698 fatwas

  • Needs advice in raising two years old daughter Date: 29-7-2004

    My daughter is almost 2 years of age. Please advise me on how to discipline her when she is being aggressive and hitting me, etc. I do shout at her but always regret it afterwards. My husband always lets her have her own way which makes it hard for me. I am a second wife and on the days he is not here, Mash Allah, she is ok, but when he is here.. More

  • Divorcing couple disagree about custody of the children Date: 21-7-2004

    My husband and I are in process of divorce. We have 2 young daughters (9, 8). He refuses to let me raise them and have them with me. I am a practicing Muslimah and try every day to get closer to Allah, InshaAllah. As for my husband, he is also practicing Islam and only Allah knows what really is in his heart. I really do believe that my children.. More

  • The baby sitter is not a Muslim Date: 20-7-2004

    I am a working mother with a 2 years old son. His babysitter is not a Muslimah and it is almost impossible to find a Muslimah to take care of him while I am at work .My husband is worrying that since she is with him 8hours a day her religion might influence our baby although my husband takes him with him to the mosque and we are teaching him Muslim.. More

  • Father of his wife's child maintains contact with her and causes problems Date: 20-7-2004

    I have a wife who had previous relationships with men before me and they had children and I don't have any. I told her before we got married that this will be a problem for me, but she insisted on marrying me; she even made me promise to marry her. My biggest problem is the father of one child is still keeping in contact with her and this is making.. More

  • Teaching sons how to help their future wives Date: 4-7-2004

    Hadith about men cooking, helping with "women's work", Someone wants to teach their son how to cook, but the Dad says it's only for the daughter to learn and help her mom. So the boys get to sit back and be served while the girl does all the work? Then he will never learn how to help his future wife. What does Islam say? .. More

  • Naming her daughter Date: 1-7-2004

    Can I call my baby girl "Abrar"?.. More

  • Nursing girls and boys Date: 29-6-2004

    In the light of Quran and Hadith,how long a mother should nurse her baby daughter? I have heard few people saying it is 2 years. And some people said 2 1/2 years. What is, if any, harm in nursing after 2 years or later? Is there any difference in nursing time for daughters and sons? .. More

  • A child from adultery: what to do? Date: 29-6-2004

    I have done something terrible, A few months ago, I came out of my over garments and cheated on my husband of 4 years, and became pregnant, how do I gain forgiveness of not only my husband, but Allah, what do I need to do?.. More

  • Fifteen year-old girl committed sin Date: 28-6-2004

    Dear sir I have a daughter who is fifteen years old and she committed a sin with a boy. I don't know what to do. So please if you have any advice let me know on this matter.May Allah be will all of us Aameen?.. More

  • Naming celebrations Date: 24-6-2004

    In our naming ceremonies we gather the people to eat the food prepared from the slaughtered animal and make Dua for the child's parents and other Duas as Allah may wish us to remember. Is this wrong?.. More

  • Celebrating when a child becomes 16 years old Date: 24-6-2004

    I am doing a project on different cultures celebrating a child in their culture turning 16.years old. How does your culture celebrate a child turning 16 and going into adulthood? Are there any traditions?.. More

  • Seperating children from their father Date: 23-6-2004

    I am a mother of three and I am divorced from the father of my three children. The reason of our divorce was he made a lot of Kufr blasphemy at Allah and the messengers. He showed much hate towards Islam. He was a Muslim. I feared for the safety of my children's religion if they were to contact their father. My daughter is 18, sons 15, and youngest.. More

  • Wife lacks knowledge of Islam to teach his children Date: 22-6-2004

    My wife does not have much knowledge of Sariah and I am busy in my work which is outside. How can I educate my children?.. More

  • Naming daughter after his mother over wife's objection Date: 17-6-2004

    Can I name my daughter after my mother though my wife does not agree and creates troubles for me? Please advise... More

  • Appropriate activities, materials, or games for small children Date: 13-6-2004

    I need a little advice - I have now a little son of 16 months. What kind of activities or games except learning the Holy Qur'an might be allowed for the children in the age of 2 years and higher? Is drawing, origami or educational videos alphabet in a playful way Haram? Thank You. .. More