655 fatwas

  • Punishment of Zakah withholder in this world and in the Hereafter Date: 16-8-2015

    What is the ruling on the withholder of Zakaah who is financially capable and has had the due Nisaab of Zakaah for many years? If he dies, what should his heirs do? .. More

  • Parents pay Zakah on child's behalf if they are withholding his money Date: 22-7-2015

    If one has reached the age at which he is accountable and if his parents withhold money which they claim is his in a bank account, such that even though they claim the money is his, they do not give him access to it, is he responsible for paying zakaah on that money? .. More

  • When debt is deducted from Zakah owed on gold, silver and cash Date: 19-6-2015

    SalamLast year i took loan of Rs.950000/- from my company to buy a residential plot. I am returning the loan to the company in the form of intallments of Rs.25000/- per month which are automatically deducted from my salary every month.I could not get the plot up till now and one year has passed since i took the loan.1. is there zakat on the money possessed.. More

  • Zakah Al-Fitr of the woman going through divorce and of the rebellious wife Date: 4-6-2015

    I have been separated from my husband for one and half years. We are in the process of getting divorced and are waiting for the final judgment to be passed. Is zakah Al-Fitr the duty of my husband or is mine? .. More

  • A woman who supports herself should pay her own zakah Al-Fitr Date: 31-5-2015

    My sister works and has a stable monthly salary. She is not married. Is she required to pay the zakah Al-Fitr that is due for her? Please note that her father is alive and has a monthly salary and that she lives with him. .. More

  • Shall I pay zakah Al-Fitr on behalf of my child whose mother renounced Islam and ran away with him? Date: 31-5-2015

    As-SalamuAlaykum! I have a child born to a woman who had accepted Islam but then apostatized and ran away, taking the child with her. Since then, I have never seen my child or heard anything about him. Shall I pay zakah Al-Fitr on his behalf? Please advise me. May Allah reward you! .. More

  • Ruling on paying zakah for da‘wah activities Date: 31-5-2015

    Is it permissible to pay zakah Al-Fitr for da‘wah (Islamic preaching) activities? .. More

  • Working more than needed to make money for charity Date: 29-4-2015

    What do you think is better:1: just working enough for food and drink and no sadaqah2: working some extra to give away sadaqah. But please think about the life in the west. I can't go to the mosque when working and there are a lot of women everywhere .. More

  • Giving secret charity is better unless superior benefit achieved by giving in public Date: 20-3-2015

    Is it better to give money to someone secretly by hiding it in their purse or wallet or giving it to them personally so you can increase the love between you. Such as an elderly relative who greatly appreciates it. .. More

  • Zakah not obligatory for gold kept as jewelry Date: 9-3-2015

    Salam I am so confused about paying zakat on personal use gold I have been told so many different opinion about not having to pay it on personal use gold but now I have started to pay zakat just to be safe. I have been told I have to pay all the years that have past even though I was unaware of it how is that fair if you did not have the knowledge how.. More

  • Receiving Zakah for sponsoring orphans in one's house Date: 18-2-2015

    Assalaamu alaikum, dear shaykh I am intending to keep orphan children in my house so I have some questions regarding it. 1. If the orphan child reaches the age of puberty, can I arrange his nikah with my daughter and if the orphan is female, can I arrange nikah of my son with her? 2. Can I collect money from Muslim people to feed orphan children at.. More

  • Not permissible to delay Zakah payment for sister's future marriage Date: 12-2-2015

    Assalamualaikum, We a have case in our family for which Fatwa is required. A father had left behind 2 waives. Children of 1st wife are grown up and earning. Children of 2nd wife (2 son &1 daughter ) are studying. At present Children of 1st wife are taking care of the expenses of their fathers 2nd wife and their children. As in India lot of money.. More

  • Debt not deducted from assets liable to Zakah Date: 10-1-2015

    I did sign a contract to buy an appartment. I am going to pay instalment every 3 months for 4 years and I gave the company dated checks to cover all the payment. The appartment is not built yet and the company is going to hand over the appartment to me after 4 years accourding to the contract. I have no intention to sell this appartment. My question.. More

  • Helping a charity organization that commits prohibited acts Date: 21-12-2014

    Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahumatullahi Wa Barakathu, Could you please give some advice on following, helping a charity organization that calls itself 'Islamic' yet promotes cultural events, music, singing,dancing, free mixing at it's events, such as Annual general meeting, Islamic talks, Eid Gahs & Iftars.. Unfortunately, when advice is to the organizations'.. More

  • Being in debt does not forbid giving charity to relatives Date: 26-11-2014

    As Salaamu alaykum My husband's niece is getting married and her father asked my husband for financial assistance because the economical situation in our country (Middle-East) is very bad. I do not feel like we should help them because we have debts to pay. What is the right thing to do from the Islamic point of view? Jazaka Allah khairn .. More