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  • Inheriting a House Bought with Riba Date: 16-9-2019

    Salam aleikum wa rahmatu Llahi wa barakatu.If a relative buy a house with riba (bank loan), can He inherite his relative's house when he dies? .. More

  • Father Who Died Took Loan With Riba and Now Relatives Refuse to Eat From Their Home Date: 27-8-2019

    Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullah, Long back we had business crisis and for that my father had taken bank loan and that bank charges some amount of interest. A said amount of money has to be paid to the bank monthly for 10 years with interest. A few years has passed already and due to the will of Allah my father died in a car accident, and now my brother.. More

  • Took Loan with High Interest When He Was Young Date: 30-4-2019

    Due to some financial difficulties at young age i had to take high mark up loan which i am paying and still some amount i have to pay further i thin k at current stage it seems to me the interest i am paying has eliminated barkat from my life however i am determined to pay this loan and get relief please tell me was it better decision to take loan with.. More

  • Student Loans by Government Conditioned on Riba Date: 30-4-2019

    salam alaykom ,I have a question regarding student loans in the country I live in.The government here loans money to students to pay for their study.Now the policy here is that these loans are indexed meaning because of inflation rates of the currency the loan may increase according to thsoe inlfation rates.The government says that they dont charge.. More

  • Profit From Business Established by a Riba-Based Loan Date: 29-1-2019

    Asalam alakumI live in non Islamic countryI have taken loan on interestI was having little knowledge that interest is Haram . Now finally I have decided to close that loan and in future I will not take any type of loan on interest. I have repented to Almighty Allah for my sins.Now my question is the loan which I take before 5years for business every.. More

  • Salary Deposited In An Account With Interest Date: 1-1-2019

    I work for a NGO and my basic salary is 7447 birr ( Ethiopian birr). 50% of that money is further deposited into an account on my behalf ( provident fund, as they call it) with a small but poisonous interest (35 birr for every 1000 birr). How should I deal with that kind of money? Thank you. .. More

  • Father Forced Him to Get a Riba-Based Loan Date: 31-12-2018

    Salaam aleikum. I'm a man in my 30s and when I was a teenager my father forced a student loan on me without my approval. He went to the office with me and forced me to take the loan and sign my name by intimidating and threatening me. It didn't matter how many times I said I didn't want to, he just didn't care.At that time I also didn't know that taking.. More

  • Paying Taxes or Penalties from Riba Interest or Pension Funds Date: 3-12-2018

    I leave in an non-islamic country. We have a rule here that we need to file in tax returns even if NIL annually. My wife has defaulted on this as she was not aware NIL return was to be submitted as well. Now this may attract penalties and interest thereof by the tax body. Can we pay such charges from interest received from bank account or interest from.. More

  • Disbursing Usury Money Date: 23-9-2018

    Assalamu alaykum,I normally separate usury money from my halal money in the riba based bank I am operating. On what can I disburse the usury money Islamically? .. More

  • Taking an Interest-based Loan to Study Date: 16-7-2018

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,I live in Canada and I am currently a student at one of the universities in this country. My goal is to become a social studies teacher because there is a great need for Muslim teachers even within secular subjects. However, the issue is that I have fallen into the trap that so many students have fallen into.. More

  • Recording Riba-Based Transaction Date: 9-5-2018

    salam. i read a fatwa by a famous Hanafi Scholar that subsequent recording of riba-based transaction is not prohibited though disliked. he means that it is haram to be record a riba based transaction at the time of its occurence but not afterwards. is this view of weight? .. More

  • Riba related jobs Date: 2-4-2018

    I'm mandatory trainee at a CA office for completing my course for three years, which I'll reach after a one hour train trip, total trip timing may 1.5 hrs, I joined this far because of the office has no bank audit, other near by offices has it. Still there during making of financial statements, I've to do calculation of interest to partners, as well.. More

  • Auditing Accounts of Riba-based Banks Date: 27-3-2018

    In islam, is it permissible to work in an accounting firm where some clients are engaged in haraam business activities? .. More

  • Financing Construction as a Loan Date: 12-3-2018

    The government gives small projects to area organizers and activists such as building community centers, toilets and utilities. Once the job is done, the cost will be paid by the government. One of my relative funding these projects for which he charge 10% of the fund he gave. He says it’s as a commission. Can we consider this as interest ? .. More

  • Studying interest loans as part of Math course Date: 3-1-2018

    Hello. I am a student in college, in the Health Information Technology program, which requires me to take Maths with the Business App course. This course covers multiple concepts of basic math computations as well as teaching students about simple and compound interest. My question is: is it permissible to study interest (loans) because part program.. More