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  • Couples living without marriage want to live Islamicly Date: 26-11-2007

    I read your Fatwa on children out of fornication but as the couples have known, can they re marry themselves according to Islamic Law as they have been living as Husband and wife, and can the Father claim the Children as he wants the Children... More

  • In love with his sister-in-law Date: 5-11-2007

    i am a married man with a daughter and felled in love with my sister in law and wish to marry her what do i do.. More

  • Conditions of suckling which prohibits marriage Date: 26-9-2007

    Sir i collected below given condition from this website i have shown my parents, My parents are asking me where this is exactly discussed is "Quran Pak", Sir my basic question is tell me where this is discussed in "Quran Pak" that i could be able to show them, tell me Surah Name, Ayat no. I will be thank full to you Here are some conditions: 1) According.. More

  • Committed Zina with her and wants to marry her without her parents’ consent Date: 24-6-2007

    i had a sexual relationship with my boyfriend.i knew that it was a sin but he led me to believe that when we would marry our sins would be erased. now i realise that it was wrong and i pray to god for forgiveness and mercy. When my boyfriend came to request my hand in marriage-he refused my fathers conditions on dowry money in case of divorce. now he.. More

  • Rulings related to marrying a woman after committing fornication with her Date: 7-5-2007

    Assalamualaikum, Question 1 : What is the correct thing to do when girl become Pregnant outside of marriage? Question 2 : Assuming the father of the child wants to marry her, can he? Question 3 : Is the marriage valid if they did marry? Question 4 : If they married, what should they do now to correct it? Question 5 : What if they don't correct it? Question.. More

  • Wants to marry a woman who embraced Islam after having a child from Zina Date: 23-11-2006

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatohu. I intend to marry a 39 year old lady who 9 years ago was not a Muslim. Following African tradition, where a woman has to prove she is fertile before a traditional marriage is arranged, she fell to the approaches of a Muslim man, a known womaniser, who very well knew that he was committing zinnah. She conceived.. More

  • Why suckling prohibits that which giving birth prohibits Date: 21-11-2006

    Asslamualaikum, Can you tell me the reasoning behind why a child who has a wetnurse, is considered a sibling of any children sharing that womans milk. Wassalaam.. More

  • A woman suckled two children for an evil intention Date: 28-9-2006

    Dear grand Imam, Would you please let me know that: if a woman feed children with her breast milk more then five times, without the permission of thier parents and only and only for evil motivation (to aviod thier future marriages), does it apply FOST (Rezait). should you happen to have any queries, please feel free to contact me, BEst regards zabi.. More

  • Taking his wife's cousin as a second wife Date: 27-9-2006

    is it haram for my second wife inshallah 2 b my first wifes cusin. bint amha?.. More

  • His grandmother suckled his wife when she was a baby Date: 20-8-2006

    Respected All Assalam-o-Alaikum God bless you all as you are making great efforts to bring real Islam in people lives. I have a question to ask you. I did marriage with my cousin 2 ½ years ago. My grand mother adopted my wife when her age was 6 or 8 months due to separation between her parents. Now somebody told us that my grand mother breastfed her.. More

  • Reverted to Islam and wants to marry the Muslim man from whom she had an illegitimate child Date: 17-8-2006

    What is the Fatwa regarding couples (Muslim male & Non-Muslim female) who has child out of wedlock wherein the non-Muslim female has reverted to Islam and trying to be a good Muslim except that she still continues her sexual relationship with the man out of ignorance about the gravity of her mistake. But now, both are being bugged by guilt of.. More

  • The wife of the grandson is eternally forbidden for his grandfather Date: 14-8-2006

    Is it permissible for my grandfather to marry my wife after my death? What is the ruling on this?.. More

  • Impregnated his maid and can not marry her Date: 14-5-2006

    Dear Ustad, I am 25 year old guy.I had a maid named Istiqama and she was really good in her work.We fell in love with each other.One day at around 3am she was sleeping with me and i just could not control myself.She told me yesterday that she was pregnant.Meanwhile my parents have arranged my marriage to an indian girl.I am very saddened by this and.. More

  • Embraced Islam and wants to marry his previous girlfriend Date: 10-5-2006

    I was in a relationship with a woman for 3 years and during the Ramadhaan Allaah guided in Islam and I wanted to marry my girlfriend with Islamic rules, but we didn't find a solution and she left me, and according to my knowledge she is dating with someone else. My question is if she wants go get back to me should I accept and what should I do if.. More

  • Two brothers marrying a woman and her daughter Date: 24-4-2006

    There is a Fatwa by a Mufti that own father and son can have marriage with own two sisters. If it is like can two own brothers can have marriage with mother and daughter i.e., elder brother marriage with mother who take divorce from her first husband, and her daughter has living with her after divorce of her mother, Can younger brother have marriage.. More