805 fatwas

  • May an epileptic person authorize someone to perform Hajj on his behalf? Date: 8-9-2015

    I am 41 years old. I have been affected with epilepsy for more than 17 years. I sought treatment in several countries, but in vain. I take medications at regular fixed times. I want to perform Hajj to the House of Allaah Almighty, but I undergo fits of epilepsy on an irregular basis. Sometimes, I suffer a fit of epilepsy once every week, and at other.. More

  • Ruling on the validity of Hajj of someone who repeatedly stared at women till he ejaculated Date: 8-9-2015

    I performed Hajj in 1415 A.H., and I kept looking at some women until I experienced penile erection and ejaculated as I was still in Ihram. Then I completed my Hajj. I returned the following year to perform Hajj again. Is my first Hajj valid? What should I do? .. More

  • It is permissible to take a short break between circuits of circumambulation Date: 8-9-2015

    By the will of Allaah, I and my wife will perform ‘Umrah next week. My wife is in her first months of pregnancy. I read in your Fataawa that it is permissible to take a rest between circuits of Tawaf (circumambulation) and sa‘y (going back and forth between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah). My question is: What should I do? Should I wait with her during.. More

  • Reciting the Quran from the Mus-haf during Tawaf Date: 8-9-2015

    Is it permissible to recite Quran from the Mus-haf (physical copy of the Quran) while performing tawaf (circumambulation) in Hajj or ‘Umrah? .. More

  • Forgetting the Talbiyah at the Meeqat in ‘Umrah Date: 7-9-2015

    Last Ramadan, I performed ‘Umrah for the first time, praise be to Allaah. After performing Ghusl (major ablution) in the mosque of the Meeqat (place where one assumes ihram [ritual consecration] for Hajj or ‘Umrah) (of the residents of Medina) and getting into the car, and after five minutes passed, I remembered that I did not make the intention.. More

  • What is a person who killed locusts in the Sacred Precincts required to do? Date: 7-9-2015

    Allaah Almighty helped me to perform ‘Umrah during the month of Ramadan. As I was in the yard of the Sacred Mosque, and after I had terminated my ihram (ritual consecration), I found large numbers of locusts, and I killed as many of them as I could. After I returned to my country, I learned that it is prohibited to kill game or cut trees in Mecca... More

  • He died without performing tawaf al-Ifadhah Date: 7-9-2015

    My father, may Allaah have mercy upon him, performed Hajj and completed all rituals, but he did not do tawaf al-ifadhah. He died after he returned to his country. What should we do now? Should I repeat Hajj on his behalf or perform tawaf al-ifadhah only? Inform us, may Allaah grant you success! .. More

  • Offering a sacrifice on behalf of children on whom one does not spend Date: 7-9-2015

    Is slaughtering a sacrificial animal on behalf of one's household sufficient for them no matter how many they may be? If my mother sacrificed a ram and, when slaughtering it, said that she offers it on behalf of herself and her dead husband, would this be sufficient for her children as well? Kindly note that her children are married, each of whom lives.. More

  • Ruling on performing Hajj paid for from damages Date: 7-9-2015

    My mother had an accident at work and broke something. As a result, she received a sum of money as damages. So is it permissible for her to use that money to perform the Hajj? .. More

  • Ruling on performing one Hajj on behalf of his parents Date: 7-9-2015

    May I perform one Hajj on behalf of my father and mother? And how can I do it? .. More

  • How can someone perform tawaf with his children? Date: 7-9-2015

    What should I do if I want to perform Hajj while two children are with me, especially during the Tawaf (circumambulation) and sa‘y (going back and forth between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah)? Does pulling them or carrying them in a stroller require me to repeat tawaf and sa‘y? Should I perform tawaf for myself first and then do it on their behalf? .. More

  • Ruling on paying wage to butcher for slaughtering the Udh-hiyah Date: 7-9-2015

    Is it permissible for me to take my sacrificial animal to a slaughterhouse and pay for slaughtering and skinning it? .. More

  • What a pilgrim should do when obliged to travel the morning of the twelfth day Date: 7-9-2015

    By the will and grace of Allaah Almighty, I will go to Hajj this season. However, I have the following problem: due to the unavailability of places on the plane, I will have to go back to my country the morning of the twelfth day of Thul-Hijjah. This means that I will have to throw the three pebbles on the first day of tashreeq and will not be able.. More

  • A supererogatory act cannot suffice in place of an obligatory one Date: 7-9-2015

    Is it permissible for a pilgrim to offer an expiation that would suffice as compensation for any errors that he may commit, knowingly or unknowingly, during the period of ihram (ritual consecration)? And if this is permissible, then what should be the value of such an expiation? Should he make a certain intention for it? And should he make this intention.. More

  • Ruling on performing Hajj on behalf of a person who committed suicide? Date: 7-9-2015

    Is it permissible to perform Hajj on behalf of a person who committed suicide? Kindly note that this person was an adult, but he committed suicide as a result of extremely hard circumstances in which he lived with his family. So, is it permissible to perform Hajj on his behalf? .. More