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  • Issues about Borrowing Money with Riba Date: 9-9-2021

    Is attending a property transaction where buyer is getting loan forbidden?What I have read till now is indulging in riba in anyway is forbidden, be it taking, giving, making contract, executing or being witness. My questions: 1) What if I do not facilitate loan but get leads of muslim buyers who are willing to take loan on their own...can I work for.. More

  • No Harm in Spending the Interest on Poor and Needy Relatives and the Indebted amongst Them Date: 20-10-2020

    can I give the money that I earned from bank interest to my relative who has a burden of loan? .. More

  • What to Do with a Big Amount of Interest Date: 30-9-2020

    Assalamu alaikum,I have a bank account with some fixed deposit and i am getting regular intrest for this deposit for a long period i am not using this intrest because intrest is haram for a muslim and this intrest amount lying as a big amount in bank can i use this for my poor muslim brothers and sisters for their education and business purpose without.. More

  • Took a Riba-Based Loan and Is Unable to Repay Date: 22-9-2020

    Assalaamu Alaykum,I used to live in Uk. My visa expired and i had to leave the country . while coming back i took out a loan of £20k from UK bank to do some business back home . I always intended to payback the bank once i have the business established.My partner cheated on me and stole all of the money and ran abroad. Now i am broke and i fear if.. More

  • Buying and Saving Gold Coins Is Not Forbidden If Zakaah Is Paid on Them Date: 22-9-2020

    Assal?m alaykum warahmatullahi wabarak?tuh Beloved Shaykh I'd like to be adviced about investing in gold coins is it permissible to buy the coins and hedge them against the currency when the price goes up then i sell them to the coin shops ?My second question about this type of investment can you please clarify for me does this fall under hoarding or.. More

  • His Roommate Insisted on Him So He Helped Him Get A Credit Card on Riba-Based Conditions Date: 25-8-2020

    Assalamwalekum, I have a roommate who is also a muslim. Recently he applied for the credit card, it got a limit of 50 days for payment failing which he has to pay interest. The thing is, i actually helped him getting the verification done for the credit card but i didn't intended to so and didn't wanted to but he kept on insisting on this. I want to.. More

  • She Cooperated with Her Husband in Buying a House with Riba Date: 19-7-2020

    Assalamu alaykum. InshaAllah your in good health. Me and my husband just brought a house but we had to borrow half of the money from a normal bank which charges interest. The house and the loan are under both of our names because that's the way it had to be and that's how my husband wanted it to. I know it is haram to take out a loan from banks that.. More

  • Wants to Rent a House from His Father Who Purchased It with a Riba-based Loan Date: 13-5-2020

    My dad purchased a home on a riba based loan. Is it halal for me to rent it from him for a set price and pay him monthly for it? without interest? Since the house is technically still under the Riba loan and the money I am giving him for rent may be used to pay it off? .. More

  • No Place to Live and Is Obliged to Pay Riba If He Rents Date: 5-5-2020

    Selam aleikom I acumulated some debts during my time as student due to illness. This was 5 years ago. This debts are recorded in a national register and stay there for 20 years. Because of this Certificates of unpaid debts I can not find a rental property. There are two ways how I can pay this debts. 1. I open the case again and I can pay the debt.. More

  • Wants to Purchase a House with a Riba-based Loan Date: 22-4-2020

    I want to buy a house using home loan from State Bank of India. Currently I am paying more than 75000 INR as income tax yearly. Also I am living in a rented flat whose rent is 5000 per month. If I take home loan for 6 years, EMI will be around 35000 per month for 20 lakhs amount. I will be saving around 50000 per year from income tax and around 60000.. More

  • Working in A Usurious Bank Is Absolutely Prohibited Date: 24-3-2020

    How can it be that working in a non Islamic bank is prohibited even when one’s job is in no way at all whatsoever involved in riba or help in committing riba? Like giving or taking cash, currency exchange, etc. Only the loans and the interest gained on savings is haraam. .. More

  • Taking Personal Loan from Islamic Banks in Qatar Date: 15-3-2020

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu... Is it permissible to take a personal loan from Islamic banks like Qatar Islamic Bank. Are these banks fully compliant with Shariah? Can we rely on them for our financial needs? Thanks wa Jazakumullahu khaira .. More

  • In Need and Wants To Borrow from A Commercial Bank Date: 15-12-2019

    My family is in dire need of money to pay for schools and rent and essential things that dont involve food and clothing, i have tried to get a loan from islamic financing firms but had no luck at all. In the end my bank agreed to give me the loan i need to fulfill these pending issues, but one problem is that my bank is a commercial bank and not an.. More

  • Bank Sold His Debt Date: 18-11-2019

    Salamu alaykum He took a haram loan from the bank. The bank suggested he take income insurance to cover his loan if he lost his job. He paid for the insurance to cover it. He lost his job and couldn’t repay. But the bank didnt cover him via insurance as agreed. Many banks in his country were fined by the govt for this insurance matter because of.. More

  • The Spread of Riba Is a Sign of the Hour Date: 20-10-2019

    Assalam aalekum sheikh I see that many people buy house on loan and they ask others to do .sheikh it is sign of end times .they buy house on loan and feel that they have achieved very great thing.how to prevent our self with the love of this world and prevent our thing from such things .. More