805 fatwas

  • Performing farewell Tawaaf night before departure Date: 23-8-2016

    I am performing Hajj and intend to travel tomorrow at noon. Is it permissible for me to perform the farewell Tawaaf (circumambulation) tonight before sleeping? .. More

  • What to say when performing ‘Umrah on behalf of others Date: 22-8-2016

    I would like to perform ‘Umrah on behalf of a woman who is a relative of mine. I know her first name only as well as the kinship relation between us. Is it permissible to mention only her first name as well as the kinship relation during Talbiyyah? Is it a condition to mention her full name? .. More

  • Children performing Hajj without observing some Ihram restrictions Date: 22-8-2016

    Two years ago, I went to Hajj along with my wife and children. My son was six months old, and my daughter was four years old. I intended Hajj for them and performed the rituals for them. However, my infant son did not wear Ihram (ritual state of consecration) clothes, and my little daughter did not cover her hair during the rituals. We performed several.. More

  • Delegating to throw pebbles on ones behalf during Hajj in order to look after old man Date: 22-8-2016

    We were a group of three persons and an old man during Hajj. I was 45 years old. I used to stay with the old man in order for him not to get lost. My other two companions threw the pebbles on my behalf and on behalf of the old man during all the days of throwing. What is the ruling on this? .. More

  • Delaying Hajj to pay children's tuition fees Date: 22-8-2016

    My mother will get her share of inheritance and wants to help me with the costs of my study. I told her that it is better for her to go to Hajj. I argued that one does not know when he will die and that one may not find money in the future if he delays Hajj. She replied that after I complete my study, I will be able to send her along with my father.. More

  • Lying to obtain visa for Hajj Date: 22-8-2016

    I live in France and would like to perform Hajj in the company of my fourteen-year-old son, who has attained the age of puberty and has become legally competent for religious assignments. The Saudi embassy, however, stipulates that the Mahram (permanently unmarriageable kin) for a woman under forty-five years old should be at least fifteen years old... More

  • Udh-hiyah of rich wife – whether husband should cease to cut his nails and hair Date: 22-8-2016

    Allaah willing, I will offer an udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) from my own property, given that I am an employee. Do the conditions of the udh-hiyah apply to my husband, such as letting the beard grow … to the end of rituals? .. More

  • Ruling concerning someone who performs farewell Tawaaf and then leaves Makkah after sleeping Date: 22-8-2016

    Some colleagues who performed Hajj this year decided to hasten to leave on the twelfth of Thul-Hijjah, which is the second of the Tashreeq days, by throwing the pebbles before sunset, then perform tawaaf (circumambulation) around the House, and then leave Makkah. They actually threw the pebbles before noon, then left Mina for Al-Bayt Al-Haram, and performed.. More

  • Hajj performed by child does not clear obligation of Hajj Date: 22-8-2016

    I am a little child who lives in the USA. I would like to ask whether the Hajj performed by a child is accepted. Please give as much evidence as possible. .. More

  • Ruling concerning someone who misses standing at Muzdalifah for legal excuse Date: 22-8-2016

    In the last season of Hajj, it happened that it was very cold in Muzdalifah, and when the people departed from ‘Arafat, a woman stumbled into a hole due to crowdedness and her ankle was sprained, and this caused her to be moved from a place to another carried or driven by a truck. Furthermore, when we went to Muzdalifah, the driver did not arrive.. More

  • Demanding money not related to Hajj to approve Hajj application Date: 2-7-2016

    I belong to a Muslim community and am planning to perform Hajj this year, Allaah willing. The community I belong to demands various compulsory funds that are not related to the cost of Hajj, which I am prepared to pay for, while I am not prepared to pay for these other funds. I want to find out what I can do if they do not accept my application because.. More

  • Whether bestiality invalidates hajj and fasting Date: 17-5-2016

    Apparently, there are some Muslim scholars who have ruled that committing bestiality does not invalidate the Hajj or fasts. Is this true? If it is, then how come sexual intercourse between a married couple does invalidate these religious activities but bestiality does not? .. More

  • Ruling on son financing his father's Hajj before performing Hajj himself Date: 20-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My son would like to take care of all the expenses for Hajj for his father. However, my son did not make Hajj himself yet although he would surely love to do so Allaah willing. So he thought of letting his father go first as he (his father) is not able to pay for the Hajj trip and so on himself. Is it possible in this case that, even.. More

  • Spending money saved for Hajj to build house Date: 5-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I have a doubt regarding the money that was collected for Hajj. We have started building our house now with the Help of Allaah. We already built it eight years ago but it was not completed. Now my dad needs some money so dat we can finish it. We had been collecting money in order to do Hajj next year.. More

  • Son not obliged to pay for poor parents' Hajj or 'Umrah Date: 22-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. After my husband's promotion, we thought to send my in-laws for Hajj but are not able to do sofinancially. Also, my father-in-law is not ready to go yet because of some medical reason,and my mother-in-law insists on performing 'Umrah only. What should we do? Please help us. .. More