403 fatwas

  • Playing musical instruments in compulsory music class Date: 9-5-2017

    Hi. I am a 13-year-old boy from Finland. At school, we have compulsory music education. It involves playing musical instruments and music. Am I allowed to play musical instruments like the guitar and piano in that case? I know that music is haram, but am I allowed to play them at school? Thank you. .. More

  • Drawing and selling pharaonic monuments revives heritage of wrongdoers Date: 30-4-2017

    Is it permissible in theSharee'ah to draw pictures of Pharaonic monuments on papyrus in order for them to be sold to foreigners? .. More

  • Woman learning taekwondo Date: 30-4-2017

    What is the Sharee’ah ruling on a girl who learned taekwondo? .. More

  • Decorating children's rooms with pictures of Mickey Mouse Date: 30-4-2017

    What is the Sharee’ah ruling on buying children toys in the form of dolls and images of cats, dogs, and so on? What is the Sharee’ah ruling on decorating children's rooms with pictures of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters that they watch on TV? .. More

  • Drawing animate beings without features Date: 30-4-2017

    What is the sharia ruling on drawing persons without the eyes, nose, etc? We are forced to do this in exams and on other occasions. In case we refuse to draw it, we get low marks. You answered before that drawing the face is prohibited. .. More

  • Ruling on drawing human body parts Date: 30-4-2017

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on drawing a human face? .. More

  • Ruling on images printed on products labels Date: 30-4-2017

    I am a foodstuff merchant, and sometimes there are images and drawings on the labels of some products, such as cheese whose brand contains an image of a little shepherd, a drawing of a cow, or something like that. Please provide me with the correct answer. .. More

  • Singing nasheed with young non-Mahram girl Date: 22-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I want to record a song in which the lyrics feature a conversation between a dad and his daughter. No music will be used. I need a small girl aged 6-9 to sing the part of the daughter. Is it okay if I record the song with a small girl singing with me? .. More

  • Wearing shoes with stick figure image of player on them Date: 17-4-2017

    Is wearing "Jordans" haram? The shoe has a stick figure of Michael Jordan (who used to be a famous basketball player) on it; it has a head and its legs are spread out; he is dunking and his arms are spread out too, and it has a torso and a chest. It is not a detailed figure; you cannot see the eyes, mouth, nose, or ears. It is a stick figure logo on.. More

  • Depicting Muslim Imaams in movies Date: 8-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I know from a fatwa onIslamweb that depicting Companions in movies is haram. So what about Islamic personalities or historical figures like Imam Abu haneefah or Omar Mukhtar? .. More

  • Impermissibility of posting Nasheed by female singers Date: 8-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. There is a certain Nasheed (chant)on YouTube in which two Indonesian sisters wearing the hijab sing a Nasheed about the names of Allaah, The Exalted. The video received nearly two million views. Is it permissible to post a video of a Nasheed in which a female singer is visible to millions of people? .. More

  • A woman dancing in front of mahrams and to obey husband Date: 4-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My query is about dancing. Can a woman dance in front of her mahrams (permanently unmarriageable kin)? Can a small girl dance in front of men? Is a wife obliged to obey a husband who tells her to dance in front of him? .. More

  • Computer game containing totems Date: 28-3-2017

    A person I know has a question regarding video games. There is a game in which you play as a caveman around 10,000 BCE, and it gives some educational insight into the lives of people in Europe at that time, like regarding animals and human history, but there is one thing that bothers him. Although it is not necessary to play the game, there is a side.. More

  • Waswasah about stickers that look like face on wall Date: 15-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. There are some stickers on walls of the room which I live in. My sister and I placed them there a few years ago. Some stickers are heart shaped, and there are flowers with small hearts inside it and designs. The thing that I am concerned about is the following: the placement of some flowers.. More

  • Improvising rules for football game not disbelief Date: 15-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum, Shaykh. Please, do not ignore this question. I need an answer ASAP as this has to do with whether I am Muslim or not. Today, I was told to run a football session at my college during sports class, and I was appointed as the referee for the football match. However, because I am not that familiar with football rules and regulations,.. More