307 fatwas

  • Ruling on a woman wearing a wig to adorn herself for her husband Date: 26-8-2015

    Is it permissible for a woman to wear a wig inside the house only? .. More

  • Ruling on permanent hair removal Date: 26-8-2015

    Is it permissible to remove unwanted hair permanently from the body, in such a way that it will never grow again, excluding the body areas where the hair is prohibited to be removed? Is this a form of changing the creation of Allaah Almighty? Please include evidence. May Allaah reward you best. .. More

  • Using herbs that turn the hair black Date: 25-8-2015

    There are herbs which turn the hair soft and long, but one of the herbs mixed with them turns the hair black. The blackness is a result of using the herbs to soften the hair and it is not meant in itself by the process. What is the Sharee'ah ruling on using these herbs? .. More

  • Wearing gold for men is forbidden both at home and during travel Date: 25-7-2015

    I know gold is haram for men in islam but recently someone told me that during travelling gold is allowed to be worn by men so that they can use it in adversity. Plz tell what is correct according to islam? .. More

  • Ruling on hair extensions made of yarn Date: 21-7-2015

    Asalamuilakum waRahmatullahi waBarakatu, I am writing in order to gain some knowledge and in any case achieve some clarification on the matter of putting "things" into one's hair. After becoming Muslim I stopped adding extensions that were advertised for hair from wool, silk, synthetic, horse hair, and human hair. What I have come to do now is adding.. More

  • The use of eyelash curlers for men Date: 15-7-2015

    What is the ruling on using eyelash curlers for men? .. More

  • Thick conjoined eyebrows a cause of distress Date: 18-5-2015

    As salamu alaikum. A young man has abnormal and bushy eyebrows that are joined in the middle to form an unsightly unibrow. This has made him the subject of depressing jokes at school and also in public places. What is the definitive ruling on what is allowed in this case so that he can have a normal life? .. More

  • Children may wear wigs made of artificial hair Date: 28-4-2015

    Salam aleikum.I would like to know if its haram for children to wear wigs for fun? Wigs that r not made from human or animal hair but from fake material like the dolls have. Jazaki allahu khairan .. More

  • Prohibition against combing hair everyday does not apply to women Date: 20-4-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum. In one of your fataawa you mentioned that a person should not comb his hair more frequently than every two days. Does that apply to women or just men? I comb my hair a few times a day because it is quite thin and if I don't do that, it gets messy quickly and I'm worried it could be displeasing for my husband. Jazaakum Allahu khair .. More

  • Making jewerly from rice grains Date: 15-4-2015

    Al Salaamu AlaykumI want to sell homemade jewelry,I want to write the names of my customers on a grain of rice, and then put the grain of rice inside a vial as part of a necklace. But someone told me it might be haraam because writing on a grain of rice is "playing with food".However in my opinion, a grain of uncooked rice is like a plant and using.. More

  • Wearing a gold pendant with husband's name inscribed on it Date: 12-2-2015

    Can I wear a gold pendant with my husbands name in Arabic inscribed on it? .. More

  • Not permissible to use a pen with a gold nib Date: 12-2-2015

    As salamu alaykum, Is it halal (for males or females) to buy fountain pens with gold nibs? If it is halal for women, is there an exception for men? Is it halal for a man to use them, if somebody give it as a gift for example or shouldn't we even accept them as gifts? Do they have the same status as jewelleries? BarakAllahu feekum wa salamu alaykum .. More

  • Ruling on braids and cornrow hairstyle Date: 9-10-2014

    What is the ruling on braids and corn rolls? .. More

  • Permanent or temporary lip coloring is like prohibited tattooing Date: 17-9-2014

    Is it permissible in Islam to permanently or temporary(1year)color very dark lips. Which give me a rather sick worn out look. And I don't look fresh.I have tries many Remedies but in vain. Please help me out .. More

  • Ruling on using hair extensions Date: 23-6-2014

    Assalamu Alaikum, I wanted to ask you if you might clarify something for me. I am very confused over the hair extensions ruling. 1. I know hair extensions in general are haram meaning REAL hair from another human being. I read one of your other rulings regarding where you state: "Apparently, what is prohibited is extending the hair with human hair for.. More