698 fatwas

  • Having a pre-birth baby party without gifts Date: 17-2-2005

    Is it all right to have a pre-birth baby party, not like a baby shower? Just a group of sisters and food not needing to bring gifts. I am asking as my husband is not sure if it is Halaal, and also if it is or is not a Sunnah... More

  • Muslim child calling the parents 'Mama' and 'Papa' Date: 13-2-2005

    Is it allowed to a Muslim child to call his/her parents as 'Mama' and 'Papa'? .. More

  • Changing the surname of an adopted child Date: 13-2-2005

    I have a brother who is adopting a child and he wants to change his surname to ours. Please can you tell me if it's Haraam to do this as he my brother is a religious guy and he asked and they told him it's ok as long as he don't put in the birth certificate that he is the father, but I want to make sure as other people told me it's Haraam... More

  • Meaning of name 'Mishkar' Date: 9-2-2005

    I would like to find the meaning of my brother name called "Mishkar.".. More

  • Type of animals to be slaughtered for Aqeeqah Date: 30-1-2005

    Can Aqeeqah be done along with the sacrifice of Eed-ul Adhaa animal, since in a cow, buffalo, bullock or camel animals they can be divided into 7 individuals. So can it's one part be for Aqeeqah. Or is it necessary to slaughter sheep/goat separately for Aqeeqah?.. More

  • Daughter's name Date: 5-1-2005

    My daughter name is HUSNA SAHER, is this good name and can I continue with this name? I will be grateful to you if you can know me as well as possible. May Allaah bless you and give you a reward for your work... More

  • Duty of parents for adult son who does not pray properly Date: 3-1-2005

    It is compulsory duty of a Muslim father to see all his members of the family to pray five times a day. In his family one of the matured member, in fact his own son is not bothered about the prayer. The parents giving lots of advice, good and bad, punishments of the hellfire did not move him; (during the advice time he prays once or twice.. More

  • Wants to name his son Muhammad Ibraaheem Date: 29-12-2004

    Allaah is blessing us with a baby boy. We plan to name him Muhammad Ibraaheem. We request your opinion on this name. We are bit afraid that, later, people may call him 'Hey Ibraaheem' or 'O Ibraaheem'; this may affect the dignity of Ibraaheem, may Allaah exalt his mention. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. .. More

  • Status of child born out of wedlock Date: 27-12-2004

    we have two questions to pose, first concerning the status of children born out of wedlock before a brother or sister has taken the Shahaadah in regards to rights responsibilities from the parent to child and from child to parent after the parent has professed to being Muslim and the child has not also being that the children other parent.. More

  • Tried to suckle her sister's baby and some others without permission Date: 9-12-2004

    I would like to ask when I gave birth to my child He could not breast-feed and I really wanted to know how it was like. Well one day I was child minding my sister's baby and I tried to breast feed her baby, along with my other sister's baby I also took care of (not my real sister in Islam). Even though I tried they did not suck or drink milk but.. More

  • Naming a child 'Rabbaani' Date: 7-12-2004

    Is it permissible to name a new-born child with the name Rabbaani? Please send the answer in Arabic and in English. .. More

  • Wife Has Child by Adultery Date: 5-12-2004

    Does an adulterous wife (who committed illegal sexual for about 2 years and told the complete story to husband and repent to Allah, according to her the last child born was from the adulterer) should be forgiven and given a chance of purifying herself by following Islam whole-heartedly? (If yes how to move in the society? Should the husband's mother.. More

  • Using the adopted family as one's lineage Date: 30-11-2004

    My fiend is a Chinese Born. She was adopted by a Muslim family since infant and since then she has been using her adopted grandfather name as her's Binte. She is married and have children. Does her marriage valid in Islaam by using her grandfather name as her Binte? .. More

  • Making 'Aqeeqah from Zakat Date: 28-11-2004

    Can we make 'Aqeeqah from Zakaah? I'm now a student. .. More

  • His name is Shahjahan Date: 25-11-2004

    My question is regarding my name, as I have read in your Fatwa name effects personality. The name given to me is SHAHJAHAN. I found of the mean it means SHAH- ruler or king JAHAN means land or world so it means ruler of world. I'm 26 years now. I would like to know if there is anything wrong in my name and should I change my name... More