382 fatwas

  • Running a waterline alongside a graveyard Date: 16-1-2014

    Asslam-o-Aliakum I want to cross a water pipe that may be ¾” to 2” in diameter from a grave yard nearer to my home to access the water from a water well beside the grave yard. Moreover I also want to clear that the grave yard is almost full of graves & a new grave yard has been inaugurated in the village. Old Grave yard has also a boundary.. More

  • Why did the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, offer the funeral prayer for ‘Abdullaah ibn Ubayy? Date: 9-1-2014

    Dear Shaykh, there is no doubt that Abu Taalib died while he was non-Muslim. Allaah The Almighty ordered the Messenger, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, not to ask Allaah to forgive non-Muslims when he was about to ask Him to forgive his uncle. It is a well-known incident that took place in Makkah. However, when the chief of the hypocrites died and.. More

  • Praising the deeds of a martyred son in public Date: 25-11-2013

    Assalamu alaikum, is it right for parents to mention in public the good deeds of their child who died as a martyr? Because it is bad to be proud of ones deeds and to speak about them, of raising the child up to be virtuous. People want to take martyrs as an example they know to follow and they follow the hadith that says: “Mention the good deeds of.. More

  • False claim that funeral prayer is not held for a bachelor Date: 6-10-2013

    An ignoramus told me that a hadith says that if you never get married, your funeral is unacceptable. Does hadith exist in any collection? If so, please give the reference and explanation of it. .. More

  • Ruling on price of graveyard trees Date: 7-9-2013

    Assalamu alikum We have a grave yard in which thee were sone trees .These Trees were sold and a good amount was got .Can this amount be used for the Poor people of locality.If not how to make use of it. .. More

  • Seeking the assistance of the disbelievers in carrying and burying the deceased Date: 16-7-2013

    Is it permissible for the disbelievers who are in charge of the graveyard to carry and bury the dead Muslims, taking into account that the Muslims wash the deceased and offer the funeral prayer for him, then the cemetery workers, who are non Muslims carry the deceased in a special car and bury him?.. More

  • It is obligatory to rewash the deceased when death comes Date: 16-7-2013

    If we washed a corpse, offered the funeral prayer on him and then, while burying him, we discover that he is still alive for some time and then dies in the grave, is. it obligatory to rewash him and offer the funeral prayer again? .. More

  • The soundness of the funeral prayer if one decreased one Takbeerah Date: 16-7-2013

    I led the funeral prayer. After I recited the supplications in favor of the deceased I forgot to say the fourth Takbeerah and then I said the Tasleem, so what is the ruling pertaining to me as well as the followers? .. More

  • Superiority of increasing the number of those who offer the funeral Prayer Date: 16-7-2013

    Is there an authentically reported Hadeeth indicating that if more than forty individuals offered the funeral prayer on the deceased, he will be admitted into Paradise? .. More

  • Passing by graves whose dwellers one does not know whether they are Muslims or not Date: 16-7-2013

    During my travels outside the Muslim world, it happens that I pass by graves, is it permissible to recite the cited supplication (when passing by the Muslims graves). Please note that I do not know whether they are Muslims’ graves or not... More

  • How to wash the deceased with camphor Date: 16-6-2013

    Should we wash the deceased with water mixed with Sidr (lotus jujube or lote-tree leaves) then at the last wash we use camphor without using water or we wash him with camphor then we pour water on him, given that camphor is pure but it does not purify the deceased? Is it true that camphor strips the water of the quality of purifying?.. More

  • Shaving the deceased’s armpit and pubic hair Date: 16-6-2013

    Is it obligatory to shave the armpit and pubic hair of the deceased whilst washing him or is it sufficient to make ablution and wash him? May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Perform Tayammum for the deceased if there is fear that washing may tear him Date: 16-6-2013

    My father has been bedridden for months so his body has many open blisters and his flesh is worn out. If he dies, should I wash him in spite of these many holes in his body?.. More

  • Islamic guidelines concerning visiting the graves Date: 16-6-2013

    What is the ruling concerning visiting the grave of a certain person?.. More

  • The number of those who prepare the deceased Date: 16-6-2013

    What is the ruling on supplicating Allaah at the deceased’s head, to Have mercy upon her and Forgive her, when shrouding her? What is the recommended number of those who shroud her?.. More