677 fatwas

  • Fails to support child by his ex-wife Date: 18-5-2004

    My ex-husband does not communicate with me or help support his child because he thinks I want his money... More

  • Delaying marrying again for the sake of her children Date: 26-4-2004

    Idon’t want to get married, because I have children. My ex-husband said if he agrees to the person then he will permit me to take care of children. I think it is Haramfor me to keep my children when I get married. Is it Haram to keep the kidsif I remarried? I am in America but I may leave this country some day... More

  • Appropriate names for Muslim children Date: 24-4-2004

    I have read in the chain of many Ahadith that some narrators are named 'Israel.' I know that Israel is the name of Prophet Jacob, but is it ok nowadays to name our children 'Israel?' Is it also ok to name them Mikhaeel or Mikael, as the angel?.. More

  • Name of Malak Date: 22-4-2004

    Is the name of Malak allowed for Muslim?.. More

  • Paying cash instead of slaughtering for Aqiqa Date: 18-4-2004

    I am trying to makeAqiqa for son. Can I pay cash as a donation to needy Muslims instead of slaughtering sheep or goats? Where we live it is hard to find sheep or goats to slaughter. According to the Sunnah what are the requirements and the procedures to make Aqiqa? .. More

  • Meaning of name "Ayas Ahmed" Date: 25-3-2004

    I want to know the meaning of my name "Ayas Ahmed". I am very eager to know it. Your earliest reply will be appreciated... More

  • Slaughtering for Aqiqa Date: 25-3-2004

    I have a question. I have a baby boy; he is 1 year and a half years old and a baby girl; she is 4 months old. I want to slaughter some lambs due to their arrival. How many is allowed for a boy and how many is allowed for a girl? And also, we are low-income families. I want to know if we can take some meat from the meat that we are going.. More

  • Husband being present in labour room during his wife's delivery Date: 15-3-2004

    Can husband go in labour room at the time of delivery to givemoral and emotional support to his wife? Can he kisshis wife on her forehead, hands or face in labour room to ease her pain by showing affection toher, that he is with her at this painful time and loves her alot?.. More

  • Breast-feeding and relationships Date: 25-2-2004

    Until what age can the child be breast-fed by the mother? After that age if any child is breast-fed, will the relationship change? If a man when making love to his wife drinks the milk of her breasts, intentionally or unintentionally what is their relationship? How many times is breast-feeding required to develop a milk suckling relation? .. More

  • Changing names thinking they are unlucky Date: 18-2-2004

    I have a quick question which I hope that you will be able to help me answer. I have a Muslim neighbour who's about to change his son and daughters name (from Jamaal, Nabeela). These are nice names, Masha Allah... but he thinks they’re unlucky for some reason, and wants to change them. As far as I'm concerned we don't have superstition in Islam.. More

  • Disciplining children Date: 17-2-2004

    What are the Islamic rulings on hitting kids in the face? Is it considered Haram? What are the rulings on discipline of our children in Islam? .. More

  • Du’a for child’s birth Date: 12-2-2004

    I need some information about what I have to say and to do, when my baby comes to the world. I'm looking for some Du’a... More

  • Choosing the careers of children Date: 1-1-2004

    In Islam should parents choose their children's careers? Or should the children choose for themselves?.. More

  • Hamdia Fatimah as a name Date: 13-11-2003

    I have named my daughter Hamdia Fatimah, is it correct or should I change it... More

  • The butcher does not have to know that it was Aqiqah Date: 13-11-2003

    Basically, I have decided to have Aqiqa for my one month daughter and I asked a butcher who owns a sheep farm to slaughter a sheep and deliver it to my house, I called him by telephone. After cocking the sheep, and sharing it with other Muslims in the Masjid (the Masjid had a scheduled community cookout, so I used the occasion and brought all the.. More