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  • Zakaah is Due on Savings Date: 29-7-2018

    Assalamualaikum wrwbI have 50k SAR which I have to kept to buy a land in my native country for the purpose of rent. Is this to be considered for zakat?I have seen many fatwas where people owing many houses which they have left for rent is not zakatable for capital amount except the rent which they are receiving. .. More

  • The Father Taking the Child’s Zakaah Date: 19-7-2018

    As Salaamu AlaikumQuestion about the Zakat .My uncle give zakaat money to my father.My father spent money in home for foods etc.. But I capable for paying zakaat. And I'm unmarried and live with family.Can I eat those Food which are bought by my father from zakaat money ? .. More

  • Giving Zakat to Marry Off a Stepdaughter Date: 1-7-2018


  • His Father Never Paid Zakat on his Wealth, Neither did his Mother on her Jewelry Date: 11-1-2018

    My father saves enough money and my mother have jewelleries. I know the nisaab for savings, gold and silver.As per the criteria, Zakah is wajib on my parents. till now, in there entire life they didn't paid zakat. they did repented of not paying it.we can calculate all unpaid zakah on jewelleries but how can we calculate zakah on savings as we didn't.. More

  • Giving out rice for Zakat Al-Fitr in America Date: 3-1-2018

    I am in America; is it ok to give rice for Zakat Al-Fitr?I am giving it to an Arab family; does the food have to be an American staple food? And if before I did not pay too much attention to Zakat Al-Fitr because my father was giving it, do I have to give for all those preceding times too? .. More

  • Disclosing charity if asked about it Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently gave a donation to charity, but without my family's knowledge. My mother, who never sees me donating, complained to me and asked me if I give donations to charity or not. I told her that I cannot inform her of this because it is between me and God, but she insisted and said that it is okay because she is my mother. I finally.. More

  • Creditor giving his Zakaah to debtor Date: 1-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. My sister and her husband borrowed around 15,000 USD from me 2 years ago, and they have not payed me back yet. So they are indebted to me. They have around 3,000 USD in the bank, saved for their children's future. They have no other assets. They rent their house. Their salary is enough to pay their expenses, but not to save. Are they.. More

  • No Zakaah on money in possession less than lunar year Date: 31-12-2017

    I received a bonus, which I kept separately for Hajj. Before one lunar year passed, I paid a travel agency for Hajj in 2016. However, they failed to complete all necessary formalities, and I could not go to Hajj. I got the money back, and before one lunar year was completed, I paid another agency for Hajj this year. Allah willing, I will be able to.. More

  • Paying zakaah on land bought on credit Date: 29-12-2017

    I purchased a land in installments at a total cost of US$ 96,000/- and I have paid $ 72,000/- until now. The land is still not in my possession, and I even do not know its plot number. However, the present market value is US$ 400,000/-. My question is, do I have to pay zakah for it? If I have to do so, then what value shall I pay it on: 1- $96,000/-.. More

  • Not having cash to pay zakaah on gold and loan Date: 29-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Thank you very much in advance. I have lost my job, and May 2017 is my last working month. I have been paying zakah during Ramadan each year without fail. In Ramadan 2017, as I lost my job, I do not have any cash in my hand or in my bank account to pay zakah in Ramadhan 2017. What is the solution for postponing the zakah to next year.. More

  • Zakaah on plots whose ownership is not yet transferred Date: 28-12-2017

    Nowadays, people purchase plots on installments or with full payment, but the possession is given after four or five years. However, they can sell the plot before possession on profit. Now, is the zakah due in this case without possession, and what is the difference of zakah when the purchase of a plot was done with a full payment or in installments? .. More

  • Giving relative zakaah to settle debt to bank Date: 28-12-2017

    I have already posted this question. Question Number: 2666660 One of my relatives has taken a loan from a bank by giving gold (jewelry) as security in order to purchase a piece of land. Now they are unable to repay the loan to the bank, and within another few months, the bank will take the gold in their possession. This is an interest-based bank. My.. More

  • Paying zakaah on stolen gold Date: 27-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I was living within a joint family system. My in-laws, especially my mother-in-law has treated me the worse. I would like to inform you that my father has given me 465.2 grams of gold, and my husband gave me gold weighing 69.78 grams total of 534.98 grams. I kept my gold locked in my luggage bag. I saw my late mother three days in.. More

  • Zakaah should be paid in kind Date: 13-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have three questions: 1. Can you pay zakah in the form of goods, like food and cloths etc.? And if not, then see my following question, please. 2. Then, in the article of zakah, it is said that every Prophet as well as their peoplegave zakah,but if that was in the form of money, then how could Noah's nation and Noah pay zakah.. More

  • Zakaah on harvest jointly owned with non-Muslim Date: 11-12-2017

    I did some joint farming with a disbeliever. When we harvested, I asked him for zakah, but he told me that he knew nothing about it and will not do so. What happens to my joint farming with him? Was I wrong in the first place to have farmed with him? In the event that my share of the benefits does not reach the Nisaab (minimum amount liable to zakah),.. More