74 fatwas

  • Preventing pregnancy Date: 20-8-2006

    Dear Brothers, I have read your fatwas on birth control but I am still confused about my action whether it is halal or haram. I already have 8 children and my wife and I are already more than 45 years old . Now everytime we make sexual intercourse, I use a condom to prevent pregnancy. We decided to this on our own withouth consultanting any trustworthy.. More

  • Birth control to educate one's children properly Date: 11-7-2006

    Some of my friends asking questions regarding birth control in Islam. I answered that with out valid reason it is not allowed. Due to my lack of knowledge I could not satisfy them. Please help me for the question below: A poor family (husband & wife) does not have health problem but has financial problem like income is so less, cannot maintain.. More

  • Problems with future pregnancies Date: 31-5-2006

    Dear brother in Islam, Assalam-alikum, I am a revert to Islam 7yrs back, I have to take some important decision in life.During my second pregnancy I had severe varicosity problems, I was insisted by my Gynaecologist that time to undergo Tubal ligation (Modified palmer’s method). she said next pregnancy will cause more varicosity and risk.. More

  • Husband carrying out a vasactomy Date: 25-4-2006

    One of my friends wife has diabetes and they have 3 children. His wife can not take any more children because of her illness. His wife is taking pills to prevent getting pregnant but because of the diabetes and the medicine that she is taking for this illness in combination with the pills to prevent pregnancies she is getting more ill. She is scared.. More

  • Had her tubes tied before embracing Islam and wants to have children Date: 3-4-2006

    New Muslimah was wondering what is the ruling on having had my tubes tied and unable to produce any more children. Had this procedure done before converting? Now I feel bad that I can not give my husband anymore children like he wants. .. More

  • Saying 'I will have only 3-4 children by Allaah's Will' Date: 16-3-2006

    I was said that it is Haraam to say: We will have just two (three, four, five, etc.) children Inshaa' Allaah. Is it? We thought, that saying Inshaa' Allaah means, that we -in the end- trust in Allaah decisions, but we were said it is like asking Allaah just for two (three, four) children and it is Haraam because it means we don't want to have more than.. More

  • Using pills to prevent pregnancy after being raped Date: 7-3-2006

    If a woman was raped, would it be acceptable in the Sharee'ah for her to take the "After morning pill" to prevent pregnancy? And if she was pregnant because of the horrific act, would she be allowed to have an abortion early in pregnancy according to our Deen. .. More

  • Non-Muslim wife wants to have children by her Muslim husband Date: 8-6-2005

    I am married to a Muslim man and am looking into Islam. I want children one day, yet my husband says that people want children for selfish reasons only. He says he will consider having children if I can come up we an unselfish reasons to have children. Please help me. I know children are a gift from Allaah and I would love our children for.. More

  • Number of children a Muslim can have Date: 2-6-2005

    How many kids can a Muslim have?.. More

  • Tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy Date: 26-4-2005

    I am surgeon, I would like to know about doing tubal ligation for women to prevent conception (pregnancy) most of them already having between 8 to 10 children and the operation according to their request (wife and husband)... More

  • Tubal sterilization Date: 26-4-2005

    I have 8 children, and I have used many birth control and did not work. I have vascular veins in my legs and they may get worse if I become pregnant again. I want to ask if it is permissible to get an operation called "tubal sterilization"?.. More

  • Wants to prevent additional pregnancies Date: 26-4-2005

    I have four children. All four have been delivered by C-section. Is it permissible to have a tubal legation, or for my husband to have a vasectomy? We are worried about the risks associated with multiple c-sections. My husband and I would rather that he have the vasectomy, as it is less complicated than a tubal legation; and I don't react well.. More

  • Using birth control Date: 25-4-2005

    I know a girl who wants to get married but she wants to finish her university so she doesn't want children until she finishes university is it allowed to use condom or pills to avoid having children? .. More

  • Wife wears vagina ring to avoid having more children Date: 6-9-2004

    This is regarding my friend and his wife, both are Muslim but from two different countries. After having their second baby, his wife went to visit her parents for about three months. When she came back she surprised him. She had a vagina ring! He asked her why? And why without telling him? Then she started giving excuses such as she wants to have.. More

  • Using contraceptive pills Date: 12-5-2004

    I have a question regarding the use of contraceptives, not on the site the pill in particular. Is it permissible to use the pill with the idea that you don’t want to have any more children and that you are committed to it for the rest of your life? If you already have two children and you and your husband both don’t want more children,.. More