc to their customers. For the valuation the banks pay certain amount as fees to him. Is this income Halal according to Sharia.. Or will.. More

  • Working in Riba-based Commercial Banks

    Assalam o AlaikumI have recently applied for a job in government owned bank in Pakistan where I am supposed to maintain accounts and other related responsibilities like trend analysis etc., My question is that whether pursuing such type of job is haram or not because I am not directly involved in riba based transaction. However I might be involved in.. More

  • Studying in University and Signed Up for a Loan with Riba

    As-salamu alaykum, I am currently studying in university and I have signed up for a loan even though I know it’s haram but I didn’t know what else to do. Do you think I can pay for university without a loan? Maybe I can get many jobs to pay of my tuition. Almost every day I have this huge feeling of guilt for signing up for a loan. A lot of members.. More