211 fatwas

  • Repents of Zina with wife's mother Date: 29-12-2001

    I committedZina withthe mother of my wife.Now I am living with my wife in another country, and I made sincere repentance. And my wife loves me too much. It may be easy for me that we separate, but not for her. On the other hand, we have three children, should the children be with me or with my wife? Anyway, I am ready for any fatwa solution according.. More

  • Zina with mother of wife before and after marriage Date: 27-11-2001

    If there is Zina between a man and his mother in-law before and after the marriage with her daughter. Is the relationship between the daughter and that man forbidden? Looking forward to hear from you as fast as you can... More

  • Divorcee committed Zina and wants to marry Date: 24-9-2001

    I am a divorced Muslim woman who had a friendship with a decent Muslim man. This friendship turned into an emotional relationship that was heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, we were unable to control our feelings at one point and did an ugly deed. Right now the circumstances does not allow us to get married in public. However, he is asking.. More

  • Virgin Muslim male wants to marry a non-Muslim Date: 8-8-2001

    I am a (virgin) Muslim male. I have a non-Muslim female friend who I've known for a while. I know that she has committed fornication in the past. I've tried over and over to cut relations with her but I can't because I have very strong feelings for her. I am afraid to commit Zina. I want to marry her. Does that make me a fornicator? I'm very afraid.. More

  • Dealing with son who has daughter by Zina Date: 31-7-2001

    My son had a daughter by an Italian girl without being married which I learned later. Can he marry her in an Islamic way and ask Allah to forgive him? Or, should I sever ties and forget that I have a son?.. More

  • Marrying the daughter of the wife of the father whom she had from another man Date: 3-5-2001

    Can I marry the daughter of the wife of my father whom she had from another man? She is not my sister. And his wife is not my mother. .. More

  • Wanting to marry mother of his child Date: 9-4-2001

    I have a child by a woman I did not marry. She is a non-Muslim but is willing to become a Muslim. I did not marry her because I am a student and I was afraid my parents may not continue to support me. Now I have doubts about not marrying her. Please advise me. .. More

  • Marrying a Pregnant Woman from Zina Date: 3-4-2001

    I want to marry a pregnant Muslim girl. A girl who had relation with another boy and they got physically involved and now he (boy) is refusing her and avoiding her completely. And the girl is beautiful and good mannered & I like her and she likes me. Please reply in the light of Qur'an And Sunnah. .. More

  • Marriage to non-believer after having Zina with her Date: 22-3-2001

    I committed a major sin (zina) with non-believer and I love thisperson and she loves me very much. Well, she told me that she is pregnant because she missed her menses for a week and she wants to marry me. She also wants to be a Muslim. Well, I wasn't thinking to make love with her and I refused several times. What should I do and I love her dearly.. More

  • A man marrying the daughter of a woman with whom he committed Zina Date: 3-1-2001

    If a person commits zina with a married woman and he is single, what is the "Hukum al sharia" for each of them? Can he marry her daughter? Is her daughter Halal for him? .. More

  • An adulterer marrying a chaste woman Date: 1-1-2001

    Is it right for the one who commited ZINNA to get married to a girl who has not commited ZINNA?.. More

  • Marriage to uncle's wife's sister Date: 27-11-2000

    Is it legal to marry the sister-in-law of my father's own brother?.. More

  • Sleeping with wife he divorced 3 times Date: 18-11-2000

    I 'm a student studying in one the Baltic sea countries and in this country there is lot of Fitna and Zina, and as a Muslim I 'm taking care from it but it is too much so I decided to get marry in order to save my Eeman. With time some problems happened between us and we get divorced; then I returned her to me. Then I divorced her for another problem... More

  • Newly wed discovered wife had pre-marital sex Date: 22-4-2000

    I recently married (arranged). I found out that my wife has had pre-marital sex. What is the duty of the husband now according to Islam. The marriage was 5 days ago. I read somewhere that this is a great sin and now the marriage will never be a happy one. Please advise... More

  • An adulterer marrying a religious girl Date: 9-11-1999

    Is it ok for a man who committed adultery to marry a religious girl who is still a virgin? These two people love each other. And is it ok for the girl to refuse any guy who proposes marriage while she is waiting for her lover who will marry her (INSHAALLAH)?.. More