216 fatwas

  • An Adulterer Marrying a Chaste Woman Date: 1-1-2001

    Is it right for the one who commited ZINNA to get married to a girl who has not commited ZINNA? .. More

  • Marriage to Sister of Uncle's Wife Date: 27-11-2000

    Is it legal to marry the sister-in-law of my father's own brother? .. More

  • Sleeping with Wife He Divorced 3 Times Date: 18-11-2000

    I 'm a student studying in one the Baltic sea countries and in this country there is lot of Fitna and Zina, and as a Muslim I 'm taking care from it but it is too much so I decided to get marry in order to save my Eeman. With time some problems happened between us and we get divorced; then I returned her to me. Then I divorced her for another problem... More

  • Newlywed Discovered Wife Had Pre-Marital Sex Date: 22-4-2000

    I recently married (arranged). I found out that my wife has had pre-marital sex. What is the duty of the husband now according to Islam. The marriage was 5 days ago. I read somewhere that this is a great sin and now the marriage will never be a happy one. Please advise. .. More

  • An Adulterer Marrying A Religious Girl Date: 9-11-1999

    Is it ok for a man who committed adultery to marry a religious girl who is still a virgin? These two people love each other. And is it ok for the girl to refuse any guy who proposes marriage while she is waiting for her lover who will marry her (INSHAALLAH)? .. More

  • Marrying the Daughter of the Woman with Whom He Committed Zina Date: 18-9-1999

    If a person committed Zina with a married woman and he is single what is the "ruling" for each of them? Can he marry her daughter? Is her daughter is Halal for him? Thanks. .. More