444 fatwas

  • Permissibility of paying dowry before contracting marriage in case of mutual consent Date: 13-1-2014

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling concerning paying the dowry a month or less before concluding the marriage contract so that the woman may buy her needs if she is in shortage of money?.. More

  • Whose words are decisive in proving khalwah (staying in privacy)? Date: 13-1-2014

    I have divorced my wife once before consummating the marriage and after being alone together, and it was stipulated in the divorce documents that she should spend her ‘Iddah (post-marriage waiting period), and according to our case I am entitled to reunite the matrimonial bond if I wish during the ‘Iddah. I actually revoked the divorce before the.. More

  • Supplication before intercourse Date: 12-1-2014

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on having intercourse with one's wife without saying the supplication, "O Allaah, Keep the devil away from us and Keep the devil away from what You Would Grant us (the baby) "?.. More

  • Her husband insists on anal sex Date: 8-1-2014

    My husband has pressured me into anal sex on more than 20 times and i gave up and allowed it .Sometimes it was forced upon me . I have threatned with divorce yet he did ut after that.i want a divorce regardless of him promising never to do it again but i have gotten threatned by my family and him that they will take my 4 kids away and Noone is supporting.. More

  • The wife's right to repeal after agreeing to provide for herself Date: 29-12-2013

    a.alaykum my husband moved out of the house and demanded ishould pay half of expense coz iam working when i refused he divorce me before 1 month finnished he came and we were together and i agree to pay half rent and elactricity half before the divorce he never buys me cloth and not give me money for my being ihad complained to him before but he was.. More

  • Her husband wants her to live away from him Date: 29-11-2013

    Al salam alaikum, I live in the U.S. with my husband and two children. My husband makes very little money, with it he spends on our bills and nessecities. And the rest he sends to his family back in the middle east. We basically live from paycheck to paycheck. Alhamdulillah I am completely fine with this but he says we needs to save up to build for.. More

  • A woman is entitled to her Mahr even if she married without a guardian Date: 29-10-2013

    i married a man without the permission of my parents/guardian. My husbands only guardian, his mother permitted us to marry. we married infront of qazi and 2 male adult witnesses (our friends).in my 1.5 years marriage i had a baby. then we got divorced. now,My ex-husband denies to pay my mohr saying our marriage was invalid. i want to know if our marriage.. More

  • Wife is sinful for using contraceptives without husband's permission Date: 19-8-2013

    if the woman using birth control without husband permitting, one year age she used plaster on her arm to, when I see it she lied and say is just head pain, then after had argument with her she stopped using that method and was sorry then since last year to date I was trying to have baby and last week told me she is used pregnant pills I was very upset.. More

  • Having sexual intercourse with one’s wife in the direction of the Qiblah Date: 9-5-2013

    What is the ruling of having sexual intercourse with one’s wife in the direction of the Qiblah?.. More

  • Married couple may live with strangers provided Sharee'ah rules are observed Date: 26-4-2013

    q1: is it allow for marriage couple in islam to live with someone in their house, who were not relatives of either couple? q2: who is wali in marraige? q3: what is the ruling regarding to the ownership of properties ,such as cash, house any of such kind, and if the wife give her any of such ,should he take and enjoy even her dawry. thank you .. More

  • Neither you nor your wife is blamed in this case Date: 7-4-2013

    I had sexual intercourse with my wife after she had made Ghusl for menstruation. On the next morning, however, she discovered that she had not removed the nail polish before Ghusl. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on this case? .. More

  • He had sex with his wife in the presence of other couples Date: 11-3-2013

    Me and my wife who are married in islam (she is formally christian and converted) have both committed a major sin TOGETHER multiple times over and I (the male partner) have asked allah for forgiveness and have stopped and as a result I think my wife has agreed to stop. but i know she liked it and was looking forward to it again. The sinful act we both.. More

  • Deferred dowry is a debt upon husband, unless wife relinquishes it Date: 18-2-2013

    i got married to a woman in Canada and i am from UK. when i got married in canada i set a amount set and now after been married for less then two years and lived together for 4 months the the marriage got into trouble and she went back to canada i have responsibilities here in uk .. my old mother and daughter from first marriage and i spend so much.. More

  • Husband should not deny wife the right to have children Date: 16-1-2013

    asalam shaikh i want advice as iam married and didnt have children yet and iam going to the hospital to see a specialised female doctor but my husband refused to give his semen sample several times he has refused without telling a reason he just says no he from the first wife has 4 chidren allah yahfadh but i feel he doesnt want a child with me allah.. More

  • Her mother-in-law prevents her from visiting her family Date: 17-12-2012

    I come from India, where most of hte families have their their Sons and Husband's working aboard for earning a living. The wives stay in the joint family home, serving husband mother, brothers and father. Is it then right for the mother in law to discourage son from calling his wife aboard, stop the daugther in law from going to her parents house?.. More