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  • Use of Condoms and Oral Contraceptives Date: 25-5-2002

    What is your opinion about the use condoms and oral contraceptives? .. More

  • Operation to prevent pregnancy Date: 15-5-2002

    My friend has eight children and she is pregnant. She is suffering from Dawali in her legs and she found it hard to serve more kids. She was asking me if she can have an operation to stop becoming pregnant and because I cannot have children yet. So I told her that kids are wonderful and Allah (SWT) will reward her for having educated Muslim kids. Later.. More

  • Wife Wants to Avoid Pregnancy at First Six Months of Marriage Date: 30-4-2002

    I am a newly married man. This phase of my life started just three months ago. My wife and I have some differences in the matter of family planning. It started from the very first night. The first question she asked me was how many children I need? She informed me that she made plan not to be pregnant in first six months and she refused to have sexual.. More

  • Wants to Put Intrauterine Device by Non-Muslim Doctor Date: 24-3-2002

    Is it Halal to put intrauterine contraceptive device in a woman to avoid pregnancy by a non-Muslim physician? She has just delivered and needs to rest for medical reason. .. More

  • Permanent Birth Control Date: 2-3-2002

    I need to know about birth control (permanent contraception). Is it permissible for the following reasons? A) My wife is weak (40-kg. weight) and suffer from many diseases during pregnancy period.B) We don't have our own home yet (we live in my uncle's home).C) I am 32 years old only and now we have 3 kids. We are poor. .. More

  • Delaying Having Child So Wife Can Work Date: 25-12-2001

    Is it permissible to delay having a child so that the wife can work, as in the western world? .. More

  • Birth control pills Date: 25-12-2001

    What is the ruling concerned using birth control pills? I hear that they have no effect on the woman's menses cycle, but does the Sharee’ah (Islamic Legislation) permit its usage?.. More

  • Birth control Date: 3-1-2001

    Excuse my poor English please. I have been married one month and I want to know if my wife can be on the pill to control pregnancy. Is it forbidden by religion?.. More

  • Messy Wife Wants To Delay Having another Child Date: 1-1-2001

    I am a messy housewife. I clean things, but am very disorganized. I have a 5 month-old baby and want to know if it was OK to use condoms to prevent having another child because of my inability to take care of the house. Thank you. .. More

  • Birth Control by using spiral Date: 11-11-2000

    I am a married person with two kids; my wife has put the spiral to postpone getting more kids at this time. This leads to the increase of the menstruating period (10 days or more of blood). Sometimes this sometimes lead me to perform masturbation by myself, I want to know is this Halal or Haram, though this has no effect on my sexual life with my.. More

  • Wife wants more children Date: 10-8-2000

    As Salaamu Alaikum. I am a 31 years old married Muslimah. My husband and I have one daughter who is almost 2 years old. I would like to have more children now, but my husband says he is not ready to have another child. Is it not my Islamic right (just as it would be his) to more children when I want them? Thank you for your answer... More

  • Family Planning Date: 7-5-2000

    Up to what level family planning is allowed and what's best way? .. More

  • Family Planning Date: 20-4-2000

    What family planning is allowed and what's best way? .. More

  • Kinds and Uses of Contraceptives Date: 7-3-2000

    Regarding your Fatwa about using contraceptives, the mechanism of contraception should be well understood. For example, even pills and intra-uterine devices may prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum (the future baby); in other words they may act as an abortion inducer. You can check this issue in many medical books. So if there is a risk of.. More

  • Coitus interruptus Date: 15-12-1999

    What is the rule of coitus interruptus?.. More