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  • Woman going out with clothes washed with fragrant washing powder Date: 1-5-2017

    As you know, fragrance-free washing powder is rarely found on the market today. My question is: What is the Islamic ruling if a woman goes out of her home while wearing clothes washed with fragrant washing powder, noting that those who pass beside her will smell the good smell of the clothes. Is such washing powder considered tempting to men; is a woman.. More

  • Woman goes out with child applying perfume Date: 1-5-2017

    What is the sharia ruling when a mother applies perfume to her child and then goes out with him? .. More

  • Woman using camphor oil before going to masjid Date: 4-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. I have an oil which is used for pain relief; it has camphor in it, which, to my knowledge, is a kind of fragrance used to wash the dead. My question is: being a woman, applying fragrance and passing next to non-Mahrams (permanently unmarriageable kin) is sinful, so can I apply this oil and go.. More

  • The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, used incense Date: 1-9-2015

    What is the ruling on using incense in mosques and seeking blessings through it in the homes? What is the ruling on using incense during panic or fear of something, such as when a person falls from a high place? What is the ruling on some people's claim that the origin of incense is the Jinn and devils? .. More

  • Selling perfumes and cosmetics to women in a non-Muslim country Date: 1-9-2015

    What is the Islamic ruling on selling cosmetics and perfumes to non-Muslim women in a foreign country? .. More

  • Ruling on selling perfume to a woman who does not adhere to Hijab Date: 31-8-2015

    What is the ruling on selling perfume to women who display their beauty in streets, taking into account the Hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, regarding women wearing perfume? .. More

  • Rulings on wife's defiance apply to one who insists on wearing perfume outside the house Date: 27-8-2015

    My wife loves to wear perfume outside the house. Am I deemed sinful for that, knowing that I repeatedly advised her and that we even quarreled because of this matter? Should I do anything more than advise? If she does not accept my advice, then what should I do? .. More

  • Her husband wants her to wear perfume while being out together Date: 12-1-2011

    salam, please I want to know the ruling on this, my husband wants me to wear perfume when we are going out together and even though other men will smell it, he says its ok if we are together, is this right? and what if I wear perfume at home and his freinds come to visit and I have to serve them and they can smell it? is that also haram? it is causing.. More

  • A woman wearing perfume when going out to a women-only gathering Date: 22-6-2010

    Assalam-Alaikum. I understand that it is not permissable for a women to wear perfume when going out of the home. The question is, what if my wife is going to a women only event outside the house, say at some house or centre. Is this not permissable either? Shukrann & Jazak-Allah-Khairunn. .. More

  • Women wearing perfume which can only be smelt from a near distance Date: 18-3-2007

    Asalamalaikum, I would like to know it if is permissible to remove hair from above the upper lip for females. Also is it permissible for ladies to wear light perfume that does not contain alcohol in such a way that it smells only when someone get very close to her. Thank you... More

  • Pheromone Perfumes Date: 27-9-2006

    Bismillah Salam alekum wrwb I have a question: I would like to know if pheromone perfumes are halal or haram. I would be glad if you could give me a proof from quran or sunna. Barakallahu fikum ! Salam alekum wrwb.. More

  • It is disliked to refuse perfume Date: 2-4-2006

    The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said: "Whoever is offered perfume, should not refuse it.” Is this a prohibition or a dislikeability? If there is any scholar who is of the view that it is prohibited, please mention his name, if any. .. More

  • Perfumes containing alcohol which evaporates Date: 4-1-2006

    I read a few questions about the use of perfumes which contain alcohol. I just have one doubt. I have been hearing perfumes which contain alcohol should not be used because it contains Haraam thing in it. But I have a question that if seen the property of alcohol, it gets evaporated at room temperature, so that means if we just spray it will get.. More

  • Perfumes containing alcohol Date: 25-12-2005

    Can I wear perfume which contains alcohol? Can I use it during the praying time?.. More

  • Use of perfumes containing alcohol Date: 25-12-2005

    I have a question to ask about perfumes. All perfumes on the market contain alcohol. While offering Salah (prayers) can males/females use perfume on their body and cloths?.. More