307 fatwas

  • Using treatment for hair fall that turns hair black Date: 13-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Sir, I have a problem with hair fall and premature greying of hair. I have heard that homemade onion seed oil is very good for controlling hair fall but that it also causes blackening of hair. It is not allowed to color the hair blackin Islam, so I am confused as to whether or not I can use this oil for the purpose of controlling.. More

  • Working in consultancy - Man keeping hair from forehead with band Date: 2-10-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.Shaykh, I have two queries. 1. Someone told me that the earnings from a consultancy career are haram. I give motivational speeches in various companies and seminars and get paid for that; is that money haram? Moreover, as a business consultant, people consult me on where to invest their money, is the.. More

  • Using keratin on hair and its effect on ablution and Ghusl Date: 13-9-2017

    Is hair keratin halal? Does it affect ablution for prayer or the Ghusl (ritual bath) after the monthly menstruation? Thank you. .. More

  • Using ayurvedic products whose base is cow urine Date: 7-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am 25 year old and have been suffering from hair fall for the last few years. I searched online to get information regarding chemical-free shampoos. I finally decided to use a biotic shampoo which is an ayurvedic product. I decided to use it because it is mild and alcohol and chemical free, but one of my friend told me not to use.. More

  • Taking pictures of men - Dressing in underwear only to wax body hair Date: 27-7-2017

    Is it allowed to take pictures of anything including men and not capturing pictures of women? Am I allowed to wear underwear only in order to wax before marriage? .. More

  • Taking vitamin D injection for skin tan Date: 19-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. There is an injection that makes a person more tanned if exposed to sunlight (in a halal place, of course, where nobody can se me but Allaah.) The doctor told me to be in the sun because my body is in much need of vitamin D. I wear the niqab by the way. This injection is very common for people who have a deficiency of vitamin D and.. More

  • Man using cosmetics to hide acne Date: 1-5-2017

    Is it permissible for a man to wear make-up in order to hide acne? .. More

  • Wearing human hair wig and wiping over it during Wudhoo‘ Date: 1-5-2017

    I have been wearing wigs of natural, not artificial, hair for five years because my original hair entirely fell out. These wigs have temporary adhesives and they can be changed from time to time. People used to see me in this way and know that it is not my original hair. What is the Sharee'ah ruling on wearing such hair, wipe over it in wudhoo’ (ablution),.. More

  • Woman going out with clothes washed with fragrant washing powder Date: 1-5-2017

    As you know, fragrance-free washing powder is rarely found on the market today. My question is: What is the Islamic ruling if a woman goes out of her home while wearing clothes washed with fragrant washing powder, noting that those who pass beside her will smell the good smell of the clothes. Is such washing powder considered tempting to men; is a woman.. More

  • Man wearing gold-plated metal Date: 1-5-2017

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on wearing a watch that is mostly made of metal but is gold-plated? It should be taken into consideration that the gold color could be removed by using water or by long-term use. .. More

  • Men wearing false gold Date: 1-5-2017

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on wearing false gold jewelry (only the color of gold, but not the material) by men? .. More

  • Wearing wigs before non-mahram men Date: 1-5-2017

    I am a mother of two children; one is eight years old, and the other is two years old. I live in a country in Northern Europe. I have been wearing the hijab since last Ramadan. I have started working two months ago at a university (in the office of accounts). However, I feel strange, especially when I am in a meeting. I feel embarrassed because everyone.. More

  • Wisdom of forbidding men to wear rings on index and middle fingers Date: 1-5-2017

    Why did the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, forbid wearing a ring on the index and middle fingers? What is the wisdom behind this forbiddance? .. More

  • Woman goes out with child applying perfume Date: 1-5-2017

    What is the sharia ruling when a mother applies perfume to her child and then goes out with him? .. More

  • Ruling on woman wearing hair grip Date: 1-5-2017

    Is it permissible for a woman to wear a hair grip that does not show the size of the hair from behind the head cover? Is it permissible to wear a hair grip that shows the size of the hair before other women and mahram (permanently unmarriageable) men? In the later case, is it included in the Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,.. More