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  • Anal Intercourse with the Wife Is Prohibited but the One Who Believes in Its Permissibility Does Not Disbelieve

    Is this true? Tahawi said: Asbagh bin Al-Faraj narrated from Abdul Rahman bin Al-Qasim that he said: "I never met someone I deem a role model in religion who doubts that it is Halaal, means entering a woman in her anus." Then he recited, '{your women are a tilth for you},' then he said: "What could be more clear than this?", this is the statement of.. More

  • Husband Should Observe Foreplay Even If Not Asked by the Wife

    Salam,I saw a fatwa on this website saying that foreplay is not obligatory and another fatwa about a man who's wife does not like french kiss ( which is actually a form of foreplay), and in the fatwa it was stated that she is obliged to honour the husband's request. What if the wife asks the husband for foreplay but he does not like it, would he also.. More

  • Married a Girl Who Is Unfaithful to Him

    Respected Allama Sahib.I married a girl whose past I was unaware of. Despite meeting all the necessities after marriage, she was in a relationship with another boy behind the scenes. I came to know about it a few days later. Due to the notoriety in the family, I wanted to keep it a secret. I talked openly with the girl's parents but they also seemed.. More

  • They Got Married While She Was Pregnant

    Assalaamoe aleykum, Last year I met a man who was also a muslim, but like me got out of the way and was not practising anymore. We decided to marry with the promise that we would support each other in the islamic way and get straight again. On the day of the planned marriage I found out that I am pregnant. And now I am the mother of a beautiful child... More

  • Roleplaying between spouses to enhance intimacy

    Assalaamu alaykum. What is the ruling on roleplaying between spouses to enhance one's sex life? Please elaborate. .. More

  • Asking the wife to pretend to be another woman during intercourse

    My husband can only get an erection in sex if I pretend to be someone else. Then when I made Tawbah and said sex must me with me as me, as a result he stopped having sex with me and also he stopped all kinds of affection as well as sharing my bed, now we sleep separate. Is any of this aloud in Islam? .. More

  • Husband makes perverted sexual demands

    Salam, I really need your help and feel embarrassed to ask but do not know what to do. I've asked two men in the past, who are ruqaah and they both took advantage of my situation and wanted to do haram with me.Therefore, I ask you kindly to help clarify this issue for me and ask that you forgive me for any vulgarity in sharing the issue. I have been.. More

  • Using dirty language during sexual intercourse

    Salam aleykoum, I have a question about behavior during intercourse. Is it permissible to use dirty language during intercourse between husband and wife. It arouses both of them but they are very conscious to know if its aloud. In one fatwa you say that cheap and vulgar language is aloud regarding sexual intercourse but filthy language is not. What.. More

  • A woman should not respond to husband's odd sexual behavior

    is unnatural sex haram in islam? My husband insisted me to insert cucumber into my vagina but i opposed due to that he got angry and not talking to me. What to do ? Please tell me. .. More

  • She imagines having intercourse with a Mahram to enjoy sex with her husband

    I am happily married but somehow I have lost sexual feelings for my husband. For me to enjoy sex with him I have to imagine terrible un Islamic things like having sex with my brother, father etc. If I imagine this I then enjoy sex with him. Please help me because I want o enter jannah but I am failing to fight this away. .. More

  • Harmful effects of anal intercourse

    Is the wife considered divorced from her husband if he has anal intercourse with her? What are the harmful effects of anal intercourse for both the man and the woman? .. More

  • Her husband insists on anal sex

    My husband has pressured me into anal sex on more than 20 times and i gave up and allowed it .Sometimes it was forced upon me . I have threatned with divorce yet he did ut after that.i want a divorce regardless of him promising never to do it again but i have gotten threatned by my family and him that they will take my 4 kids away and Noone is supporting.. More

  • He had sex with his wife in the presence of other couples

    Me and my wife who are married in islam (she is formally christian and converted) have both committed a major sin TOGETHER multiple times over and I (the male partner) have asked allah for forgiveness and have stopped and as a result I think my wife has agreed to stop. but i know she liked it and was looking forward to it again. The sinful act we both.. More

  • Partial intercourse with wife before her Ghusl from menstruation

    Asssalamalaikum, Pls help me in clarifying, my wife was on end of mensturation period & before taking ghusul, she requested me to have sex on the upper ovary without fully inserting & i did the same, pls calrify whetehr it is permissible or not.. More

  • Anal intercourse/Transplantation of private parts

    Asslamualaikum wa RAhmatuLLAHI Wa Barakaatuhu wa Maghfiratuhu! Dear Sir, Am writing this to you, with Full humbleness and loads of pain and lots of Hope! My problem is very unique and strange, mine is a Love Marriage, I cannot bear children (as my uterus is absent since birth, I also knew to some extent that I could not perform sex, which I told.. More