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  • Responsibility of feeding those who cannot provide for themselves

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Whose responsibility is it to feed disabled people who cannot work and earn a living, or women who do not have anyone to give them money? .. More

  • Inability to provide for both one's wife and mother

    Assalaamu alaykum. Currently, I am staying together with both my mother and wife. The little I earn is not enough to take care of the both of them, so please advise on what to do. Assalaamu alaykum. .. More

  • Husband obliged to provide for wife and children and care for them

    I am a Christian woman who married a Muslim man in an Islamic marriage ceremony. His family was always very nasty to me because of my religion, though they were nice to pagans who married into the family because they were rich. We had two sons, but I discovered that he was committing adultery. When I found out, he started beating me as well. We lived.. More

  • Eating from money which guardian usurped

    Assalaamu alaykum. May Allah reward you for answering my question about the haram income of a guardian. However, the problem is: does the same ruling apply to wealth taken by force or oppression from an orphan's wealth, etc? On the IslamQA site, I read that it is very sinful and that this kind of wealth should be returned. So am I sinning if I consume.. More

  • Whether father is obliged to provide for adult son

    Assalaamu alaykum. My mother died in an accident and we received the relevant insurance and divided it among ourselves according to Sharia law. My brother and I were the only children. My mother's parents are alive, and they got the share of my mother (no property on her name, just accident insurance money). My father got married to another women. My.. More

  • Solvent father may not ask wife to spend on their children

    I divorced my wife, but it was her fault. She refuses to leave her job for the sake of the children and the house. Though she never worked until I asked her to help, it was needed at that time. When I no longer needed her to work, however, she refused and does not want to help at all. We agreed to divorce and have made a settlement agreement that I.. More

  • Husband sends her money through his mother

    My husband lives in America while I live in pakistan. We have been married for 10 months now. He sends me money every two or three months or when I tell him that I have no more left. He sends the money through his mother and not directly to me. I feel awkward asking his mother for the money. My question is whether Islam says anything regarding him sending.. More

  • Claiming that mother or wife are entitled to man's income is false

    Assalaamu alaykum, Sir. There is a belief in some Muslim families in India that the son's income should completely go to his mother or wife. Then whenever he needs anything, he should ask it from them, and thus they manage the family. They got this belief from the Hindus, and I really hate it. My mother believes it too, and my grandma said that she.. More

  • Man obliged to spend on wife and unmarried daughters

    Assalaamu alaykum. My father is not spending on my mother, who has been critically ill for a long time. Actually, ever since our childhood, he is just providing food and also provides education to us; he never gives any money for other things like clothing or other needs. I am married now, and he did not gave me a single penny for my marriageas he told.. More

  • Husband's income includes both lawful and unlawful gains

    Assalaamu alaykum. What should a wife do if she came to know that her husband earns income through interest? He is earning through halal means as well, including from the property given to her from her parents. He does not spend much on her or the children, and few of them are sick as well. Can they forcibly take his money or completely ignore his money.. More

  • A sister refusing to serve her siblings who spend on her

    Assalaamu alaykum. My sister does not do much at home, and neither does she provide for the family. My other sisters, brother and I work, but she refuses to work because she says that according to Islam she does not have to. This does not take into account the burden of the bread winners in the family. If someone asks her to iron or clean something.. More

  • A father who does not provide for his children because they receive government aid

    My father never provided for his wife and children, we always lived off the government benefits, is this halal? He always gave his income to his parents and siblings even though they were never in need of it. Some scholars say that as long as we receive assistance from the government there is no sin on him, please clarify. I have another question: my.. More

  • An insolvent son is not sinful for not spending on his parents

    Am I sinful if I am unable to support my house financially? Some reason for not providing is not being able to find a job, and so on. I live with mum and a young brother only. My parents are divorced. .. More

  • Maintenance for children who are in the custody of their divorced mother

    Assalaamu alaykum. I was married before and divorced six years ago and left three kids behind. My problem is that I am remarried with a good wife that has a good job. We sometimes fight because she tells me that I do not need to support my kids as they have a house that I left to them. Please explain to me what my responsiblity is towards them. Is it.. More

  • Husband is not obliged to support his married well-off sister

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have been married to my husband for four years. Presently, my husband's sister moved into his house in an other building with a nephew that is also living there. The condition we made before the sister moved inwas that the nephew should pay the water and electricity. Now, the nephew refuses to pay the full amount, and the sister.. More