380 fatwas

  • Burial of Muslim in Muslim section of Christian cementry Date: 13-10-2004

    Yesterday a Muslim died and he was buried in Christian cemetery in a special area for the Muslims which is not far from the Christian area and which is in the cemetery and we have accomplish Salat Janaza there and I want to know if we were correct in this act? .. More

  • Details about Funerals Date: 26-9-2004

    I would like a detailed Fatwa about the Islamic way of dealing with the deceased person : The way of performing the funeral procession , what is done before , during , and after burial , the shape and the size of the grave , and what is to be done after 40 days of burial? .. More

  • Removing the deceased from one grave site to another Date: 8-9-2004

    Could we move our father's remains that were buried 6 years ago, and move it to some other graveyard? Reason of movement: We put our father's name plate on his grave, after few days we saw the name plate removed, asked the person in-charge of the graveyard, he told us that the people from whom we got that grave had come and removed the plate as.. More

  • The Du'aa said when hearing some one died Date: 7-9-2004

    Can you please tell me the Du'aa that is said after hearing of a person's death and the English translation of it? I have heard that this Du'aa should only be said if it a Muslim's death is concerned and not for any non-Muslim. Is this correct? .. More

  • Funeral rituals before burial Date: 5-9-2004

    My question is in two parts: 1) Is it right to read the Qur'aan over the dead body before burial, when still in the house? 2) Is it correct that one is not allowed to offer any food or drink to people, if the body of the deceased is still in the house?.. More

  • Proper burial in Islam Date: 29-8-2004

    What is the reason behind not performing cremations, not using coffins but cloth to cover the body, and women not being present at the site of the burial during a funeral service?.. More

  • Praying for a person believed to be dead Date: 15-8-2004

    We have a friend who is registered lost since 5 weeks. After the police interrogated her husband, he admitted that he launched her body in the sea, but till now (today) we did not find the body. My question is as follow: What kind of pray we have to do for her is it GAIIB pray, or we have to wait till the body is found and we do Salat Janaza?.. More

  • Hasty burials in Islam Date: 8-8-2004

    What is the reason for burying the person who passed away within 24 hours?.. More

  • Regrets having wanted to die as a 'Shaheed (martyr) Date: 26-7-2004

    I have a question regarding martyrdom (shaheed. I and my husband were watching a television program regarding Palestine and I felt very moved by what I saw. I said to my husband I pray that I also die as a shaheed. Shortly after it occurred to me that I wanted to share a long life with my husband and have children and see them grow up. I then.. More

  • In need of a Muslim graveyard Date: 12-7-2004

    I have a question about funeral/graves. I converted to Islam almost 2 years ago, Alhamdulillah! I live in Denmark where Muslims don't have their ownburial place. We Muslimshave only a few places for graves not far from where the Christians are buried! The problem here in Demark is that after around 20 years ifthe grave is not paidfor theydemolish.. More

  • Presenting the reward of reading Qur'an to a living person Date: 4-7-2004

    My mother who came from a poor family and who is now about 67 years still living with me from her young age was not able to read Quran. Alhamdulillah she supported me to read Quran. I want to present her now by reading Quran for her. Is this allowed when the person is still living, and will my mother get the same rewards as the person recites.. More

  • A Wife Performing Ghusl to Her Ill or Deceased Husband Date: 28-6-2004

    Can a woman give her ill husband a Ghusl and a woman bathe (Ghusl-e- Mayyit) her husband's dead body because no one is available for either? .. More

  • Burial in a grave with water and seeing the face of the dead Date: 27-6-2004

    1) Last week a friend went for funeral service. He said that the grave was full of water. Is it allowed to bury a dead person in water? 2) The imam said that it is not allowed to see the face of a dead person after (Ghusl). Is this correct in light of Quran and Sunnah?.. More

  • Planting on graves Date: 17-6-2004

    It is said in one of the Bukhari hadith that the prophet once was passing and pointed to graves and said that they were being punished.One because of backbiting and other because of the impurities while urinating. Then the prophet took palm plants and planted on the graves. The ulama (scholars)say that everything in this world praises Allah including.. More

  • Reciting Al-Fatihah for condolence to the deceased's family Date: 16-6-2004

    1. What should an advertisement be like according to Islam? Is there any difference in its type and application? 2. Is it permissible to say Tuwufiya (passed away with respect) for non- Muslims as some TV channels or individuals say when non-Muslims die? 3. Were the Surahs of the Qur'an revealed to prophet Mohammed (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa.. More