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  • Playing with Yoyo Date: 12-6-2023

    Asalam alikum wa rahmet Allah wa barakatuh. I would like to ask if the popular toy, yoyo, is permissible to not. I have seen something that says its not, however, I would like to ask. It is a circular disk with string that you can drop and do tricks. .. More

  • Making 3D Animations or Realistic Characters for Video Games Date: 15-3-2023

    Are you allowed to make 3d human characters for video games in Islam? If so, then realistic characters or cartoonish characters? Realistic characters are those which we can easily identify as human and Hyper realistic characters are those who look almost real-like humans. What if I make a human character based on a real-life person and it looks exactly.. More

  • Repented from Playing Games That Involve Kufr Date: 21-9-2022

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ I’ve played some bad games that involve kufr and shirk and don’t play them anymore and have repented. People who see my account can see I played them because of ‘trophies’ however I hid them so that only I can see them and perhaps the people.. More

  • Obsessed with Whispers about Games That May Include Kufr Date: 25-12-2021

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ A game company included a Qur’an page into their game with blood on it as part of a map (audhubillah) but they removed it and apologised and said it was a mistake. What is the ruling on playing this game now that they have removed it? Also will it.. More

  • Playing a Game That Includes a Woman in Bikini Date: 5-12-2021

    Assalaamu alaikkum. Is it haram to play pubg game. It contains female charecters in bikkini. But i dont use to playor watch it. I always avoid it when ever i saw that. Is there any problem for that. I only play it for 2 hours. .. More

  • Pirated Movies, Drama, and Games in the Past and Now Regrets It Date: 24-11-2021

    I have been pirating movies/drama/anime and games, in my I’m 18years old trying to learn Islam.., What should I do about the games and films that I watch n play illegally in the past? Isn’t it same with stealing? So what should I do? Buy the original games and rewatch the movies/anime in legal sites or buy the original movies so the company.. More

  • Reading Comic Books that Have Drawn Cartoon Characters Date: 18-11-2021

    Salaam,Are adults allowed to read online comic books provided the contents are okay - the comic books have drawn cartoon characters. JazakAllahKhair .. More

  • Downloading Racing Games on Play Store Date: 26-9-2021

    I have a question, if there's a game in playstore like racing games and the game is free, but it takes a lot of time to get or buy a car on it, like you need to always play in order to be able to buy it without using money. In this case can I use another website to download the game but all the cars on it are already unlocked? is it haraam? .. More

  • Looking at Drawn Images Date: 16-9-2021

    Is playing a video game where there are people who wear shorts that are a little above the knee haram? I know that this is showing the awrah, but does the same ruling stand. .. More

  • Imitating what Is Forbidden and Featuring It in Games Is Forbidden Date: 24-8-2021

    If everything in a video game is fake then why are there prohibitions on some of them?.. More

  • Playing Games in Which the Character Looks Exactly Like a Human Date: 23-1-2021

    What is the ruling on playing games in which a character looks exactly like a human with all of the human features? .. More

  • Played a Lot of Games by Hacking Date: 22-1-2021

    Assalamu 'Alaikum. I have hacked a lot of games and saved more than 700 QAR by this. When I came to the right path, I realized that I did wrong. In this situation, it is impossible for me to donate so much money or send it back to the game companies(I dont know how to send money to the game companies). What should I do now? .. More

  • Playing Online Video Games With Girls Date: 18-3-2020

    Salam Is it permissible to play online video games with 1 or more non mahram girls on the internet if we do not chat with them? .. More

  • Editing Appearance or Clothing of Video Game Images Date: 18-3-2020

    Salaam dear brother. Please can you explain to me what the ruling is if you are given a default character in a video game, but you want to edit their appearance or clothing. Does thins come under the heading of haram image making or imitating the creation of Allah. Please see the link so you understand what I am talking about .. More

  • Playing Video Games That Involve Using Magic Date: 12-1-2020

    I was told that if a muslim plays a video game or card game which involves pretending to use magic, then it is shirk just like in real life with real magic. Is this true? And what should be done with children who like such games? Apologies if I've sent this question before i have a bad memory. .. More