382 fatwas

  • Wife looking at face of deceased husband Date: 19-12-2000

    May the wife look at the face of her deceased husband? In Canada the deceased is taken to Masjid for bath, may the wife go to Masjid to look at the face of her deceased husband?.. More

  • Waiting 40 days after death of family member Date: 8-2-2000

    After the death of someone of our family, must we really wait 40 days before living normally, as they do in North African countries?.. More

  • Visiting shrines Date: 31-1-2000

    What is wrong in visiting a shrine other than holy Prophet's (PBUH)?.. More

  • Fasting on behalf of someone else Date: 20-1-2000

    What is the Islamic perspective upon fasting on behalf of someone else? Is it permitted to fast on behalf of somebody else? .. More

  • Rulings regarding burial of Christian parents Date: 3-12-1999

    I am a convert to Islam. Are there any Islamic rulings regarding the burial of parents who are Christians?.. More

  • Body of Muslim's six-month old child buried in Christian cemetery Date: 28-10-1999

    I am an Arab who went to Russia to study. I married a Russian girl who converted to Islam for the sake of Allah. We have three children. After graduation I immigrated to an Arab Country for work, and my family joined me. Later, my wife chose to go back to Russia with my consent. There, my 6-month old daughter passed away. Her mother unaware of where.. More

  • Janaza Prayer Date: 18-8-1999

    Please tell me how to do Funeral Prayer... More